communication skillsCommunication is one of the skills that we learn at the very early childhood. At the same time, it is the most difficult skill that needs enhancing during the whole life.

Why some people are able to find common ground and gain the trust of complete strangers without any problems in a matter of minutes, while others find it difficult even with the members of their family? Why someone who doesn’t seem to distinguish by any talents is considered to be an “exceptionally nice person”, while someone smart and talented isn’t liked by anyone? The answer is simple: These people have different communication skills.

An effective but easy way to improve your communication skills can be expressed with a single phrase: be a good listener.

Although it sounds quite banal and unpretentious, yet for many people it is not so easy to follow this advice. The ability to listen is not just closing your mouth so that the other person inserts a few sentences. You really should listen carefully and be interested in what the others say. This will not only help you win over anyone, but also is a great way to show respect to the other people. When people feel such an attitude from you, it immediately changes the atmosphere of your relationship. Just think about how great you feel when someone is listening to you intently while you are enthusiastically talking about something very important for you.

All people just want to be heard and by giving them this opportunity once you will gain a lot of friends. The key is to not pretend: follow the story, ask clarifying questions, react to key moments. Sometimes it is not so easy, especially if the other person does not possess oratorical skills. Well, if you want to win the trust of the person, you have to do some effort.

In addition to listening, you may need a few more tips to improve your communication skills.

1. Never interrupt

This indicates a real lack of respect. Interrupting someone is just like saying: “I do not care what you say, what I have to say is much more important.”

2. Never finish another person’s sentence

Yes, sometimes one wants to help the other person express his thought. In fact, by doing this, you show your doubts about the intellectual and oratorical abilities of the person. So it is better to bite your tongue in such moments.

3. Listen actively

As noted above, your activity as the listener has the particular importance. Show your interest in the story you are listening to and give a response to the narrator.

4. Paraphrase

If you want to show that you truly understand your interlocutor, simply repeat his key idea. Before agreeing or disagreeing with anything, just focus on your comprehension of what you have just heard. Half of the confusion in the world comes from the fact that people think one thing, say another, and their listeners understand a third.

5. Maintain eye contact

Do not distract on extraneous things, but focus on your interlocutor. Looking the other person in the eye is like telling him that you are interested in his story.

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    These will work well for some people no doubt, but let’s not forget that not every culture is the same around the world. When I studied French one of the most distinguishing points between them and Americans was how the French appreciate interruption in conversations because it shows that the other person is not only listening but is engaged (watch their political debates in comparison to American political debates). In cultures such as Japan where respect to superiority is important, eye contact is not appropriate. I think one of the first steps to good communication is, if possible, to understand the values of the other person. Then perhaps there can be a common ground in respecting the way in which they communicate.

    Suggested Reading: Cosmopolitanism by Kwame Anthony Appiah

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    Pinky Poinker

    Aah You have comments at last! I really liked this post. Everyone should read it 🙂

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    Nicola Cantafora

    Very helpful post to Improve Communication Skills.

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