life with no internetAmerican scientists led by Richard Novatson conducted quite an interesting, but also relevant study which involved 4,000 people (50%-50% of men and women) who were directly connected with the Internet activity, and also spent a lot of time on social networks and other online services.

So, the question was: what would you do if Internet access was forbidden in your country?

The results surprised the scientists. About 67% of people would have changed the place of residence, emigrating to another country where there is no problem with Internet access. Patriotism in this case takes a back seat, while staying connected on Facebook, Twitter and other networks is more important.

Some were confused by this question: 14% responded that they would have fallen into an indefinite depressive state.

However, there were also those – 11% – who would love to meet the demise of the web, recognizing their dependence on the World Wide Web. Thus they would spend more time with their family and friends.

True gamers are among the 6% who would replace virtual communication by the virtual world.

2% (78 people) said they would commit suicide! Lack of internet would really destroy them and the further meaning of life would simply cease to exist. It is interesting to note that 64 people from this group of respondents were women.

The results of this research confirm the significance of the rapidly evolving Internet technology in our lives and the possible dangers it brings to us. Medicine is powerless in this case, since it is impossible to diagnose and treat this addiction.

What about you? Can you imagine the world without Internet and what would your life be like if it didn’t exist in your country or at all? Please, share your thoughts below!


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