Finding your twin flame, or soulmate, is a lifelong dream for some. We’re told fantasies about meeting our other half and finally feeling complete. The idea that there might be someone out there who matches us perfectly is the stuff of fairy tales at times, but that doesn’t mean it’s imaginary.

Many people honestly believe that we all have a twin flame somewhere in this world, and with that comes its darker side. We may also have a false twin flame, ready to capture our attention for all the wrong reasons.

What Is A False Twin Flame?

The idea of twin flames originated as far back as Plato and the Ancient Greeks. The story goes that the first humans had two heads, four arms, and four legs, but the Gods were intimidated by this.

They chose to split them in two to prevent them from being too powerful. Your twin flame is thought to be the other half of your soul that you were meant to have, hence the magnetic connection.

It is important to note that a twin flame does not have to be a romantic interest. Many people have found their twin flame in a best friend or even a relative.

A false twin flame appears as very similar to a true twin flame. They may initially provide exactly what you felt you needed, but they aren’t destined to be with you in the long term.

The connection may feel magnetic, and you feel similar in every way you’d hope. Consider the false twin flame to be the shadow, almost identical to the true twin flame but with a darker purpose.

False twin flames aren’t all bad. They may help us to ultimately identify what we require in a true twin flame, but first, they might put us through some trying times.

Signs of a False Twin Flame

1. Their Commitment Waivers

Due to the lack of any true connection, a false twin flame won’t be very committed to you. You’ll think they’re “the one” and turn to them in times of need, but they won’t be there to help. When times get hard, they’ll pull away or even leave altogether.

Even in the good times, with a false twin flame, you’ll be worried they aren’t really in it for the long term. Their commitment will feel shallow. Every disagreement will bring up the possibility of ending your relationship.

2. They Come into Your Life at The Wrong Time

A false twin flame will come into your life at a time when you feel lost and confused about your next moves. When they appear to you, you’ll think they’re some kind of miracle. It will seem as if they had been sent to you to change your life. In some way, they will change you, but not in the way you hope.

During your most difficult times, false twin flames appear in order to teach us to look inwards. During fights, hardship, and the inevitable end, you will learn an awful lot about yourself. A true twin flame arrives when you aren’t looking for help and teaches you how to utilize what the false twin flame taught you.

3. They Lie About Your Exclusivity

A false twin flame will make you feel like you’re the whole world to them. The false deep feelings you develop for each other will make your connection seem unique. They will make false promises about you being the last person they ever feel this way about and tell lies about how you are the first.

Eventually, you’ll come to learn that there are others they treated just the same as you, or you’ll see that they moved on very quickly once your time together comes to an end.

If you meet a true twin flame, nothing and no one will compare to the connection you share. You will be unique and special to them, and they will be the same for you.

4. They Are Threatened by You

A false twin flame, just like a true one, will be very similar to you. You will share goals and personality traits that mean you’re striving for similar things for your lives. The difference lies in how each flame reacts to your success.

False twin flames will be jealous and feel threatened by how successful you are because they want it to themselves. They will be furious to live in your shadow. True twin flames want to see you thrive.

5. They Are Emotionally Unavailable

A twin flame connection is one that is deeply emotional and spiritual. You should feel like you know this person on every level. A false twin flame won’t give you this impression. They will be closed off to emotional conversations and deep sharing. They’ll do everything they can to avoid being vulnerable with you.

A false twin flame will have you feeling unsettled. You’ll be unsure of how they’ll react to serious moments, and you won’t feel secure that they’ll be there for you when times are hard.

Key Differences Between a False Twin Flame and a Real Twin Flame

They Will Be Totally Committed

In total contrast to a false twin flame, a true one will always be committed. They will withstand every hardship because your connection is worth it. They will feel the same deep connection that you do, and they will choose to preserve it above all else.

You will feel complete certainty with this person. They won’t leave you questioning the strength of your relationship, you’ll know exactly where you stand. Their commitment and just how special you are to them will be obvious from the start.

Their Purpose in Your Life Will Be Clear

A false twin flame comes with no clear purpose. They come to teach us about ourselves, but we might not know what that is until it’s over. A real twin flame begins teaching us from the moment we meet them, and their purpose with us is clear. They help with our personal growth, and you’ll feel this from day one.

They also serve the purpose of encouraging us to grow. Real twin flames, genuinely want to see us excel at whatever we choose to do, unlike a false twin flame.

Keep your heart open for whatever kind of twin flame is on its way. A false twin flame may seem like a bump in the road, but they come to us when we need teaching, not when we need to settle down.

It’s good to be aware of the signs, but there is no need to fear a false twin flame. If one crosses your path, it’s there for a reason.



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This Post Has 5 Comments

  1. Carol J Marshall

    Thank you for posting this amazing and most accurate comparison of a false or true twin flame. You are so right on as I have learned these things by the school of hard knocks. Thank you. I always thought it was just me. Now I know, not so. This is very real. Carol.

  2. Dolly's Dad

    There are no twin flames. There are givers and takers and some of the takers are more adept at hiding their intentions than others. I am 70 years old, gone to a lot of therapy and have been told I love unconditionally, which is supposed to be a good thing…but I could argue that point all day. If you want to understand human relationships there is only one thing to remember: Love is when one person’s insecurities coincides with another persons addictions. Twin flames are when a very adept taker has the same coincidental insecurity/addiction as yours and has learned to play your insecurity/addiction to their benefit. If they are a false twin flame they just have jumped ship early so the relationship isn’t mutually beneficial. If they are a true twin flame they wait until both participants have gotten what they need out of the relationship before splitting.

  3. daniel

    I connected with most everything you said with one big exception. The False twin flame comes into your life when you have it together and riding high. They are there to suck off your energy. Technically they are Narcissists who are very adept at the art of manipulation disguising their true intentions. Much of what you say is contradictory. ” The true twin flame arrives when you’re not looking for help ” ” They begin teaching us … help with personal growth” …etc etc. “A false twin flame has no clear intention” “They will leave you feeling unsettled” They will be unavailable emotionally. “They won’t be there for you when times are hard ” False twin flames will feel jealous and threatened” . A false twin flame is clearly a narcissist. They will not show up when you are down and needing of help. They take the person down and it is the True Twin Flame that will be there to pick them up! Its NEVER a good idea to except a false twin flame into your life Period! And if so happen you do get involved with one DO Not Feel Thankful… GET OUT OF IT ASAP!

  4. daniel

    The False twin flame does not open you up spiritually. You do that out of escape from such a horrible experience with the False. There is better reading on what is taking place.

  5. Sofia Sylvia Logothetis

    Τhey are both false twin flames,since they don’t want committment,but splittiing sooner or later

    Sofia Sylvia Logothetis,Psychologist/Psychoanalyst Univertsity/Institute Zurich

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