Narcissism is an incredibly popular topic nowadays and it makes sense why. We can see it everywhere – on TV screens, in social media, and in our own lives. But there is also a tricky phenomenon called spiritual narcissism, which is lesser-known but equally important to talk about.

Who Is a Spiritual Narcissist?

It is a person who is sure that he or she is spiritually awakened while staying in the trap of their own ego. It is someone who uses their spiritual beliefs and practices as a way to feel superior to others.

We all have heard stories about narcissistic abuse and manipulation. Sometimes this personality type can seem utterly devious and malicious. However, as for a spiritual narcissist, it is quite a different story.

It’s not an evil person but rather someone who takes spirituality too superficially, using it for satisfying their selfish needs. Thus, spiritual narcissism is in a way a delusion that distorts one’s perception of themselves and others.

What Are the Signs of a Spiritual Narcissist?

1. They are always right

I’ve met a couple of spiritual narcissists before, and a common trait they had was unshakable, almost stubborn confidence in their opinions. They didn’t seem to have the slightest doubt about their beliefs and perceptions.

This rigidity of thinking is among the most telling indicators that a person’s ego is thriving and they are very far from the open-mindedness they believe they have.

A genuinely spiritual and open-minded person is in a constant search for the truth. They are not – and can’t be – sure about anything, especially the big questions of life and death. Someone who is interested in a deep understanding of life always leaves some space for doubt.

2. They boast about their spiritual awakening

A spiritual narcissist is absolutely sure of having reached enlightenment, destroyed their ego, and turned into a free spirit. And most importantly, they will want others to know about it.

In reality, they are not interested in spreading the awareness or helping other people awaken – all they crave is to feed their vanity. Have a few conversations with them, and their ego won’t be long to show up, especially if you touch a sensitive subject.

A truly awakened person is humble and never showcases their spiritual achievements. If someone shows interest in their practices and beliefs, they will prefer to talk about general topics rather than make themselves the main focus of the conversation.

3. They can become defensive and even hostile

Make an attempt to challenge a spiritual narcissist’s beliefs and ideas, and you will see their ego in all its glory.

They will become defensive and determined to refute your every argument. But if you insist on questioning their truths, a spiritual narcissist may get hostile. If they feel like their lifestyles or beliefs are threatened, they might end up being really mean and even calling you names.

It’s obvious that this is not the kind of behavior you would expect from a spiritually awakened person. Not only does such an individual treat everyone with respect, but they also don’t feel defensive about their beliefs.

If someone doesn’t share a spiritual person’s views, they are okay with it because they realize that perceptions differ, and it’s fine.

4. They are obsessed with positivity

This is probably one of the most common signs of spiritual narcissism. It’s so sad to see that many people seem to grasp spiritual ideas at a superficial level, and a telling example of this is the need to stay positive all the time. But since we are talking about narcissism, another key trait is expecting others to be all rainbows and butterflies 24/7.

Such people aren’t just obsessed with positive thinking, but they also get annoyed when they face negativity of any kind. Dare to talk about a traumatic experience or express a negative opinion about something, and they will accuse you of bringing bad energy to their life.

But the truth is that no one can stay positive all the time, and negative experiences and emotions are a part of life, whether we want it or not. Neither is positive thinking a magic bullet for all problems.

A positive mindset can indeed be powerful when it is paired with a realistic attitude to life. When it makes you blind and close-minded, this has nothing to do with spiritual evolution.

5. They are judgmental

A spiritual narcissist will be judgmental of the people who don’t share their views or those who practice a different lifestyle. This is because they feel superior to others. They are awakened and special, remember?

They will often jump to conclusions and form biased perceptions of others. At the same time, spiritual narcissists will also try to impose their beliefs on others.

All these are indications of narrow-mindedness and a lack of empathy – quite the opposite qualities of what truly spiritual people represent.

6. They totally reject material things and are proud of it

Yes, enlightenment and materialism don’t go hand in hand. But it doesn’t mean that we should totally dismiss material possessions and money. After all, we need them to survive.

Some people who practice spiritual teachings at a superficial level end up living a totally ascetic lifestyle and criticizing those who don’t. A spiritual narcissist can easily call you a materialist or a slave of the consumerist mindset just because you have a decent car or house.

The reality is that there are both material and non-material sides to existence. Money is only a resource, just like energy, health, or intelligence. It’s not evil per se – it’s humans who have centered their lives around the cult of greed and mindless consumerism. What matters is how you use this resource.

The Truth about Spiritual Narcissism Many People Don’t Want to Hear

spiritual people

As with all things in life, balance is what matters. Positive thinking is great as long as you don’t turn a blind eye to your problems and emotions. Abstaining from excessive consumerism is a mindful way to live, but wanting to have basic comforts is totally fine and natural.

Practicing spiritual teachings can take you to higher levels of consciousness, but it shouldn’t make you feel superior to others. Judging other people for not sharing your views, imposing your beliefs on them, and feeling defensive are all symptoms of spiritual narcissism, not awakening.

What many people don’t want to hear is that spiritual narcissism is nothing but an ego trap. It’s a way to deceive others and yourself. It’s an illusion of being spiritually enlightened (aka superior) that feeds your ego. In the end, all it does is to make you feel good about yourself, but it prevents you from evolving spiritually and personally.

Did the descriptions above ring the bell? Have you met spiritual narcissists and what was your experience interacting with them? I’d like to hear your opinions.

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This Post Has 4 Comments

  1. Janice Peoples

    I have rarely ever discussed this subject with other people, as they wouldn’t understand what I was talking bout anyway. However, I do believe in Gnosticism. I believe some are born “Knowing” and remembering, so this may be one reason they insist they’re right. I have always been considered a little strange, I have only met one or two other people in my life I could totally unload on!

  2. Everly

    Excellent article. And also a good reminder to those of us on a spiritual journey to remember balance and to continue to question everything. I see some of the spiritual bloggers I follow slipping into this pattern of narcissism as they gain followers and become the “expert.” It essentially negates a lot of what they are preaching.

  3. Sarah

    This article has me literally with my jaw on my keyboard!!!! I am currently dealing with a SEVERE spiritual narcissist in my current relationship of 3 yrs and literally in the last month more so this past week the impact it has had on my relationship, my emotional well being, my outlook on the future of my relationship and so many other aspects of life have been I could honestly say more detrimental and traumatic to me then the 4 yrs I spent in a violent physically abusive marriage 🙁 the fact that I was just up reading and trying to learn abt stepping into my own journey and what steps I can take and what type of experiences and obstacles I might stumble upon along the way and happened to run into this article I can’t help but deeply feel it is a sign fm my higher self the universe or something MAJOR that I need to be aware of my situation and to not write it off as overthinking… If you would be interested in hearing about my personal experience I would absolutely be happy to elaborate via email or even through msging on a social media platform not only would I be happy to shareI would be incredibly grateful for a listening ear as well as any advice input or comments in regards to it!!! Regardless Thank you a million times for this article this is everything I needed to hear right now regardless how deep it cuts to validate my personal opinion it also helps alleviate that feeling he projects onto me of just being crazy and lacking in self love causing me to feel hurt or offended by his actions 🙁

  4. Clara

    Funny, as Sarah I am now out of an abusive spiritual narcissist 3 years relationship. I carry the child in my belly and finally have the strength to move on and hopefully into self love or acceptance. The past month I’ve discovered huge amounts and different angles on this kind of relationship and had lots of different sharings which helped and supported me tremendously to work through an incredible amount of pain hate anger and trauma.
    I am taking care and loving myself and my unborn child and give myself much needed nurturing in abundance.

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