concentration on reading1. Observe yourself.

Low concentration can be different: someone can’t listen for long, another one can’t speak or write for long, another one is constantly distracted by noise. A few days observe yourself, carefully analyzing your own behavior. Find out moments when it becomes difficult for you to concentrate on perceiving information or performing a specific task.

2. Do only one thing at once.

Many people do several things at the same time: filling some documentation, browsing the Internet, talking on the phone. In this case at least one thing won’t be done properly: the brain is not able to perform diverse tasks at the same time. You can significantly increase your concentration ability by focusing on one thing at a time.

3. Listen to your biorhythms.

Observe yourself and find out at what time of day you feel better and your body and mind are most active and receptive to work. During the day the body of any person goes through several phases of activity: from loss of strength to its lift. If you feel more productive in the evening use this time for reading and studying.

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