Everything is connected, so there is no such thing as a chance meeting. The people in your life are not there by chance but because of cosmic connections.

The universe is as complex and interconnected as a spider’s web. Everything that happens affects everything else. While this can be a scary prospect, but it can also be inspiring. It means that everything in our lives is a result of cosmic connections.

Your existence here on the material plane may not be your only experience of life. Many traditions believe that we have many lives and that, between those lives, we are in a spiritual realm. You existed before you were born and will continue to do so after you die.

While we are in that spiritual realm we get to make choices about our next life. Our souls choose what experiences we wish to have and what purpose we desire to achieve. We choose those things that help us to grow spiritually. And we choose the cosmic connections that will enable us to do so.

Cosmic connections are those people who come into our lives to help us develop and grow. These people are vital to our spiritual progression. They make come into our lives for a moment or a lifetime. Either way, they can change the course of our lives forever.

Our cosmic connections may not be beings full of love and light. Often we learn as much from the difficult people in our lives as we do from the ones who are a pleasure to be around. Those we are cosmically connected to come into our lives to help us look at things in a new way, heal our pain and change direction.

So, how do you recognize a person in your life who is a cosmic connection?

They shake things up

Cosmic relationships often disrupt our lives. These people force us to look at the way we are living and decide whether this is the way we wish to carry on.

They may awaken us to injustice, remind us of our true values, encourage us to follow our dreams or simply remind us to appreciate the wonder of being alive on this planet.

They heal us

Our cosmic partners often provide deep healing to our souls. They believe in us and help us to overcome the pain of our past.

These people remind us that all that we have been through is part of our spiritual journey. They can help us to move forward instead of remaining stuck in pain.

They inspire us

When a person comes into our lives who is living a life that we can only dream of, they inspire us to change. They can remind us that our dreams are possible and help us get out of our rut.

Often, we can gain an immense sense of personal power from spending time with these people who believe that anything is possible.

They remind us of our life purpose

Sometimes, when we meet someone, there is an instant connection. It feels like we have known them for a lifetime. And something about them reminds us of who we really are.

It’s as if a switch is flipped and we suddenly remember our connection with the divine and our soul purpose.

Through the expectations of our parents, peers, and society as a whole, we can go off course in our lives. We learn to make decisions based on what others think, rather than what our souls are calling us to do.

Our divine connections can help us to remember our true calling and spiritual purpose in this incarnation.

They cause us pain

Cosmic relationships don’t necessarily make life easier for us. When they come into our lives they challenge the status quo and force us to look deeply into ourselves.

This is often painful. We would sometimes rather stay in our comfort zones and live mediocre lives. We don’t always have the courage to face the truth and become who we are meant to be.

Our cosmic friends can force us out of our comfort zones. They may do this gently, or they may be harsh about it. Sometimes kind words are not enough.

Sometimes we need a bit of a kick to help us change our path. Difficult relationships in our lives can sometimes provide this impetus for change better than more gentle ones.

This is not to say we should seek difficult or damaging relationships. It is simply to remind us that we can learn from the pain we have experienced.

They teach us to be open

When we recognize that people come into our lives for a reason it helps us to open our hearts. Instead of being fearful, we become peaceful because of our understanding of the higher purpose behind all our life experiences.

By freeing us from fear and hate our cosmic partners can transform us, awakening us to the divine connections in the universe and our place in the cosmic sphere.

Closing thoughts

Recognizing our cosmic connections can change our lives. When we look at each individual who crosses our path as a divine messenger our attitude towards them changes.

Every person we meet has the potential to help us grow, from the man on the bus who smiles at us to our grandmother who offers unconditional love to the difficult partner or colleague.

Understanding the cosmic significance of these people in our lives helps us to deal with them better and make the most of what they have to offer us on our journey.


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  1. Theresa Hunter

    The phrase cosmic connections came to me and it was what I was thinking at the moment when I wrote it down then Googld it. this was the first article that I chose to read I’m glad I’m not alone in this understanding and that I got a little bit more insight

  2. Sapna

    Great Rajeev Sir 👍👍

  3. Seema

    Completely resonating with your thoughts. There is so much to learn from each individual that we come across daily and it happens for a reason..at times we ignore those cosmic vibes coming across,but nevertheless these do exist . Loved reading it !

  4. Lisa

    Wow! That is mind-blowing. What happens when a cosmic connection with a loved one is continuously turbulent? Can a cosmic connection be intentionally broken?

  5. Avnish

    No. Generally you will not know about cosmic connection when its happening live in your life. It will need yr cosmic energy vibration @ a scale of 700-800 to know about it in a live relationship , where as normally human beings operate in the world on a cosmic energy vibration scale ranging btwn 20 to 250/300. And even if y r able to identify a cosmic connection in live conditions of your life, it is not possible to dis-connect intentionally. In more of life events of a person cosmic connections will not be harsh or highly-troubling type. They may be your friends, bosses, relatives including blood relations, who will teach/ help y on something and will get automatically disconnected( or go away or left by u ) at the will of divinity. Few connections to few persons may be too harsh or much troubling type however. Such cosmic connections may come in your life for two reasons: 1) Divinity wants to create a substantially better version of you by teaching something to you, a harsh way, to strengthen you to handle a future task better 2) Y are living yr life keeping yr cosmic energy vibration scale below 100-150 , i.e. a failing /miserable environment created in your life by yourself inviting only problems. The law of attraction of good things coming from universe, does not work for this kind of person and he/she gets only troublesome people / events in life. To handle pt no.2 , Y need to raise your cosmic energy vibration scale at least 200 or above. How to increase the vibration scale is another vast subject altogether, but internet/ u-tube videos / bookish literature available for this help.

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