Self-reflection is an art that can take a lifetime to master. Do you know who you are at your core, or have you ever been surprised at how you react in the spur of the moment?

Here are the top 15 questions about yourself to help you get to grips with what it means to be you.

1. What do I like most about myself?

We’re so used to focusing on the negatives, and picking holes, that often we don’t stop to think about what we’re proud of!

Think about your personality and successes, not just your appearance, and write down all the ways in which you are you are own best friend.

2. What things scare me most in life?

Identifying what we are most afraid of can help us conquer our fears and recognize what we need to prioritize.

When you’ve taken the time to work out what you are most scared of, you know where to focus your energy.

3. Am I happy?

These questions about yourself are always exciting and might not be something you can answer straight away.

If you have mixed feelings or aren’t sure whether you’d describe yourself as happy, try splitting your life into three categories – work, relationship, family. Being comfortable in one or two areas but not in another highlights where a change is needed!

4. Do I feel like my true self, or am I trying to satisfy other people?

Imposter syndrome is unfortunately fairly common – but that isn’t the only thing this question is about. Are you making decisions in life that serve you, that feel right, and that you are at peace with?

Should you arrive at the ‘wrong’ answer here, it’s time to decide whether you are a people pleaser (and might be perfectly happy to be!) or are letting yourself be walked over.

5. Is there a higher power?

Spirituality and faith come in millions of guises, but ask yourself whether you believe in something bigger and more significant than us all. This will help you understand what your basic beliefs and values are.

6. Who do you trust with your life?

Identifying those you trust implicitly is another one of those insightful questions about yourself that can deliver answers you might not expect.

Sometimes it isn’t our family members or even friends we’d considered closest to us, but long-term people who have been steadfast in their support, no matter how far away they might be.

7. What do you do when you feel sad to lift your spirits?

Do you go for a drive, sing your heart out, pour a glass of wine, or call your friend? When we feel fragile, our coping mechanisms can tell us an awful lot about who we are.

8. If you had all the money in the world, what would you do?

Is there a dream job that pays terribly, but you’d take in a heartbeat if money weren’t an object? Are you a genuinely philanthropic person, or do you really know you’d horde your fortune and spend your winnings on a champagne lifestyle?

Remember that these questions about yourself should be honest and authentic – so there is no right or wrong, but only valuable insights to be gained.

9. What question would you ask if you could learn anything about your future?

Who can you not imagine life without? Is it critical to you that you reach your career goals in ten years? Do you mind where you live?

Ask yourself what one thing you would want to know if you could ask a crystal ball one question about what your life will look like in a decade.

10. What is your biggest secret?

Nearly everybody has some sort of secret; it might be tiny or huge, but there’s almost always something we have never dared to share.

Maybe it’s a dream, a fantasy, or an imagination you’ve carried with you since childhood – but your biggest secret will often tell you so much more.

11. Do you know what true love feels like?

We often fall into patterns and routines but don’t stop to ask questions about ourselves that can reveal whether we have met our true love yet, or are subconsciously holding out for something better.

12. What do you believe your best achievement will be?

What is going to define your life? What one thing would be the memory you’d want to be the first thing in a novel about your years on the earth?

13. Is destiny real, or does the universe leave us to it?

You might have answered those questions about yourself when defining whether you believe in a God or higher power – but our feelings about fate can be a powerful driver behind our actions.

14. Would my childhood self be proud of me as an adult?

Sometimes, in the rush and bustle of life, we forget who we are at our purest – as children. What things did you wish for yourself when you were a kid, and would you think you are a cool adult?

15. Am I a good friend?

We’d all like to think we are, but honestly, do you support your friends, give as much as you take, and provide a value to their life that they’d lose without you?

Asking questions about yourself can be enlightening and sometimes confrontational. Still, it is always a great way to find out who you really are and help make inspiring decisions about what you’d like to change – and what qualities make you a unique person that should be protected forever.



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