If you are not sure if you are progressing in life, check out these surprising signs that you are truly becoming the person you are meant to be.

Growth isn’t always easy or comfortable. When we give our all to create the life our dreams, things can sometimes get a little scary. To reach our full potential, we have to push through our fears and step outside our comfort zones.

If you experience the following 3 symptoms, you can be sure that you are becoming the person you are meant to be.

1. You understand yourself

You know that you are a work in progress, but you have begun to find out what makes you tick. In addition, you have examined your limiting beliefs, tackled some deep down issues and worked to make yourself the best you can be. You still make mistakes, but you understand how to use these to help you grow.

In your life, you don’t blame other people for your circumstances but accept responsibility for yourself. You know that you are not a victim but have the power to determine your own life.

That’s not to say that you always know what to do or say, or that you don’t have fears and doubts. But when you face problems, you know to look within yourself for both the cause of the blockage and the solution.

2. You realize that you are your own best guide

Many people on the path to becoming their best selves read a lot of spiritual and psychological information. We often seek the advice of those who have gone before us. We read the books and articles, attend the workshops and seminars, and arrange the counseling and coaching.

But there comes a time when you get a sudden inspiration about what is holding you back. You know what is going wrong and what you need to do to fix it. You can still seek out information from others, but ultimately, you know that you are the best guide there is on how to create the life, experiences, work and relationships for you.

It isn’t always easy, though. There are still times when you feel lost and afraid. But you keep on keeping on regardless.

3. You value yourself

You know that you are not perfect and you have given up attempting to achieve that impossible state. But you also know your own value. You can stand up for yourself and your beliefs.

You make space in your life for yourself and your own needs. Of course, you help others, too. But you know when to help and when to stand back and you also know that your own needs and desires are important and shouldn’t be pushed to the back of the queue all of the time.

You were put on this earth for a purpose of your own and not just to help others to achieve their desires and goals. And if anyone tries to manipulate you into serving their needs, you are strong enough to hold your own boundaries and send them on their way.

Closing thoughts

In a world of conflicting ideas, complicated relationships and unstable economies, it can be hard to find the time to get to know yourself, learn and grow. We are often influenced by the needs of others and we cannot turn away from those who need us.

But the best way to help others is to make sure we are living our own best life. We then have the energy, vitality, creativity and love to truly help others without exhaustion or resentment getting in the way.

If you experience the above signs, you can be sure you are becoming everything you are meant to be. If you still have a way to go, then trust that you have all that you need within you. Make a start today. You can find out whatever else you need to know along the way.

Please share with us what signs you think show when someone is becoming the person they are meant to be.

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