If you know someone who is never happy, it could be that they’re never satisfied with anything. How can you tolerate them?

In case you didn’t already know, happiness comes from within. Unfortunately, some people are still trying to find happiness in other people, at the bottom of a bottle, and at some dream job. And it hurts when they never find this happiness they seek.

In fact, some people just aren’t satisfied with anything.

Reasons why nothing is good enough

For some people, life never seems good. Negativity leaves its imprint on almost everything they do. No matter how sunny the skies are, or how much money they’re making, things just aren’t satisfactory.

Maybe you know people like this, and maybe you wonder why they’re never satisfied. Well, here are a few reasons.

1. People aren’t aware of what they want

Sometimes, a person is never quite satisfied because they don’t know what they want. And the even weirder part is they don’t know this about themselves either. They go through life thinking they know their purpose and just failing at achieving that goal.

The truth is, they’re not even sure if the goal is really what they’ve been dreaming about their whole lives. A person could be making loads of money and still feel unsatisfied if they don’t know what they really want.

2. Some are unappreciative

A person will never be satisfied if they’re never grateful for what they already have. I guess that’s obvious.

No matter how good life is treating them, and how much they’re loved, individuals can take this for granted, steady searching for other things and constantly running after new ideas. There is absolutely no thankfulness and always a strange driving force within them.

3. Many live in the past

I can feel this emotion and relate to being unsatisfied for this reason. I remember times in my life when times were less stressful, and there were loved ones still living that visited me often. I struggle to try to keep my head up and face forward rather than looking back.

You see, many people have this issue. They cannot feel satisfied because they believe their satisfaction is locked in a past embrace, a past location, or even a still-frame in time with people who are no longer in the picture. It’s probably one of the saddest reasons why nothing seems good enough.

4. Many individuals leave things unfinished

Things will never seem satisfactory enough to people if they don’t complete what they start. Projects, for instance, may seem interesting, but if left unfinished, they will cling to the back of the mind and fester there.

If an individual is hopping from one project to the next, they will have multiple unfinished things going on. This is when a person becomes unsatisfied with everything. Looking at all the things they haven’t gotten done will be overwhelming, further compounding that hopeless feeling.

5. Some just focus on negativity

Sometimes the people you love are never satisfied because they focus on the wrong motivator. There are basically two motivators in life, negative and positive. Either you do things with a positive mindset or a negative one.

Some people focus so much on negative things in life that they’re never satisfied with where they are or what they have. Many of these individuals become fickle, making life-changing decisions at the drop of a hat just because something bad happened.

6. Individuals may not be financially stable

If a person tries to live above his means, he may find himself in trouble. You see, if someone gets a promotion, and then thinks they can spend a lot more money than before, they could get into debt.

You see, those who are never satisfied with anything will get that new career and see so many things they must have to improve their lives. Instead of being thankful, as I did mention before, they will be constantly yearning for more. People like this are usually better off with less money.

7. Some unsatisfied people have low self-esteem

Did you know that people with severe low self-esteem are usually never satisfied with anything? The reason why is because they think the more they accomplish, the more likable they will be.

Unfortunately, low self-esteem is always a gaping-hungry thing that never gets full. A person will always search for compliments, reassurance, and security until they find self-worth.

How to deal with the unsatisfied

If you’re in a position where you must tolerate unsatisfied people some or all the time, then there are ways to deal with this. But always keep in mind that your physical and mental health are the most important factors. You must know when to stay and when to leave.

Now, let’s look at a few tips on how to navigate these turbulent waters.

1. Know who you are when helping them

Sometimes people who don’t know who they are have become toxic. In this case, if you know who YOU are, they cannot sway you with manipulation.

Knowing who you are will also be a good influence on them, possibly helping someone who is never satisfied realize where this feeling is coming from. This gives them an edge on figuring out what they want out of life.

2. Teach others about thankfulness

There’s no one way to do this, but many. If you know someone who never seems to be satisfied, talk to them about being thankful for what’s right in front of them. They could be looking right through a blessing while searching for frivolous things.

3. Live in the present as an influence

Show others how being in the present moment is the only way to truly heal. Yes, the past held so many wonderful things, but the present also has hidden gems if you look hard enough for them. Being an influence by just living in the now helps others let go of the past as well.

4. Help others find closure

One of the things in the lives of those who just cannot get enough is the lack of closure. In the process of having so many unfinished projects, there could also be unresolved conflicts as well. Yet again, being an example is the best way to show another how to finish things that are started and resolve issues to make peace.

Also, being positive yourself will be a good influence on those with that negative mindset as well. Yes, some things are just bad, and you can’t deny that, but there are ways to find the good in that bad.

5. Teach financial stability

My aunt taught me things about money during my life. For so many years, I ignored her. About three or four years before her death, I started to listen and soak up knowledge. I learned how to save, how to control spending, and learn to enjoy what I already have.

Dealing with people who are unsatisfied and spend above their means is difficult because they don’t always listen. The trick is, eventually, those words do sink in. Don’t stop giving financial advice. One day irresponsible people will finally listen.

6. Love and a good push

For those who have low self-esteem, you can love them only so far. Then you must give them a little push so they can find themselves.

Learning who they are, on their own, is the best way to improve their self-esteem. So, when dealing with those who have low self-esteem, you can help a little, but you must let them help themselves even more.

7. The last resort

If dealing with someone who is never satisfied is too much to handle, it’s okay to walk away. But only if it’s come to a place where your own physical and mental health is being damaged.

Sometimes it’s impossible to walk away, and in these cases, just creating a bit of distance and time between can give you a break. Because, the truth is, those who are never satisfied can be draining, and you cannot let them drain you dry.

I wish you all the luck in dealing with this issue, and I always hope for the best possible outcome.

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