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8 Signs You May Have Clairvoyant Abilities and How to Develop Them

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Maybe it’s not your imagination and you actually do have clairvoyant abilities. There are certain signs and ways to develop your gifts. I think that clairvoyant abilities are rich in those who’ve suffered tragedies. In fact, this theory is common and has indicators that back up the idea. But sometimes clairvoyant abilities are present [...]

What Causes Déjà Vu? Neuroscience May Finally Have the Answer

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Have you ever wondered about what causes déjà vu? I think we’ve all experienced it at one point or the other. You know, that familiar feeling when traveling to someplace you’ve never been before, yeah, that’s it. Maybe you have had a vision, or dreamt the location? The question is, what causes déjà vu? Well, anyway, [...]

Why Souls Come Back: a Study of Reincarnation

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What is déjà vu? Some believe it’s an echo of recognition resonating through the curtain that separates one incarnation from another. For one brief moment, two separate but interconnected lives make contact through a flicker of metaphysical commonality. Maybe that’s true; maybe it isn’t. But a recent article in Learning-Mind cited a study of reincarnation [...]

Stress Does More Than We Think – Anxiety Patient Experiences Persistent Déjà Vu

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Walking around your house is a familiar thing, you can even do it with your eyes closed. Yet what if you could remember yourself walking through your house, driving or just living day to day life like you already did it? This creepy feeling is called Déjà vu and is common among humans and some [...]

Déjà vu: the Games of Subconscious Mind

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Deja vu is not an illusion, it is something that you have already experienced in your unconscious fantasies. Believe if you will, or do not believe it. This was already mentioned a hundred years ago by the "great and terrible" Freud, and many subsequent studies have only confirmed his hypothesis. The phenomenon called deja vu [...]

DNA Memory Exists and Keeps Our Ancestors’ Experiences

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Good or bad experience gained by the father will be inherited by his children and even grandchildren. For example, if a man drowned, it is likely that his son will be afraid of water. And the son of his son too. If he died from fire, some members of the future generations of his family [...]

Science Behind the Mystery of Déjà Vu

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It’s happened to everyone. This is a phenomenal sense of familiarity that arises when we are in a new situation. James Lampinen, professor of psychology from the University of Arkansas, explains that déjà vu is a global phenomenon that makes us believe that we relive something that is actually happening for the first time. This experience [...]

Déjà vu: Why Do We Have Memories Coming from Nowhere?

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Deja vu is a very strange and in some cases even unsettling sensation that always causes some confusion. A certain sound, place, or sentence said by someone is perceived as something familiar and makes it feel like if we had previously found ourselves in this situation. The first visit to a store which made you [...]