How do inherently instinctive people make the most of their intuition while others don’t?

Intuition can be a hard thing to pin down; some attribute it to luck, some dismiss it and put it in the same group as tarot cards and palm reading while others use it as a barometer for decision making.

No matter what group you are in, it’s undeniable that all of us at some point or another have had that overwhelming feeling of instinct; knowing in the deepest depths of your gut that you are right about something without any proof or forethought.

However, even though we all at some point have felt this or gone through this, not all of us act on it as others do. And while a vast majority of psychologists and scientists class intuition as pseudoscience, many wealthy and successful people live their lives based on their gut instincts and even attribute it to their success.

1. Seeking solitude

The sound of silence isn’t just a classic Simon & Garfunkel song. It’s also something highly intuitive people crave. Individuals who are in touch with their instincts and gut feelings are more likely to have introverted personalities and enjoy being alone as it’s the best way to reconnect with themselves.

Contrary to popular belief if you are an introverted person that doesn’t necessarily mean you are also anti-social, and especially in the cases of instinctive people, who use solitude as a tool to regain mental energy without distractions, and get creative.

2. Making observations

What you will often find with instinctive people is that they seem to pick up on, and see all the little things that others might miss. The smallest details are always seen and evaluated without them even knowing it at times.

An intuitive person notices everything from tone to body language, and this is because they are so in touch with themselves they can look at the outer world a lot more thoroughly than someone who is an extrovert.

3. Being highly creative

What you will notice when meeting intuitive people is that they are very creative. The fact that a lot of artists, poets, and musicians are very intuitive is not a coincidence; living a life based on your gut instincts and being creative go hand in hand.

Going into the highly competitive world of the arts leaves you with an uncertain future, so it’s no wonder that having the confidence to take a chance and go with your gut is almost a necessity.

4. The importance of dreams

Dreams and the meaning of dreams are crucial to instinctive people, they find guidance and certainty from a dream state, even more so than a conscious state (at times) because when you are dreaming you are tapping into the unconscious part of your brain.

The unconscious part of your brain is often where we get our ideas. Have you ever been thinking about nothing then suddenly come up with a life-changing idea? That is because of your unconscious mind, the same part of the brain that intuitive people aim to be attuned to in their day to day lives.

5. Letting Go

Highly intuitive people try to avoid sadness and ill-feeling as much as possible. They tend to let go of anger a lot easier than others because they feel their intuition becomes strained when connected to negativity.

Inherently instinctive people are often first to make peace with things, especially when it comes to grief or loss. They tend to observe their feeling of anger but instead of letting that feeling sit and grow, they let go of it and move on.

People who are inherently instinctive go through life in their own unique way and see the world a lot differently than others do. You can call it pseudoscience, but with so many rich and successful people who swear by it, it might be time to live life-based on your gut instincts.

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  1. Thea Dunlap

    I sometimes considered myself as a instinctive person. When I read this post, I was like bam, it is so on point for me. Thanks for sharing it is very informative

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