Mystics claim that the world of our dreams can be a connection to other worlds, inaccessible to our waking consciousness, so it is not a coincidence that since ancient times, it was believed that dreams of dead people are an important sign that must not be ignored.

The dead come to our dreams with a message, advice or warning that should be understood in order to avoid unnecessary troubles and keep ourselves from making mistakes, according to mystics.

Psychologists believe that dreams about relatives or friends who have passed away are just a manifestation of depression or feelings of guilt towards them.

However, let’s take a closer look at the mystical point of view and try to understand what messages can be carried by people who are now alive only in our memories and can talk to us only through our dreams.

Modern dream books often do not pay enough attention to many important nuances: what the dead people look like in our dreams – dead in the grave, alive and happy, or they come to life right before our eyes, or maybe we just do not remember in our dream that this person passed away long ago.

Interpretations of dreams about deceased people

It is commonly assumed that the dream of a dead person (talking to him, listening to his advice, and doing what he tells) is a sign of unexpected news or changes in life. Christian dream interpretation books sometimes explain that we have such kind of dreams when the soul of our deceased relative or friend has not found peace yet, and advise to hold additional ceremonies at the funeral and repose of the deceased (for example, if in the dream the deceased asks for water).

Pagan interpretations of dreams that have come down to us recommend to implicitly obey everything that the dead person asks for, in order to avoid the anger of the gods. And while dreaming dead people may be scary, sometimes it can be a good omen.

In case if in your dream a dead person comes back to life, it may mean that something lost will soon return (money, a thing, or even social status).

An English dream book interprets the dream of dead people as a sign of good events in the family, such as a wedding or the birth of a child or anything happy and prosperous. Another dream book says that seeing a dead relative in a dream before the wedding is a warning against the union. This dream indicates the unhappy marriage and warns that the children born in it will be sick and weak.

What about the dreams of a deceased relative?

At this point, there is no definitive interpretation, and you should always take into account many confounding factors. But most interpretations concerning dead relatives (especially parents) appearing in a dream indicate a warning of trouble.

Sometimes the dreams in which a sleeping person communicates with their deceased parents, help find inner peace, confidence, and even affect the success in business and the well-being of the family.

It is also believed that it is impossible to influence the dreams in which we see our dead loved ones. Mystics claim that even if you manage to do it, it is absolutely useless, since it is not us who call them in, it is them who decide to come to us.

For further information, check my recent article about the dreams of the deceased.

Anna LeMind, B.A.

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    I dreamed about hanging out with my dead uncle and his son. I already have an anxiety of those dreams. Can it be anxiety only?

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    I had a dream last night that my mother who died 10 years ago was alive the thing is I had a very bad feeling about her. I knew it wasn’t her and someone or something was pretending to be her. And when I realised that she smiled a sick looking smile and bit me. When I woke up I had a bad feeling in my stomach and the place where she bit in my dream was tingling. Even now when I think about it it makes me sick to my stomach. Can someone tell me what it means or am I just being paranoid for no reason.

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    last night i had a dream abiut my aunt who killed herself in 2013…. in my dream she was dead but when i walked into her house she was greating me and seemed happy but scared she continutied to takeme to the spot wehre she died in theliving room and we just sat there and she explained why she did it and said that if i woulda stayed maybe things would have been diffrent, after awhile i woke up and sat up with the worst feeling inmy stomach and when i turned around she was right there and me contuniued to have a convorsation then i just felt like i needed to go get my mom and but i couldnt move i was just sitting there stareing into her eyesand they seemed so sad 🙁

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    Kassandra Lopez

    I was talking to this guy for a long while! He was an old family friend, when we were younger we used to be close and always play together! We rekindled our friendship and eventually both started really growing feelings for one another. This went on for sometime. We were both kind of off and on with each other because we were both trying to get over ex’s but one night I had a dream about his mother who passed away when he was little. I had a dream he took me to his family’s house for his birthday party and when I arrived this woman in the corner kept staring at me and smiling. I asked him who she was. He said this was his mother and in my dream, he took me to her and introduced me as his girlfriend and she kept hugging me, kissing my face, and crying repeatedly saying “thank you, thank you so much!!” I was really confused and I still am about till this day! Unfortunately we don’t communicate anymore obviously because of the whole ex situation but I was really fond of him and still am! our families are still close so I know one day I’m bound to see him again. but if someone could maybe please try to help me make sense of this. That’s be great 🙁

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    A friend of mine had a dream and a person who was at our school who had recently died was in it. What does that mean if a person who has died was in your dreams?

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    Jackie Ramos

    last night i dreamed about my grandma which i;ve never met before my parents have told me that i would always seen her at night when i couldnt sleep at all. anyways i deamed that i saw her in her coffin and i opened it and saw her and i was holding her hand and i felt like she was holding my hand tight and i kinda felt scared and i touched her forehead. out of nowhere she woke up and said ” Why did you wake me up? What did you do? “and i went to some ladys houses and they burned my grandma thats when i woke up.

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      what does it mean

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    This morning I had a dream that a deceased friend of mine was murdered and it was being covered up. My entire dream I was trying to find out what happened to him. In the dream I never saw him (alive or dead), but I knew he was murdered. In real life he was not murdered, his medicine killed him. This is what is so confusing to me. I can’t find any information on anything close to this. Please help!

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    My grandpa just passed away last summer and before his funeral I had this weird dream as if he was at his own funeral. I was sitting with the rest of my family and he was sitting by his casket. I got up and walked towards him, but then he told me not to worry. After that he just disappeared and I am still trying to figure out what he means by don’t worry.

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    Karen Buckner

    I had a dream that I watched someone dead slowly come back alive. I opened the casket and she was in bed in a very old fashioned bedroom. The more time I spent talking with her, the more animated she became. She was sitting up in bed. We were talking and I was leaving and she invited me to come back and visit. I awoke afraid because reality assured me that folks do not come back alive.

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    Hello my uncle died six months back and At first I dreamt someone telling me clues about what happened to him and the person who killed him then now I have been consistently dreaming about him everyday I dream about him dying again and they tell us how he died I dreamt him coming with my granny and his face will be unhappy.i don’t what this means today I dreamt about him and I woke up and then I slept again and I dreamt about him again.

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    I had a dream where my dead cousin asked me to accompany him to his home. I walked with him for some time then decided midway to go back, telling him that his place was too far. He mentioned that he was very tired and I asked him if he was going to sleep when he got home. He said he was going to avoid sleeping in fear that might sleep for a long time (or forever).

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    I had a dream of a past friend and once a lover. Who on my dream was on a couch or chair outside in the cold and looked hungry. Like he was coming off drugs as well. He did have a problem when he was alive. With drugs. I kept trying to get him inside. I finally did get him inside to my grandmothers house and put him on a bedroom. On my dream he said I did this for you Then I woke up

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      nozibele mlungwana

      My friend dreamt of her dead husband,her me and the other person going on a long trip I search of a new man in her life. When we finally met him, the deceased had a gun and was mo longer happy to see this new man I my friend’s life. We adviced him to run away. What could this mean?

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    I had a dream of a relative in a cemetery and there was another lady with her and a young woman was crying and my aunt said this is the time to reach out to her and that I have a gift I need to help others that have passed away to be able to move forward toward eternal rest. And for the longest time I’ve had dreams of others that have passed away reaching out to me.

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    I’m just wanting an understanding of these dreams a meaning of why because I’ve had these dreams since I was a teenager.

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    Soma Mukherjee

    I lost my cousin just four month back. He was just 32 and father of a 3 years old daughter, he Died with brain cancer. We were very close with each other and I was his elder sister and just like his mother. His mom died just three month later with Heart Attack but the date was same, followed by his father who died just after 17 days of his mom’s death.
    I was really very sad and exhausted, mentally and physically, as I have always been thinking about my cousin…
    But yesterday, I dreamt about my cousin for the first time after his death… He came to meet me…
    I dreamt that he came from a mandir and his face was blue like Lord Krishna. He just met and vanished then I started shouting, brother where are you please hold my hand and talk to me. He then reappeared, touched my hand and few seconds later he disappear again…

    I just want to know what’s the significance of this dream is?

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    I dreamt of my dead uncle asking for my phone number. He started texting me on watsapp then he disappeared when I refused giving him my number and I deleted his watsapp account (in the dream) I already had anxiety I think that’s the cause of the dream

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    Pema deki

    I had a dream at 5:30am, my late father being well dress (army suit) saying m going for night duty with a smile. Before he leave, he dug his late daughters nose with his late sister was sleeping on the bed.

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    Philemon danjuma

    I had a dream that a strange voice is telling me that am a leader. It happens for morethan four times please i need help

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      Gregory Dahl

      Hello, you might be having clairaudient prophetic dreams, which involve voices that are extremely distinct and clear. I, myself have aberration prophetic dreams, with dead relatives and friends stating certain things and taking different actions in my dreams, being more so, the last several months. Hard to say, if these are predictions, and if they are, when they will occur. My deceased mother told me to stop going on eBay, a few months ago, and I did, even though I was in the process of stopping it, anyway. My deceased mother, also told me I need to die, very soon, because it’s way over due, back 9 months ago, and that hasn’t occurred, obviously. At the same time, my deceased best friend from high school wanted me to join him, even though he seemed more patient than my mother.

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    Winston Etheredge

    I had a dream of dead people I don’ t know some were standing and some were lying down they had brown skin and looked like in a state of being dried up… In the background behind them was an image of god in a white and silk flowing robe/gown walking around behind them.. I have never dreamed about dead people before.???????

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    I am dreaming this afternoon around 3:00 pm when i sleeping. Some people of our barangay is died they 5 person in my dream. What is the meaning of this? Can you help me please?

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    I had a dream my late grandmother and cousin who is pregnant, like I am came to me my grandmother said she wanted me to see a sister in her church and that she is concern about me

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    Jane tuor

    I always find myself in a dream going back to school in my formal school. What does it mean? At times I see myself writing an exams with my juniors in my formal school and either I’m late for the exams or struggling to finish. At times I got to the exams centre very late and realized that they have already finished. I just don’t understand this pls help

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    Lucia L. Lewallen

    I dreamed about dead people soldiers and women from civil war coming from under ground of my back yard coming to my house thru the back door ( I dont have a back door) and all happy and smiling and I’m so happy to see them too..and greetting them with smile too…my kitchen, my house is small but in my dream is bigger…we all so happy to see each other even I dont know them I’m happy for them to come and visit me….

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    Fanny yulita

    I had a dream seeing my grandpa,and a colleague friend in business,I was walking with my friend in business,what is the meaning

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    I’m a student nurse… And just about some days ago I dreamt about a man who died in my ward…. I assisted to performed last office on him… What could it mean??

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    My mom passed away 4 years ago but she comes in my dream every 3/4 months and every time we eat dinner together and then she leave me . We don’t talk much but we both know we are happy and it’s such peaceful feelings.
    Last night I saw my cousin who passed away from heart attack at age 45 he was saying he was hungry and wanted to eat rice . I texted my aunt and told her to feed some homeless people because that might help my cousins soul.
    I been seeing my dead relatives all my life since I was 5 year old . Now I am 32 and i am never scared when I see my mom or relatives instead I feel happy . I take it as a blessing that they come visit me and watching over me .

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    Sanket Vaghela

    My relatives, Paternal granny who passed away in 2005, Material granny who passed away in 2006, my uncle who posed away in 2007, my father who passed away in 2016, my eldest brother who passed away in 2018. I’m getting dreams of all these members. Not all in dreams though. The confusing part is they are never talking to me, almost all time it seems like a family gathering and they talking and laughing. What does this indicate?

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    I had a dream that my mom and I were at a house and then I heard noises & saw this person, so I told my
    Mom that there was a ghost and there was a glass door by the porch and I saw the person. I kept telling my mom that I saw someone standing and that I kept hearing noises but she said that it’s just me and that she heard nothing nor saw the person.

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    I lost a close friend to addiction on xmas eve 2019. He lost his 2 brothers and mom to addiction as well, he did not believe in God for this reason. Last night he came to me in a dream, we sat down next to each other behind us was pitch black and infront of us was bright white. I said are you going to heaven, he looked at me shooked his head no heaven not real and said but I’m going towards the light to find peace, I said why aren’t you going then, he says I’m waiting to be called. Very weird dream an I dont know how I should take this.

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    i dreamt of my dead father telling me to rewrite science and in the dream i accepted what does it mean

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    I dreamt last night seeing and talking with my sisters cousin who died 5 years ago of heart attack, he was the funniest guy ever.
    In the dream he was happy putting furniture and decoration in a new housing complex..
    Unbelievable he was the manager or proprietor.
    He was all dressed up , very happy.

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    hi Mara, the deceased is expecting a new company, means transition of a friend or relative from physical realm to the spirit realm.

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    Luis Ernesto Garcia

    Ok so my dream was really weird. I dreamed about reliving a story… like on tv when you recreate a sad event through flashbacks or someone telling u a story:
    So I dreamed about two young guys killed by an older guy who was taking care of them. I saw it unfold as two major things pissed Him off and led to an encounter that had one of the guys killed the other died offscreen maybe I don’t remember seeing the other killed just a gore thing about him being in chains around the ankles and his ‘brother’ releasing him in a gruesome way. The evil guy never even spoke and at one point I saw him rape the young guy. WHAT ANY OF THIS MEAN??!

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    Shadow Okomoto

    just this morning before i fully woke up i had a dream with my dead brother in it: i was in the car with my mom driving and me and my two other brothers the we saw my dead brother in the street then me and one of my brothers took my dead brother and put him in the car he didn’t say anything but me and one of my other brother just kept on asking questions but no reason from my dead brother then the dream ended

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    So i dreamt my mom organizing a suprise party fr my late dad and i was amazed and asked mom why is she doing that cause my father is dad she jus kept on inviting the relatives to the party just ddnt understand the dream was weird and i saw my dad pitching up in that party and i started shouting at him why he wasnt supportive since he was alive all this while…jus dont understand this dream

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    So i dreamt my mom organizing a suprise party fr my late dad and i was amazed and asked mom why is she doing that cause my father is dead she jus kept on inviting the relatives to the party just ddnt understand the dream was weird and i saw my dad pitching up in that party and i started shouting at him why he wasnt supportive since he was alive all this while…jus dont understand this dream

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    I saw my daughter and mother who died two years back with their spouses n daughter fainted n came to life again I was discussing with papa momy to decide which hospital to take her she died of brain tumour ( cancer) . N she was smiling n peaceful even momy was looking happy with papa

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    I dreamt about my late brother but suddenly he was alive and looked a bit older than the time he had dead. He spoke very briefly to one of my sister’s saying he is alive and left wne to the dining room kneeled down and looked like he was about to pray.

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    Hi I’m Jovelyn I was dreaming last night about my niece she passed away last year January 17 2019 in dream she is with us with my mother and my sister and she said this 27 someone want to take her and then we saw a snakes in the kitchen so we tried to avoid it not to come to us

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    Hi, I dream this morning where my cousin sis that has been dead since four years came back to life, she hold my hands and was telling me how they taught she’s dead but she wasn’t

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    just to share, i dreamed the other day regarding a dead close friend. I carry her and put in a couch then suddenly she back to life but become a little boy.

    Any possible meaning on it?

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    Hi my name is rishta today arounr 2-30pm to I dream of my uncle who had passed 22 year back and I never see him or remember his face I have seen only in the family albums he was happy and at that same time I dream the Igot 30k in an envelop someone give me that lady told me the it’s of my mom she did the saving when she was alive what was that mean

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    So I often dream of deceased people known and this happens quite often, Even if they have have been dead for a while and Some of them I really have had no long time interaction when they were alive. Question why does this happen often

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    Anna Tano

    I dreamed my Godson who died almost a decade, he died when he was four years old due to accident, but its my second time that I had dreamed about him, the latest one, when I saw him at my dream where I am aware that he was a dead person, but seeing him I am surprised and excited that I saw him so, I talked to him , even he didnt speak i felt that he understand me and listen to seems we understand each other although he’s not talking, I just cant remember what we had talked but I felt that he follows what Ive said.

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    I often dream about my husband he died 1 year ago and left me with 11kids i have dream him almost every other night its always about us moving into a new home he was sick when he was alive but in my dreams hes not i think hes always wearing the same close he had on the day he passed away in he was always an angry person alive but in my dreams he is not .to tell you that one time in my dream he was making love to me i woke up kissing my pillow it was so realistic now that just made me mad becouse in real life he couldn’t go a day without sex even when i was soo tired or too busy he would make me have sex with him i hated that about him .don’t get me wrong i loved him but he did so many wrong things to me in the 26 years we were together i always felt he didnt love me the way i did he use to talk to other woman he was always out and i think if even use to sleep around and cheat on me . but anyways back to my dreams like i said in my dreams he’s always calm and were moving to another home. Why do i keep dreaming about him first of all if i already let him go.????

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      Ann crouch

      My heart goes out to you!! Consider yourself lucky he is gone!!!

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    I dreamt that my father who has passed away soon to be 3 years ago was riding in the car with us and it was like I was awake I knew he had died and seeing him after all this time was like so emotional and I was like thanking him for all the years of being my father and thanking him for being so good to me and I told him I missed him so much and he’s like I’m here and I’m alive I miss you too

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    Pallavi Gajelli

    I dreams that ,I am in a completely new house which is my mum house, my mum is always feeling something different in particular part of that house. A person came to investigate house.The moment he entered ,I saw my sis and we both were so happy looking each other and hugged each other.I saw she has got pain on her face but she smiled and hugged me.I was very happy that I saw her.And I am finish with my dream and awake.

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    I dreamed lastnyt of an aunt whom i take as a mother that she came and ws knocking on my window 2 open the door and when i tried to ran she told me she had cme dont i miss her ? In my dream i felt she was happy at the same time mad bt i dnt know at what ..

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    I dream my grand parents who died 10 years ago. That I visited them and my grandma show a shoes to me a nice one and I said I like it. What it means.?

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    linda le grange

    both my parents is dead. my dad past away about 11 years ago and my mom 6 months ago. For years i dreamed about my dad as if his still alive. Lats night i was dreaming that we are at a event with lots of people. i think it was a wedding and then we all had to go to a diffident venue. to make the story shorter. My dad drove us to the new location and we were speaking to one another. At the new location i heard a man, i went to where he was and he said she is alive. When i went to see whats going on i saw it was my dead mother,lying on a couch, who in the dream was dead and in the fridge for a month. I saw that her fingers is starting to move and then her eyes. I noticed a big lump on the back of her neck, which she didn’t had when she really died. Then she started opening her eyes but could t speak. I few people were their and talking to me. A fiend said we must get her to the doctor so that they can help her. I was going up and down telling my father that the funeral is off cause she is alive. When i went back to her she was sitting naked on the ground throwing up but still couldn’t talk. I was trying to get her a bucket and a towel in the bathroom to cover her up. After that my daughter was standing behind her and i woke up. What can this mean

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