Unexplained Phenomenon: People Who Turn Street Lights off When Walking by

Street light interference phenomenonA 53-year-old American housewife told this story to the researcher Hilary Evans, who has long been engaged in the study of this phenomenon:

“For a long time I could not believe that the lights go out at my approach. I first drew attention to this oddity when I started to attend lectures at the college in the evenings. Several times, as soon as I turned on my street, the lights at our house went out. I did not say anything to anyone because I thought there was something wrong with the lights.

Then I began to approach the house from the other side of the street, but soon the lights there also began to go out. I thought it was a striking coincidence. Once, for example, I was walking home with a friend and suddenly, as we were passing by, four lights went out. Once we walked away, all lights lit up again.

It’s still going on, and few believe me until they see it with their own eyes.”

Evans receives such evidence from around the world. She says that unlike other paranormal phenomena, this phenomenon, called Street light interference, does not depend on belief or disbelief of the people themselves.

Electrical engineer Bill Beaty thinks that perhaps people who experience this phenomenon are something like “walking generators“, that is, their bodies produce a significant amount of static electricity, which can affect the operation of street lighting.

Many people, for example, produce static electricity, shuffling their feet on the carpet. Beaty said that some people are able to produce electricity, “getting” electrons from the air with each breath.

But if breathing can make us electrically charged, why don’t the electrical appliances turn off around us? Beaty said that maybe some people have some kind of viruses, which are not discovered yet and change the lungs of individuals, so that they begin to work as a sort of internal power station.

In addition, Beatty admitted that he understands that this theory sounds like complete nonsense. “There are lots of very strange, incredible things. Some people manage to find the explanation for them and then get the Nobel Prize,” he said.

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  1. Nas November 21, 2016 at 2:00 am - Reply

    Finally people who have gone through this!! I have actually caught it happening on video a couple times. I knew that they would do it. I really started to take note when it happened to me on foot. It could happen sporadically when I drove but I chalked it up to my car going off some sort of electric interference…now when I did it on foot I was walking around my neighborhood and the lights would turn off as I passed them. I started to have a cold sweat as they weren’t random but short and consistent changing in the lights status. Either they would shut off or turn on directly before I got to them and turn off as I passed them. I thought about the motion detection being a possibility but there are no detectors on the street lights.
    I then began to mess with the whole idea that it could be something odd or malicious. I even went as far as to feel it being demonic. I can make them turn on or off at will by simply saying on and off. I have video proof of this as well it’s very haunting. I feel fear and confusion. I’m glad that I’m not the only one who has this happen to them. I do feel a bit more at ease knowing that you all experienced the same issue. If you would like to talk about it or see the videos send me an email. [email protected]

  2. Susan February 14, 2017 at 7:18 pm - Reply

    This has been happening to me my entire life as far back as I can remember I’ve noticed a pattern of putting street lights out near me. I didn’t really pay it much attention until adulthood but it’s something I’ve always noticed, I guess I thought everyone noticed street lights going out on a very regular basis, or maybe just that it was coincidence, but then I’d see more of it the higher my stress level was. I used to have a terrible tardiness problem and when I’d be stressed out over being late I’d see a higher occourance of lights going out. I also struggle with issues of substance abuse which affects this situation 2 different ways, one, I lead a more high-stress existence than others without this affliction & have noticed many times the more stressed/mad/upset I was the more often street lights would go out & second, I’m forced to make at least one 80 mile round trip to go get my fix a day and I’m usually on the same roads over & over so I get the chance to take note of which lights I’ve seen go out & then whether or not they’re still out next time I drive by & also I’ve been able to see an extremely high occurrence of Street Light Interference simply because of the high amount of miles I travel, I figure, I’m bound to see more of this coincidentially than the average stay-at-home person yet it’s happening at a rate of at least 3x a week and sometimes as much as 6-7x in one week and also once in my 80 mile trip I saw 3 separate lights go out in one trip, several miles & minutes apart, I’ve never had multiple lights in a row go out. But on at least 3 other 80mi.round trips I’ve seen at least 2 lights go out, again several miles & minutes apart. I first looked into this phenomenon in my early 20’s and read somewhere that people who bmake lights go or ‘blow’ out are usually ‘healers’. I liked that, I stuck with it for awhile, I don’t think the S.L.I. Term was even around then, but low & behold a couple years ago I decided to look again and this is when I first heard the title of Street Light Interference & finally I saw myself! This is not my imagination & I don’t see how coincidence could explain it either given the high frequency that I witness this. My goal in commenting here is to hopefully speak to someone else who experiences this same thing. Everyone I’ve ever even admitted it to has looked at me like I’m crazy but I know there’s something bigger at work here. My theory, which is a completely uneducated guess, is that this has something to do with an individual’s level of electric activity, the energy around any given person, some may call it an aura. I really wasn’t as convinced until I started trying to keep track of where & when i saw a light go out & also my stress level & noticed what seems to me to be a direct link. I have at least one witness as well who I spent endless driving hours with who I could show, ‘look that one just went out’ and he also started realizing he had never experienced this before, in fact many people I’ve brought this up to have said, ”I don’t think I’ve ever noticed a street light go out…” which leads me to believe either they’re incredibly non-perceptive or this really is a phenomenon experienced only by a select few… Any further discussion on this topic would be greatly appreciated as I try to understand this fascinating all be it seemingly useless ‘gift’… I would love to contribute to more documented research of this occurring and have access to real answers, there has to be an explanation! Fellow SLIders please comment or contact me on Facebook or messenger (Susan Ringwall) I’d love to hear how our stories are parallel but also how they differ, is this a life-long re-occurring long noticed mystery like I’ve experienced, or are you skeptical? And why? I believe our energy & the vibrations we cast out have more to do with each of us than we give it credit & this would be a great place to start, it could be proof of an individual’s ‘energy field’ reaching far beyond the confines of our bodies, proof of stress & negative energy effecting tangible things outside of our minds & bodies, a real start to proving how our attitudes & feelings project out of our physical selves & are recieved by not only other humans and life but whatever is nearby that is receptive to such energies, such as a light bulb. I’m looking forward to hearing of more of your personal experiences, thanks in advance… ❤️-Slider Susie

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