• Wim Hoff Breathing Method

Wim Hoff Breathing Method or How to Control Your Body’s Responses

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Can the simple act of breathing actually have some incredibly powerful benefits you never knew of? If the Wim Hoff breathing method is something you haven't heard of before, you're about to learn all about it. Most people are familiar with certain breathing techniques, especially with yoga and meditation. Wim Hoff is a more intense [...]

  • positive effects of stress

5 Positive Effects of Stress You Didn’t Know about, Backed by Science

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Most of us assume that stress is bad. But the effects of stress can also be good. Read on to find out about the difference between good and bad stress. We all experience stress in our lives and many of us try to reduce the effects of stress because we think it is bad for [...]

  • poor sleep brain

8 Effects of Poor Sleep on the Brain and Other Crucial Functions

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As it turns out, poor sleep does much more damage to our bodies than we might be aware of, putting our mental and physical health at risk. Most of us have had our fair share of nights spent tossing and turning and as a result, we wake up the next morning feeling sluggish, groggy, and [...]

  • Connection Between the Immune System and the Brain

Scientists Find a Direct Connection Between the Immune System and the Brain

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Contrary to previous assumption, there may be a direct connection between the immune system and the brain. This is true! What’s more, this discovery could lead to possible cures or treatments for various immune system ailments and diseases. Wait a minute, this is a radical statement. Ideas this bold require plenty of testing to prove [...]

  • meditation affects your brain

5 Ways Meditation Affects Your Brain and Changes Its Structure

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From stress reduction to improved attention and memory, meditation is a practice that yields a large number of health benefits. Mediation has slowly been gaining in popularity in recent years, garnering a number of scientific studies to determine the specific effects the practice has on the body. It has been found that meditation and other [...]

  • immunity system

Your Personality May Affect Your Immune System, New Study Suggests

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If you have a disease, what do you do? Of course, you keep your appointments with your doctors and hope for a cure, right? Well, there just may be a simpler way to fight disease, a solution that just makes perfect sense. The answer could lie within your own personality. Yes, you’ve heard this type of [...]

  • meditation body

5 Amazing Ways Meditation Can Affect and Change Your Body

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It is a wide-known fact that meditation is a powerful tool against stress, fatigue and anxiety. However, numerous scientific studies have shown that mindfulness not only makes you relaxed and helps you unleash your inner potential but can also significantly benefit your health and affect your body on a physical and even genetic level. 1. [...]

Does Human Body Have a Self-Healing Mechanism?

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Modern civilization accepts as real only what is visible and measurable. The existence of a phenomenon is ascertained through the analysis of its mechanism and examined from the results and consequences. But science often gets puzzled by phenomena for which there is no reasonable explanation as it happens in cases of self-healing, which have become [...]