• psychology of nostalgia

The Psychology of Nostalgia: Why Do We Feel a Longing for the Past?

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Should we dwell on the past? Until recently, psychologists would likely have argued not to. However, longing for the past, otherwise known as nostalgia, is now gaining recognition as a useful tool for people fighting anxiety and depression. As a result, nostalgia is a growing focus of global inquiry and research in psychology. In this [...]

  • amazing facts about the brain

7 Amazing Facts about the Brain You Need to Know

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As you already know, the human mind is a very interesting thing. Here are some amazing facts about the brain backed by studies. While you utilize your brain on a daily basis, you must remember that the human brain is not fully understood. A significant amount of research has been put into this specific subject, [...]

  • deal with depression

5 Science-Backed Ways to Deal with Depression Using the Power of Nature

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Mental illness may seem like a weakness to some, but those who have to deal with depression will understand the distress behind it. These blue periods are devastating, to say the least. The good news is that it's manageable. Furthermore, you may feel relieved knowing that you can deal with depression by tapping on nature. [...]

  • The difference between introverts and extroverts

The Difference between Introverts and Extroverts Explained by Neurobiology

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Is there a physiological difference between introverts and extroverts? An introvert is defined as ‘the tendency to direct one’s concern and attention towards one’s own life, thoughts, feelings and interests.’ A lot of the time we see introversion as something of a social curse. Extroverts are highly revered for their confidence and ways of dealing with [...]

  • indescribable emotions and feelings

10 Perfect Words for Indescribable Emotions and Feelings You Never Knew You Had

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Different cultures from around the world have described emotions and feelings you never thought about. In this article, you will learn some of them. We live in an age where science is at its peak and we are making more amazing discoveries than ever before. This is especially true of neuroscience, which in recent years [...]

  • Speak another language

How Just Trying To Speak Another Language Improves Mental Agility and Social Skills

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When you try to speak another language as an adult, it's a truly challenging and beneficial task for your brain, research shows. Have your travels taken you to a foreign country where you were unable to communicate with others because you didn’t know their language? Yet even the thought of quickly learning conversational phrases seemed [...]

  • Goosebumps listen to music

Why Do Some People Get Goosebumps When Listening to Music While Others Don’t?

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Do you get goosebumps when you enjoy your favorite songs? Sometimes music can have the power to suddenly and emotionally strike us - in similar ways to food and sexual intimacy. It can make our hearts beat faster, our arms break out in goosebumps and our minds go blank. There is a less well-known French [...]

  • brain dead patients back to life

Biotech Company Will Try to Bring Brain Dead Patients Back to Life Using Stem Cells

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Can brain-dead patients be brought back to life? Is death the end? Dr. Frankenstein would beg to differ. Basically, I guess it depends on how far gone we are. Zombies, for instance, leave a negative impression of what reanimation would be like, and yes, this would be too far gone for redemption, in my opinion. [...]