Personal growth is a movement forward, a habit to act, and get results. Why is it so difficult to move yourself up and start taking real actions? The fact is that we have the habits of thinking twice, of analyzing, of weighing all the “pros” and “cons”. At the same time, our habit of action can be very weak and it often depends on external stimuli and incentives.

Here are 7 tips that will help you develop the habit of action:

1. Be proactive

Take responsibility for yourself and your actions. Do not wait for someone else to make your life better and happier. Your destiny is in your hands.

If you are in a difficult situation, ask yourself only one question: how? When there is a valid question, it is easier to find the answer. When the decision is made, act. You can always find infinite reasons not to act. But there is only one way out: to drop all the reasons and take action.

2. Stop waiting for “better times”

There is always a condition which, for some reason, does not meet your expectations. External circumstances will always differ from the perfect picture created by your imagination. It is unreasonable to wait for an ideal situation for the implementation of your plans. The world changes.

Want to start your own business? Today the oil price is high, tomorrow there is an economic crisis, then – the change of political power and so on. The best time is now.

How to stop waiting for an ideal and a better situation? Remember that difficulties and obstacles are inevitable. No action or new business can exist without the risk of unpredictability and adverse situations.

Solve problems as they arise. For a successful and productive life, the ability to find solutions to the current situation is the same important as the ability to foresee and resolve problems.

3. Turn your ideas into reality

Remember that a good idea that came into your head is nothing until you implement it into reality. If your thoughts and ideas are only in your head, they will gradually fade away and go into the dark labyrinths of memory.

The value of ideas is in their implementation and development. The habit of action is the only way they can lead you to success.

4. Do not be afraid

Rely on an important property of action. Wherever there is action, the fear decreases and disappears. This is how it works: first, we are afraid, then we take the first step and the fear goes away. It is replaced with peace of mind.

The sooner a person begins to act, the less afraid they are. The more they delay action, the more their fears, uncertainty, and doubts grow.

5. Stop waiting for inspiration

It may come to you in a month, six months, one year or later. It is much better not to wait for it, but to “invite” it with your actions.

If the task to perform is a new concept of a campaign, writing a book, or making a presentation, take a sheet of paper and a pen and start writing down everything that comes to mind. Perhaps, at first, it will be absurd and ridiculous ideas, but then your brain will turn on. Your actions will enhance the thinking process.

Even better this strategy works with unpleasant tasks: just start mechanically performing them without emotion. The essence of this process is that the mechanical performance of any action, in the end, leads to the fact that you are gradually drawn into it, so the brain accelerates and begins to work actively and effectively.

6. Take action now

There is only the present. The past is gone, the future is unknown. Now is the moment of action, the moment of change, a moment of movement. “Tomorrow”, “later”, “next week” are equivalent to “never”.

The power of your decisions is in today’s actions. The level of your results is in today’s achievements.

7. Be a leader

Take the initiative and take over the implementation of new ideas. If they inspire you, then you will find like-minded people who will support your endeavors and help you turn these ideas into reality.

The habit of action is not an innate trait, but you can develop it if you are consistent and bold enough to follow your dreams.

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