American scientists led by Richard Novatson conducted quite an interesting but also relevant study which explored the impact of the Internet on human wellbeing. The participants aimed to answer the question, what would your life be like with no Internet?

The study involved 4,000 people (50%-50% of men and women) who were directly connected with the Internet activity and also spent a lot of time on social networks and other online services.

So, the question was: what would you do if Internet access was forbidden in your country?

The results surprised the scientists. About 67% of people would change the place of residence, emigrating to another country where there would be no problem with Internet access. Patriotism, in this case, takes a back seat, and staying connected on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks turns out to be more important.

Some were confused by this question: 14% responded that they would have fallen into an indefinite depressive state.

However, there were also those – 11% – who would love to meet the demise of the web, recognizing their dependence on the World Wide Web. Thus they would spend more time with their family and friends.

True gamers are among the 6% who would replace virtual communication with the virtual world.

2% (78 people) said they would commit suicide! A life with no Internet would really destroy them and the further meaning of life would simply cease to exist. It is interesting to note that 64 people from this group of respondents were women.

The results of this research confirm the significance of the rapidly evolving Internet technology in our lives and the possible dangers it brings to us. Medicine is powerless in this case since it is impossible to diagnose and treat this addiction.

What about you? Can you imagine the world with no Internet and what would your life be like if it didn’t exist in your country or at all? Please, share your thoughts below!

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  1. panagiotis

    Well i guess i would also change country in such a case !! what would you do ?

    1. Anna

      I would do the same, life without Internet would be more monotonous and deprived of opportunities

  2. effy

    In fact, I was deprived of the internet almost 2 years. No social networks in my life, I’m pretty sure that real life is much more interesting. All I needed was just determination.

    1. Anna

      you are so right about real life, however think of those people whose relatives and friends live far far away.. for them the Internet is just a salvation! moreover, Internet has sooo many opportunities to earn money and learn things that just don’t exist in real life!

      1. Guest

        Hi Anna,

        What if you realize that everyone is your friend and family member in a larger sense. Also, we confuse information with knowledge. Yes the internet provides a ton of information but sometimes, I doubt it’s even helped me become as knowledgeable as I’d like to be. If the internet was taken away from me, I’ll just let it go and move on with my life.

    2. Jsy

      Yes you are right

  3. Mandy

    Well, I have not had internet ALL my life…and I survived and it was probably a lot more productive in the human connection sense

  4. Ashley

    There is always hundreds of books you can read at the library or bookstore!

  5. Julian

    My parents got their first TV when I was 25 so I grew up without television and the radio was only on for half an hour every evening when my grandfather listened to the news. The internet is convenient and gives us the chance to learn a lot and communicate with far-away friends, but if there were no internet anymore, I would go back to reading books, the way I did as a child. Even now, I hardly ever watch TV because most programs seem to be made for 11-year-olds. (no insult to the 11-year-olds intented.)

  6. Saeed Paracha

    I’m an avid internet user, I play online games, watch tv-shows online and I also have learnt a lot from the internet. From websites like quora, wikipedia, youtube,, coursera, and a lot of other places. I normally spend a minimum of 6-7 hours online. I went with a religious group on a tour because my father wanted me to go. The only electronic device I had was my cell phone, but still I kept connected with the world. Keeping up with social networks, and playing games all the time while others were busy in activities. It was a 40 day tour, after about a week I started joining others in their activities and about after 2-2.5 weeks I had totally forgotten internet. And nothing seemed to be missing from my life. It made me realize how much bad influence internet had on me. Time wasting factor on top of alot of others. Best 40 days of my life.

  7. Slypeppa

    3. Idealist Philosophy=Religion

  8. Sindri

    I would move to another country.

    But life without the internet could also be freeing.
    Then we would have more time doing things that actually make us happy:)

  9. catherine love

    Inst it funny how nobody voted that they would oust their government, forgetting they put them there i the first place? What little power they think they collectively have.

  10. kdub

    Adapt…..actually enjoy the world….travel……read books more…help to change the world rather than liking the idea on facebook…

  11. Stuart

    Like any technology we humans become addicted. It’s a tool to be used usefully or can be abused like any tool. I still like doing things the old-fashioned way. Like reading a printed book, though I must admit most of my library is ebook now, the sheer convenience how can anyone ignore.
    I still send a letter via ‘snail mail’ because of the impact, email may be faster but goes through filters, plus can be interfered with ease. If you want something to be a private message ‘snail, mail’ is still the best method.
    I could live without the internet, but it would be like living without indoor plumbing now we have experienced the nectar.

  12. You don’t need it so why you asking?

    I don’t need to wonder, I remember. It would be much much better. Text book case of invention being the mother of necessity, rather than the other way around. We’re all fools for having bought. Remember Huxley warned the people will welcome their servitude with open arms.

  13. A.V

    Though i was born in 2002, I never used the internet because it was too slow and I thought ‘why wait for this stupid box to load when instead, I can go out, shout for my friend to come out and play?’. We had a computer system with a cpu, mouse, keyboard and a desktop (the aforementioned box). Everything was boxy. Our telly was a box. The mobile was a box. Cassette player a box. The first time our family had a laptop was in 2005/2006 and the first time I used it was years later. It was sleek back then. When I was told to take a laptop to school in 2016 I took the old laptop and all my friends laughed because it was 3 inches thick and had wires sticking out. I remember the first smartphone in our family. I wasn’t allowed to touch it. I resented my parents when I was younger, but now, I realise how privileged I was to be able to keep my innocence for so many years. I feel sad for children these days. My nephew is being forced to use the internet to do homework. Also, teachers today grew up with the internet and do not behave the dignified way my teachers behaved when I was younger. My 7 year old nephew is being taught about lgbt, sexual intercourse and woke rubbish in his science class, expression of emotions in art class (art teacher is some lazy cow who just lets students scribble) and lewd songs in music class. The world is getting harder to live in despite the increasing “conveniences” of modern life. Life is very convenient but for some reason I feel uncomfortable. No matter how modern my future house will be with automated everything, it will never compare to my grandparents’ home with its squeaky sofa, cluttered photographs and wood polish smell.

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