It seems that the concept of loyalty is slowly getting lost in our society. Fortunately, there are still loyal people who believe in committed relationships and true friendships.

Introverts are among those who put real value into things like loyalty and trust. Be it a friendly relationship or a romantic union, they are truly devoted to the other person and there are some good reasons why.

Why Introverts Are Among the Most Loyal People You’ll Ever Meet

1. They are less motivated by external rewards

Introverts are less likely to cheat on their special someone, and the reason for this has to do with the way their brains work.

Studies demonstrate that introverts’ brains tend to have a lower reliance on dopamine. It’s a neurotransmitter that has a major role in our brains’ pleasure and reward centers.

Not relying on the release of dopamine makes someone less motivated to chase external rewards such as social affiliation, sex, or attention from other people. It doesn’t mean that introverts can’t enjoy these things, but they are certainly less interested in pursuing them.

Therefore, the quiet ones are not among the people who will have an affair because they can’t resist the impulse of the moment or an attractive person’s attention. This makes them loyal and devoted to the person they are committed to.

2. They choose quality over quantity

Extroverts like to surround themselves with different people, which gives them a sense of living their lives to the fullest. But it also means that they are less picky when it comes to social life and are more likely to maintain superficial connections with others.

Introverts do the opposite – they typically have very few people in their lives but devote themselves fully to them.

If you have a quiet friend, be sure that he or she will be there for you when you need them. You can tell them about your most intimate problems, and they will listen and support you.

It’s because the depth of communication is more important for this personality type than shared experiences. You could live thousands of miles away and still confide your personal concerns to your introverted friend.

For this reason, introverts are among the most loyal and understanding friends you could have.

3. They find it hard to fake their feelings

In our fake society, introverts are among the most genuine people you could meet. And it’s not only because they are less interested in being popular and liked. They also find it difficult to pretend and fake their feelings.

Once again, this stems from their neurobiological setup. Introverts tend to have limited energy resources because they rely on the parasympathetic side of their nervous systems. This is what makes them quieter, calmer, and less active than extroverts.

Social interaction itself takes an introvert’s energy away even when they enjoy it. This is how they are wired. But behaviors such as lying, faking one’s feelings, and pretending to like someone are even more energy-demanding than bare social interaction.

Introverts simply don’t have enough energy for maintaining fake relationships. Neither do they want to. Loyalty is not just a beautiful word for them – they mean it.

Whether it comes to friendly or romantic relationships, the quiet ones are truly loyal to the people they care about. Even though they don’t always openly express their affection, they are willing to offer support, advice, and devotion to their loved ones.

If you are in a relationship with an introvert or have a quiet friend, cherish them. They could be among those loyal people who are getting increasingly rare in today’s world. And it feels great to have such a person by your side.

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