extraterrestrial human originBack pain, sunburns and painful childbirth suggest that mankind migrated to the Earth from another planet, claims ecologist Dr. Ellis Silver.

In his book, he cited a number of facts that show how maladjusted people are to life on Earth. According to him, human is the most developed and at the same time the worst-adapted to life on the planet species. Silver notes that humanity is suffering from an abnormal number of chronic diseases, which are not peculiar to any other living being on Earth.

In particular, he said that people with age often suffer from a sore back, because obviously, their species has evolved on a planet with a weaker gravity. At the same time, number of sleep disorders are related to the adaptability of the human body to life in conditions in which the day lasts 25 hours.

Silver adds that another proof of the fact that people are not from Earth is their susceptibility to sunburn. According to the scientist, no other species on the planet suffers from it. For example, the lizard can sunbathe without harm to the health even all day long and during the whole year, while a human can only afford a few weeks at most.

In addition, Silver thinks that it is strange that the newborn babies have a very big head, which can lead to the difficulties at birth and even death of the child or the mother. According to him, no other species on the planet has these problems.

However, the ecologist does not have the explanation to why humanity migrated to the Earth. He suggests that our planet is likely to be a kind of prison in which we are kept because of our innate cruelty…


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