Sleep can help us stay slim

The inextricable link between sleep and obesity seems to become more obvious as time passes. This phenomenon occurs mostly in advanced countries dominated by western nutritional concepts and the western way of life. The recommendation for 7 hours of sleep is not just about relaxation but also about a variety of neurochemical and hormone related processes taking place in our bodies as we sleep.

According to a new study, the restriction of sleep has a very close relationship with the neural response to food. Until now it was known that the less we sleep, the more energy is needed for the body with a result of increase in appetite due to the need for nutrients.

The research involved 30 healthy men and women who either slept 4 or 9 hours for a specified period. The results showed that those who slept 4 hours a day had an increased response to dietary stimuli as well as an increased activity in brain regions associated with reward, which is closely linked with the consumption of food.

The research results, therefore, demonstrate a clear link between sleep and predisposition to increased food consumption. So next time you will want to stay awake all night long, think it again…

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Sleep can help us stay slim