5 Documentaries That Will Change the Way You Look at Science

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These 5 documentaries may just change the way you look at science and weird phenomena.

1. Where science and Buddhism meet

The first documentary, Where science and Buddhism meet, explores the similarities between quantum physics and Buddhism. Accused of trying to obscure the line between science and religion, this documentary focuses on the understanding that some scientific theories such as inter-connectivity, oneness and duality connect with Buddhism, and describe the Universe in the same way. A must-watch for anyone who shares an interest in the greater – being and the parallels between science and religion.

2. Reality and the extended mind

The second documentary, Reality and the extended mind, investigates psi phenomena with phenomenal results in experiences such as telepathy, the ability to communicate with dead people, to predict future events or psychic powers, also known as clairvoyance. Reality and the extended mind also explores mind reading, psychic healing and psychokinesis; a must-watch for anyone interested in discovering the unknown…

3. Athene’s theory of everything

Athene’s theory of everything is a documentary about professional gamer and poker player Bachir Chiren Boumaaza, and his theory that consciousness arises from brains, and thoughts don’t interact with the real world. A very thought-provoking and interesting watch!

4. Man’s right to know

Man’s right to know is a rather awe-inspiring documentary exploring man’s right to know, learn, inquire and make mistakes in order to understand ‘freedom.’  Man’s right to know investigates physician-scientist, Wilhelm Reich, and his cosmic life therapy, which he used to heal people. Reich died in prison in 1957, following his refusal to stop his research. A must-watch for all!

 5. The global brain

Last but definitely not least, we have The global brain; a documentary exploring how the Internet is connecting humanity into one universal community; a global brain.  This is a fascinating documentary looking at real scientific changes happening in the world now.

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