Avatar-like Experiment: Human-Rat Interaction via Virtual Reality and Robotics

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British and Spanish scientists designed a simulation device that allows rats to experience “Avatar” and establish interactive communication with humans. In the sci-fi film “Avatar”, the human body, through genetic modification, can easily become substituted for a person of an alien race. Currently, a team of computer scientists are to transform science fiction into reality [...]

  • Heal the Body with the Mind

Anatomy of the ‘Sixth Sense’: How to Avoid Titanic-like Disaster

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Back in the XX century, the researchers noticed a strange pattern: the most frequently occurring disasters and accidents with the planes and trains take place when they are filled with passengers half of their capacity, while the safe trips are sent en route with at least 76% of the passengers present. This mysterious finding can [...]

What Impact a Good College and Faculty Have on Your Studies

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Students start questioning themselves regarding the importance of the college from their high school life, which way to go and what subject to choose, becomes their primary concern and top priority. The role of the college and faculty in a student’s life is inevitable as college is the place that opens doors of new opportunities and prepares you to enter the competitive world of [...]

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Five Creepiest Advances in Artificial Intelligence

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Already, the electronic brains of the most advanced robotic models surpass human intelligence and are able to do things that will make some of us shudder uncomfortably. But what is your reaction going to be after learning about recent advances in robotics and artificial intelligence? 5. Schizophrenic robot Scientists at the University of Texas (Austin) [...]

Time Travel Machine is Theoretically Feasible, Say Scientists

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Israeli scientist Amos Ori scientifically proved the possibility of time travel. Now the world of science is in possession of all of the necessary theoretical knowledge to claim that the creation of a time machine is theoretically possible. Mathematical calculations are published in the latest issue of the scientific journal “Physical Review”. Professor Amos Ori [...]

Developing Your Strength through Confidence

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So much of being successful in business is about self-confidence, that if you’re not the most confident person in the world - it can feel like the whole industry is against you. Perhaps you’ve had more than a few disastrous interviews in the past, or maybe most of your interviews appear to go well on [...]

Nanoparticles Can Purify Contaminated Water and Kill Cancer Cells!

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Nanotechnology is the latest interdisciplinary field of science that operates on microscopic scale, down to atoms and molecules. The new science is young, and the scientific community has not even had a single clear definition as to what nanotechnology is. However, it does not prevent researchers to make one discovery after another, exploring the properties, [...]