Psychics have made world predictions that seem strange and unbelievable. The creepy fact is, some of these things have already come true.

Many people have claimed world predictions for the future. Authors, scientists, and people from all other walks of life have made statements about the future and our role in this inevitable fate. Then, of course, there are the skeptics who claim none of this is real and strive to prove that everything just happens without rhyme or reason.

But the evidence is vast. Just take a look at some of the predictions that have come true. Surely, there is great meaning in these world predictions. Although some things never came to be, many were spot on.

Predictions that DID come true

As I said, some predictions may have passed us by with no semblance of truth, but there are others who proved factual beyond a shadow of a doubt. Here are 8 weird world predictions that have already come true or that we are witnessing as we speak!

1. Centuries-old predictions

Almost 300 years before medical science made this breakthrough, Robert Boyle predicted organ transplantation. A note was found in his journals which reads,

“…the cure of diseases by transplantation.”

This proves that Boyle was in a mindset way before his time, contemplating advanced medical innovations before there was any way to implement such life-saving ideas. He is also credited for predicting the creation of LSD, sleeping pills, and aspirin.

2. The great fire of London

Nostradamus predicted the great fire of London, which took place in 1666. He also mentioned many details about this catastrophe that mirrored much too closely to be a coincidence. Not only did Nostradamus predict this event, but he published hundreds of other predictions as well, from the death of King Henry to the reign of Hitler.

3. The Titanic disaster

Morgan Robertson, author, published a book in 1898 entitled “Futility or the Wreck of the Titan” which told the story about an ocean liner that struck an iceberg and sank in the North Atlantic Ocean. Does this sound familiar?

Well, it should because the Titanic sank just 14 years later from the exact same circumstances and in the exact same area of the Atlantic. The similarities include around the same amount of passengers killed and the fact that in either situation, there were few lifeboats available for escape.

4. Predictions of death

Mark Twain predicted his own death in 1909. The author was born in 1835, and during that same year, Haley’s comet appeared. Twain was quoted in saying,

I came in with Haley’s comet and I expect to go out with it.”

And he did. One day after the reappearance of Haley’s comet in 1910, Twain passed away. What a strange and hauntingly beautiful prediction that was, and it came true as well. But Twain wasn’t the only one who predicted his own death.

Edgar Cayce, a renowned mystic in the 1920s, also predicted his own death as well. On January 1, 1945, Cayce said in 4 days, he would be buried. He suffered a stroke and died on January 3rd.

5. Wi-Fi

Nikola Tesla, an electrical engineer, inventor, and one of the greatest minds of all times, predicted Wi-Fi over 60 years before its creation. He spoke with the New York Times,

“It will soon be possible to transmit wireless messages all over the world so simply that any individual can carry and operate his own apparatus.”

6. President Trump

Remember the wacky cartoon series, The Simpsons? Well, the writers of this American comedy made a world prediction and all they were trying to do was be funny. In an episode titled, “Bart to the Future” aired in the year 2000, we see a female president, looking quite a bit like Hilary Clinton, make a statement.

“As you know we’ve inherited quite a budget crunch from President Trump.”

The female president is informed that the country is bankrupt. Now, we already know that Trump is president of the United States, which shows the truth of this eerie little world prediction, but will we see Clinton as the next president, or….

7. The last president

Speaking of Trump, according to a prophecy of Bulgarian mystic, Baba Vanga, he never should have become president at all. A portion of her world prediction did come true, but the second part has not.

She predicted that we would have an African American 44th president, but he would be our last. So, go figure, we are now on the 45th president, but things aren’t looking that great.

8. Modern culture

In the book titled, Stand on Zanzibar, by John Brunner, we see many world predictions about the future. Considering the book was published in 1969, that future is now.

John Brunner, within the pages of his literary creation, predicted several cultural changes: Detroit Michigan in the United States, would become a wasteland, marriage would take second place to the “hook up”, and America would have a president named Obomi.

The world would suffer through terrorism, mass shootings, and other acts of violence. All these things seem to be coming true as we observe the world today.

Is it coincidence?

Although coincidences do happen, there are too many details to ignore when reading through these predictions. Do you see these things happening in your area?

There are other world predictions set for the coming years and I cannot wait to see just how accurate these statements are. Maybe we will see more advancements in science and medicine, and these world predictions will mean so much more than just entertaining news and information.

I’m excited to see what’s next!



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