What is an authentic person? And how are authentic people different to everyone else?

An authentic person is much more genuine and honest about who they are and what they believe in. They are unique because they don’t let others influence their decisions and opinions, and they don’t take criticism to heart. Everyone can become authentic, and there are ten very specific things that authentic people do, which you can begin to practice as well.

1. Say what you really think, rather than what will be accepted

Many of us are caught in the trap of saying things that will please the majority, and this means we suppress our actual thoughts and opinions. Authentic people are true to their own beliefs and are not afraid to say things as they are, despite the chance of their opinion being ill received.

2. Be truthful to yourself and to others

Honesty is always the best policy. Trying to convince yourself of something you know is not true, or lying to your friends and family just to make them feel happy, is not authentic. Instead, authentic people are totally honest with themselves and deal with the things that others may try to hide. They’re honest with friends and family, even if they know it may hurt them, because they know that the truth is always the most important thing.

3. Allow the unpredicted

Authentic people do not get uptight when life throws them a curveball. They accept the unexpected and know that it could lead them to greater things.

4. Listen to your emotions

Your inner emotions are very important, and authentic people know this. Rather than bottling things up, they express their emotions. This allows them to deal with them properly and move past them much easier.

5. Take time for yourself

Authentic people are their own best friends. They take the time to recharge their batteries and allow themselves to relax. They know that just because they are alone, does not mean that they are lonely.

6. Be proud

Living authentically means being proud of who you are as a person, and not sacrificing your personality traits and your emotions for anyone. Authentic people take pride in their own abilities and won’t let anything diminish that.

7. Listen to your heart and your gut

Instincts are important. They keep us safe in dangerous situations, and they tell us that toxic people should be avoided. Rather than going with what the majority are doing, to be truly authentic, you should listen to your gut feeling and remove yourself from situations that you don’t feel comfortable in. Similarly, if you truly want something, your heart will tell you to go for it, and you should.

8. Listen to others

And really listen. Forge true bonds with people, and create deeper friendships than others have. Listening to others can give you a great opportunity to grow as a person, find incredible friends, and find mentors who will help you become a better version of yourself.

9. Don’t take criticism to heart

Everyone is a critic, and authentic people have learned that there is a difference between constructive criticism and rude criticism. Listen to the criticism that is aimed to help you grow and stop listening to those who don’t like you because you may be better at something than them.

10. Allow yourself to grow

As a person, growing is one of the most important things a human being can do. Authentic people revel in opportunities that can help them grow, learn new things, and develop skills. They become better and more rounded people with every growth opportunity, and it is something we should take great inspiration from.

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