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New Study Reveals How Climate Affects Language Development

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I am sure we have all wondered why languages are different from region to region. The spoken word, although complex and diverse, is enticing. We all muse about why we do not communicate in a universal form. Well, the obvious reasons pertain to culture in different regions of the world. This is a well-known observation. [...]

Bilingual People’s Brains Work in a Different, More Effective Way

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Remember when schools used to mandate learning a second language? Sometimes they would go as far as bringing in the native speaking teachers to help with the process? Well, now we are starting to understand why learning a second language is so vital. Not only does it help increase the grey matter in our brain, [...]

10 Tips from a Person Who Knew 17 Languages

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Kato Lomb, despite holding a chemistry degree, was one of the first simultaneous interpreters in the world and could fluently translate into eight languages, and in general knew and worked with 16. It is amazing that in her time there were no audio CDs with the voices of native speakers, Skype tutors, or language schools… So how did she manage to learn so many languages? In her best-selling book “How I learn languages”, she revealed ten simple rules for language learning: 1. It is necessary to practice a foreign language every day. It is like the gym: if you want to have impressive muscles, train them regularly! Dedicate at least 10-15 minutes a day to reading or repeating new words and phrases. […]

Learning of foreign languages enhances the brain

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Learning of a second foreign language is particularly beneficial not only for one’s curriculum but also for the brain, according to a new scientific research, which comes to confirm previous studies claiming that knowledge of foreign languages ​​is a beneficial form of education of the brain, which enhances concentration, attention, memory, etc. Researchers from the Northwestern University of Illinois, who published the study in the journal of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), concluded that bilingualism affects the brain and fundamentally alters the way the nervous system reacts to sounds, as shown by the laboratory experiments. […]

Tips on how to learn a foreign language easily and quickly

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Today there are many ways to learn a foreign language quickly. Here are the most effective ones. Language environment The easiest and fastest way to learn a foreign language is to learn it in its natural environment. Everyday situational communication in a foreign language in all spheres of life is a guarantee that within a year you’ll be fluent in spoken language. So use every opportunity to go abroad at least for a little time on study or across multiple programs of experience exchange. Theoretical advice Today the most common way of learning a foreign language is to follow language courses or take individual lessons with a private tutor. Which method is more convenient and effective? On the one hand, private lessons are better because a teacher’s time and attention is fully dedicated to you without any distraction to other students.It allows to quickly determine your level of knowledge and to select the best possible individual program for quick and effective language […]

Which are the easiest languages to learn?

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First of all, it depends on your native language and foreign languages you know. For example, if you know Latin, it is easier to learn languages ​​of the Romance group. If you know French Spanish will seem easy. However, there are ways to estimate a linguistic complexity.From this point of view the most difficult languages are those which contain a great number […]

The most beneficial foreign languages ​​to learn

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Which language to learn today to benefit in the future and make a successful career? Professors of leading educational institutions believe that in the next 10 years the most useful languages in international business will be English, Spanish, Chinese and Arabic. English is easy and logical – it’s clear. Today it dominates thanks to a big role of Internet. As a global language English strongly intrudes into all the national languages​​by means of mass communication.This situation is not going to change […]

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