Do megalithic structures all over the Earth have any power or are they just rocks?

The fear of the unknown has plagued humanity since its humble beginnings. We feared phenomena we couldn’t understand and created gods and religions in order to explain them. Religion offered much-needed consolation to human beings that lived in fear and ignorance.

The fact that all tribes from every corner of the planet have had a set of beliefs proves that spirituality and the quest to unveil the secrets of the universe were ignited by the need to overcome the fear of the unknown.

That is why shrines and temples were among the first structures created by mankind, and some of these constructions, which survived up to the present day, carry concealed evidence of the knowledge the first man had. This knowledge remains out of our reach and we can only speculate on why and how they built these monuments that last through millennia.

Megalithic structures date as far back as the Mesolithic and Neolithic period, which means that the first ones were constructed around 9500 BC. Although Stonehenge is probably the most famous one, it certainly isn’t the only such site.

Furthermore, they are not a solely European phenomenon since countless megalithic structures were discovered in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. The term Megalithic refers to one large stone (Dolmen) or a group of stones that stand erect without the use of concrete or mortar.

What was the use of megalithic structures?

Many different theories were developed in order to explain what was the use of these stones. Some say that they marked territory while others claim that they served as temples and even burial sites.

The original layout of Avebury, published in a late 19th-century edition of the Swedish encyclopedia. Original illustration by John Martin, based on an illustration by John Britton

Setting aside all the unknowns related to the construction of megalithic structures, scientists tried to solve the question that is far more complex.

Do these monuments have any power or are they just barren rock?

Some people argue that the answer is ‘yes’, and these structures generate a magnetic field that disrupts the geomagnetic field. According to a number of scientific studies, the location of these sites is by no means accidental. One of the finest examples is the Avebury site located in Southwest England that consists of three circles of stones.

These circles were formed in such a way that they disrupt telluric currents in the ground and therefore are concentrating the energy at the entrance into this circular structure. The terrain in which the stones are placed is premeditated with the purpose of creating a trajectory for the magnetic current.

It is highly unlikely that the builders of Avebury were aware of these facts. Their reasons were probably related to the effects they could easily observe which is why the location played a vital role in the process of creating these structures.

The following words from the book “Carnac, Des Pierres Pour Les Vivants” by acknowledged scientist Pierre Mereux explain how a single stone or a dolmen acts:

The dolmen behaves as a coil or solenoid, in which currents are induced, provoked by the variations, weaker or stronger, of the surrounding magnetic field. But these phenomena are not produced with any intensity unless the dolmen is constructed with crystalline rocks rich in quartz, such as granite.

Mereux’s words highlight the significance of stone’s chemical composition but fail to explain how the prehistoric men were able to differentiate between a granite stone and another one that isn’t rich in quartz. He conducted his research in the Carnac region in France that has more than 80.000 megalithic structures.

It is also one of the most active seismic zones in that part of Europe. The vibration is especially important because it seems that only if the stones constantly oscillate at a certain frequency that they gain the ability to become electromagnetically active. Could it be that our ancestors related Earth’s electromagnetic activity to the divine and if so how were they able to detect it?

Sacred places are quintessential to all cultures we know of

Temples and shrines served as a refuge from the everyday world, these were the places where people could communicate with the gods.

Some people argue that sites that have a weaker geomagnetic field can incite hallucinations. According to them, this happens because the pineal gland is highly sensitive to magnetic fields, and its stimulation produces chemicals in the brain which create effects similar to hallucinogenic drugs.

Altered states of mind have often been linked with visions and the state of trance priests found themselves in during the rituals. It is through these revelations that they received the “word of God”. According to this perspective, it appears that Dolmens block Earth’s geomagnetic field and create a weaker field inside of the structure, which could explain why they used these sites for their ceremonies.

Carnac megalith alignment
A section of the Carnac Alignments in France. These granite stones were placed in long lines sometime between 5,000 and 3,000 BCE. (Image by Snjeschok/CC BY-SA 3.0)

Flux Transfer Event

An interesting phenomenon was discovered by NASA in 2008, a phenomenon called Flux Transfer Event. These events occur because Earth’s magnetosphere and Sun’s magnetic field are being pressed against each other, and approximately every eight minutes a “portal” opens that allows high-energy particles to flow.

The most intriguing fact is the cylindrical shape these portals have. A cylindrical shape that is often mentioned in the descriptions of the ascent of souls to the heavens.

Flux Transfer Event
Artist’s visualization of the Flux Transfer Event (Image by K. Endo/NASA)

Is it possible that our ancestors detected magnetic forces and attributed them to their Gods? They worshiped the invisible powers that seemed magical and built sanctuaries to honor them. It could be that by worshiping these forces, they were not honoring some extraterrestrial being but the magnificence of their own planet.


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