Numerologists and superstitious people all over the world are in alarm today since the current date is an extremely rare phenomenon, the first and the last of its kind that we will ever witness in our lives: 12/12/12.

Of course, the last 11 years were full of ‘triple’ dates, but the phenomenon will occur again in almost 100 years from now. The next such date will be January 1, 2101.

Therefore, this 12/12/12 is a lifetime opportunity for superstitious people and numerologists. For example, in Las Vegas, more than 100 marriages will take place today, a number which is ten times greater than a typical December Wednesday.

A numerologist-marriage counselor in the chapel «Viva Las Vegas» explains:

“The charismatic couple married on 12 month’s is lucky and balanced and constantly sets new goals. The ‘prompt’ number 1 and the ‘sensitive’ number 2 make a well-balanced number. The 1 transfers the vibration of new beginnings, while the 2 brings mental balance.

According to numerology, the date 12/12/12 is ideal for love and investments. Indian expert Swetta Jumaani claims that it is a fantastic day to start a business or make an important buy.

Moreover, 12 is a special number because the sum of its digits is 3. 3 is the number of Jupiter, therefore, it symbolizes the largest planet and wealth.

Beware, though! The 12/12/12 is a day completely inappropriate to wear black. “The black is an ugly color,” says the Indian numerologist, especially now when the 21/12/12 is approaching (21 is reverse 12), the date when the Mayan prophecy is expected to be fulfilled and some people believe that the end of the world will come.

If we look at today’s date realistically though, the most likely is that nothing is going to happen. 12/12/12 is just a beautiful number, which makes us feel like there is something special about it. After all, since ancient times, people have always looked for hidden signs and meanings in numbers.

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