Probably all people periodically ask, “Where do I go and what do I want to see at the end of the road?” But a few people can give a clear answer. The global goal can help not give up in difficult times, not get lost in life, and always know what you really want. There is one way, with the help of which you can find your life purpose and have no doubt that it’s real.

Some would say that it is not necessary at all, and not knowing where to go you just cannot go in the wrong direction, and to some extent this is true. But you can’t know how this road is gonna be.

When a person has a good time, he does not think about the meaning and purpose, and these thoughts came to his head only when he is in a difficult situation and feels lifeless or disappointed. That’s when you need some meaning or purpose in order to find the courage to keep going.

In order to find a purpose that really matters, you don’t need to go to a psychic or past five years in a monastery. The method proposed in this article takes from 20 minutes to an hour, but before you begin, it is necessary to note:

Get ready for anything

Many would associate the word “goal” with material goods or some great achievements. Get over the idea that it might not be so. Accept the possibility that your goal will sound quite prosaic and you will have to give up some of your ambitions in order to be truly happy.

In addition, your goal does not necessarily lie in a familiar field, where you were looking for a destination during your student years. Just be prepared for the fact that it might be something completely unfamiliar to you.

Something that makes you feel good

The only condition is that your life purpose should bring you pleasure. Man strives for continuous pleasure, which can be got from anything: a well-done job, the process of work, communication, or knowledge.

You can call your life purpose a global source of pleasure that will last a lifetime. Thus you can always check it: if you do not get satisfaction from it, it’s not really your life purpose.

The method

As promised, the process is simple:

  1. Stay alone
  2. Write down on a sheet of paper “My life purpose”
  3. Turn off your thoughts
  4. Start to write down everything that comes to mind

The point is when the real purpose is on the sheet of paper in front of you, you will experience a strong emotional reaction.

Why turn off thoughts?

It is necessary because over the years your head is overloaded with the ideas as to what you should live and strive for. These ideas will be the first to appear, but you need to be focused and watch your emotional state. If a goal causes no emotion, it’s not what you are looking for.

For some people, it may take 20 minutes, while others will sit for an hour. The main thing is not to give up. After the first 100 responses, which will not cause any emotions in you, you may feel that it is stupid and not worth wasting your time. If you overcome this feeling, be sure that you’ll learn something valuable, so isn’t it worth spending an extra half an hour?

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