health tipsTired of taking medications with least reason and suffering from health problems which may not be serious but are enough to ruin your day? Here are some tips that will relieve you from small or bigger everyday problems easily and quickly:

1. Tea for hormones

It is a very common problem faced by women. Intense hair growth and acne are some of the effects of hormonal imbalance. If you want to avoid medical treatments, try mint tea, which, according to studies, brings androgens present in the female body under control. With two cups a day you will see a great improvement soon.

2. Lemon for headaches

Do you suffer from frequent headaches or migraines? Then the solution to your problem is… lemon. Both the smell and the freshness of the fruit relieve much of the pain. All you have to do is to

cut a lemon in half and put it to your forehead or the localized point of pain.

3. Gum for energy

If you are going to have a hard day and do not have time to start with a cup of coffee, try chewing gum with mint flavor! According to studies, peppermint can dramatically reduce fatigue and provide energy to the brain for higher and better performance.

4. Honey for allergic rhinitis

There are countless people who suffer from this problem. If you are one of them and want to avoid antihistamines, then eat a spoon of honey. Honey brings relief from allergic rhinitis, since contains bee pollen resistant to the flower pollen, which is the cause of rhinitis.

5. Dirt for stronger immune system

We try to avoid germs as much as possible, but some of them have a positive effect and strengthen our organism’s defence systems. Especially the bacteria present in the soil, which are completely harmless. That is why, do not hesitate to take a stroll in the countryside and let your children play without fear.

6. Sleeping in complete darkness for a good mood

Studies have shown that sleeping even with a little light during the night can spoil our mood without a specific cause. This has to do with melatonin, which helps stay in a good mood and is produced only in conditions of total darkness.

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