Patterns and coincidences occur around us every day. We notice them in things like the flower of life and the golden ratio.

Numbers and sequences are found all over in life, and mathematics is considered the only consistent global language, because, as engineers will all say, the numbers never lie. The presence of these patterns and coincidences has led many people to speculate about the construction of our world, consciousness, and subconscious.

One such theory I covered in a separate article, The Flower of Life: A Pattern that Makes up Everything around Us, referring to a segment of Merkaba geometry of which our entire reality is built from.

Another example would be the popular movie trilogy, The Matrix, in which all people are born into a computerized simulated life, and the actual physical world is a dark and desolate place governed by robots which feed off of the people.

The subconscious is so powerful that if someone dies in the Matrix, they die in reality as well.

This fiction obviously applies more to a computerized world in which people believe they exist; in this article, I will discuss a potential that the world, the reality in which we live, actually is very similar to this conception of a computerized existence.

In software, particularly in video games, everything is governed by numbers and codes, appropriate syntax, and structured patterns. The artificial intelligence in a game is constructed to act how the developers wish it to act entirely based on how they script the software behind the sprites (images) which are rendered on your screen. Some games assign a global variable to the player character (ref X) which is tracked in the location on the map.

All physical objects which create an obstruction of view, or bullets, are assigned a different global variable (ref Y) which is also mapped. As such, the developer is able to code intelligent enemy characters such that they take the quickest route to position variable X on the opposing side of variable Y.

Additionally, the software is programmed in these games which, given the proximity to variable Y with condition Z (the ability to hide behind and peek around), will crouch behind said object and peek around the corner, allowing them to take an offensive tactical position.

The way our thought process, governed by free will and thought, operates is highly similar.

We all consider multiple variables in our decisions and actions, developing an equation for every circumstance, weighing pros and cons, and arriving at what we deem to be the appropriate conclusion and course of action.

Further to the point, the weather patterns which we witness all follow specific regulations and limitations based on elemental dissonance and physics. That said, physics are all mathematically defined: the rate of acceleration, gravity, temperature, and everything we witness every day is governed by strict regulations.

What if, and yes this is speculative, every single aspect of reality operates off of a fundamental “software” system based on patterns and mathematics? Our consciousness, thought patterns, and, most of all, our subconscious?

In other words, what if reality is a computer program and we live in a kind of Matrix?

Any code can be edited by users given the proper tools. The most prime example I can offer is seen in older video games, like Mario, Ninja Gaiden, and Splatterhouse. These older consoles, even up to the PlayStation 1, used an adaptive secondary cartridge connected to the console, referred to as a Game Genie.

This cartridge would allow access to a menu, in which putting in the appropriate alphanumerical sequence would alter the code of the game itself. For instance, in the aforementioned games, the character has a set amount of lives before the game is considered over, and the player must restart.

By inputting the appropriate characters through the game genie, the code for this can be altered, and allow the player infinite lives. Essentially, the game genie allows for “tricking” the game to always believe the player has 9 lives, and, no matter what happens, this value stays constant.

Other codes eliminate damage, making it so that enemy sprites, on contact, do not actually influence the life bar of the player character, making them invincible or immune to any damage that doesn’t immediately kill the character (falling down a hole).

There are those who study and practice Magick as described by Aleister Crowley.

Magic on the subconscious level. They will talk of something referred to as sigils, an image which is constructed of visual recognition and verbal cognition.

A sigil is burned into a “magician’s” mind and is used to alter the code which governs their subconscious interaction with life itself. These sigils are but one form of a “Game Genie Code of Life”, in which the utilization results in an alteration of the scripted sequence which our minds were originally intended to take.

Many attempts to use these for things such as abating fear, allowing a more open-minded approach, problem-solving, quitting smoking, etc. This aside, there are other forms of “Codes of Life” which can be imbued into our “playable characters”.

One such code is the power of thought; recognition of one’s own capabilities and influence can strongly modify how we approach circumstances.

The building of character and confidence also influences our decision making and fears.

Simply affirming to yourself that you are strong enough to sustain the pestilence in a given circumstance of life will ultimately, cataclysmic, allow you to be strong enough. These, too, are codes of life.

With this power, we have not a reason to fear, but only a reason to prosper. We are governed by unchangeable laws of reality and physics, and we cannot will ourselves to be able to fly because of our limitations, but there is a lot we can do.

As I have stated, will state, and enjoy pushing upon people, we can choose to be happy. We can choose to fret. We can choose to change our minds, or the minds of those around us.

We have so much capability in manufacturing our own mindset and subconscious; although we cannot alter the physical or attain infinite lives or invincibility, we do have the strength to change our own subconscious and become the entities which we wish ourselves to be. You create your fate, your own miracles, and your own life.  Make it a life worth living.

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  1. Michael Jacobs

    The worst of all codes is the ‘=’ sign. It has us believe that two very disparate items are equal to each other, such as ‘2+3 = 5’. Whereas ‘2+3’ is equivalent to ‘5’, just as women are equivalent to men, and dark-skinned people are equivalent to those with a lighter complexion, we are told that they are exactly the same. As a result, we cannot think straight any more. We live in a fantasy reality where things are either right or wrong.

  2. Odell Jermaine Goodman-EL

    Nice Article,I was wondering have you ever read the book Hollographic Canvas by Sonia Barret. You would love the book. Well keep writing these great articles. Peace & Blessings.

    1. Nick Harding

      I will most definitely keep writing, sir. I have not read Hollographic Canvas, yet, but I will add it to my list. Always looking for more perspective to absorb…

  3. Bartosz Szopiera

    Good article, keep writing 🙂

    You say that “we cannot alter the physical” but if we assume that we have free will then we really alter physical, and the matter of cheating by gaining infinite lives may be just not so simple as in game created by ourselves (eg may require 10 000 years of research of beings with our current intellectual capacity). We could wonder that our consciousness operates on infinitely unpredictable level of reality, and then we are practically magical when making our decisions. As for matrix think about this – if we are logical creatures, and math is our true language, then probably everything we are able to perceive will make sense mathematically (will only need appropriate apparatus) (Question to myself as I write this: what actually this math is, something that you can put into binary code so computer can process it, what is the definition, also, if we can describe in math everything, then math is everything? ;D)

    Once again thanks for brain-stimulating piece of work.

  4. Algimantas Grigaitis

    the all most advance computers are in all of as minds 🙂 only in dreams we have this who we are …..
    Agimantas Grigaitis..

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