The brain is one of the most interesting and complex parts of our body. Here are some curious brain facts from recent studies you probably didn’t know.

Sometimes when you don’t notice, your brain takes on certain characteristics that you are unaware of. Many studies show us the ways our minds work, but sometimes the brain can surprise us.

Here are a few facts about the human brain that demonstrate hidden characteristics of our most important organ.

1. Short-Term Memory Capacity

There are three different types of memory: long-term, sensory, and short-term. Long-term memory is very similar to having a filing cabinet inside your mind. Short-term memory can act as little sticky notes that you put on your wall that you generally won’t remember. Your short-term memory generally holds from five to nine things at a time.

2. Smarter Subconscious

There was once a study in which researchers placed a square to an area on a computer monitor through a pattern. After people saw it, they began to have a better chance of picking the location of the square’s next location. When given a brief amount of time, no one could consciously figure out the pattern.

3. Highly Visible Color

The chartreuse (yellow-green) is the center of frequencies of light we can see. We are able to recognize these receptors easier than the remainder receptors we have such as blue, green and red.

4. Two Nervous Systems

There are two nervous systems of the brain. One contains the functionality of excitation while the other controls inhibition. Have you ever noticed a slight shaking in your hand at times? This is your two nervous systems spontaneously reacting in different characteristics.

5. Replay

Sensory memory is one of our different types of memory. It is the form of memory that allows us to visually remember things often acting like a replay. It works with your hearing and your vision which allows your thalamus to resend projections moments after they were sent.

Your brain can be focused on something such as television, but you can recognize other signals of importance such as your name being called or someone talking about something important to you. Without this form of memory, you would not be able to multitask.

6. Sleep Deactivates Long-Term Memory

Transferring information into your long-term memory deactivates while you sleep. Have you ever had problems remembering something you dreamed about? It is because dreams aren’t added to your long-term memory. There have been numerous occasions where I would wake up and only remember segments of what I actually dreamed or none at all.

7. Depth Perception

Most depth perception you have comes from inside your brain. This is how we can see things in sections or able to tell how far or close something is from us.

8. You Don’t Have Good Memory

Studies have displayed to us that we are not likely to remember past events and furthermore, we might say that they never even took place. In fact, is easier to say something happened that never did versus remembering an event that actually took place.

Your Brain

Some of these facts might be more obvious than others, but the only thing is clear: your brain is very significant and the way it perceives things is amazing. At times, it can play games on you and you might find yourself asking: How come I didn’t remember that or how come I didn’t realize when it was taking place?

What other interesting brain facts could fit this list? Please share your suggestions in the comment section below.


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