Are you overwhelmed by negative energy? People must have offered you the clichéd solution ‘move on with your life’ a million times.

Tired as they are, these words have truth. Living by them, however, can seem impossible.

The bad news is that you will have to make them your motto because adverse situations are constant. Perhaps you do not realize how crabby you are, so you need signs. You will also want useful tips to reverse your negativity.

Below are the 10 signs that you have negative energy

You may have physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental blocks that may imprison your positive thoughts. Obvious as they are, you may not realize them until someone points them out to you. These are some signs that you are not so upbeat.

1. You need to come up on top.

First of all, do you find yourself needing to prove yourself all the time, or win every argument? You may feel frustrated that others do better than you, so you may need to assert yourself. If you always feel the need to rise to the challenge, take a step back. Your power lies in humility because it draws people to you.

2. You cannot control your feelings.

Next, you are an emotional volcano if you are negative. You erupt at the slightest provocation and your emotions course through water rapids. Such negativity causes you to give out bad vibes that affect your friends and loved ones. Your extreme mood swings cause you to give out negative energy.

3. You assign blame.

Moreover, one tends to blame the world for his problems when he is negative. Do you?

Life is not always fair, but blaming others for your problems does little to solve them. Seeing them as the causes of your failures intensifies, rather than eases your pain.

4. You seek outside solutions.

Further, you may not have realized that your actions caused your problems. Even if they did not, you might play a vital role in solving them. Since you do not believe this, you may seek outside solutions for your dilemmas. The answers to them may lie within yourself.

5. You speak impulsively.

Next, you may find yourself saying things out of turn, especially in moments of anger. Stress may make you forget to think through your words. Speaking without thinking causes you to step on others’ toes, so you may need to let go of your negative energy.

6. You doubt your worth.

Having limiting beliefs is part of being negative. You may think of yourself as unworthy of receiving blessings. If you believe that the universe is for everyone, including yourself, you will also believe that you have the right to happiness.

7. You criticize yourself.

You are your worst critic when you are negative. Do you always dwell on past mistakes? Stop self-blame because that tendency wears you down. This behavior may also drain others.

8. You have negative thoughts.

In addition, you tend to believe in the worst that could happen, and not the best that is to come. Reshape your negative thinking so that you can attract well-being into your life.

9. You do not participate in activities

Do you avoid healthy activities because you feel stuck in a rut? It is time to get into the groove. Though you may not feel like interacting with others, do not overwhelm them with negative energy because you refuse to step out of your shell.

10. You share negative stories.

Lastly, you may find yourself talking about how Uncle Bob cheated your father of his life savings over and over. You may feel shortchanged, but stressing the point does more harm to yourself than you believe. It not only worsens your state of mind but also affects others.

Consequences of Negative Energy

You may believe that happy people are naive and unrealistic, but there is merit in their thinking.

Your thinking becomes your reality. Few things will go right for you when you are cynical. You attract toxic people, awkward situations, and ill-feelings into your life.

The opposite happens when you are optimistic. You welcome joyful situations and the right people into your life because of your positive attitude.

How to reverse negative energy

Everyone knows that maintaining a positive attitude all the time is not easy. How then, would you shift your negative energy when it seems overwhelming?

First of all, realize that happiness comes from within. Look for internal sources of joy, because it does not depend on external circumstances.

Next, as said earlier, your thoughts and surroundings have an enormous impact on your thinking and reality. Withdrawing from the company of negative people will help you become optimistic.

Then, find reasons to believe in yourself. Thoughts of worthlessness and hopelessness are temporary, and often ingrained. Realize that you do not always need anyone’s approval.

Happy people accept full responsibility for what happens in their lives. No matter what role others have played in yours, realize that it is your actions that affect it. Focus on the things within your reach, so that you can experience constant progress.

Lastly, abrupt negative energy or thoughts can make your emotions spiral out of control. Keep your mind in check so that you can moderate your actions and behaviors.

All that negative energy may do more harm to you than you think. Some awareness and a few positive actions on your part will reverse it.

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This Post Has 10 Comments

  1. Bianca

    After reading all the signs, luckily, I do not have negative energy. I hope my positivity stays with me for a long time.

  2. Jozef

    When you have positive mind, does it means that you have positive body too?

  3. Jhoei

    Lucky for me, I don’t have the signs of negativity. In fact, I don’t let negativity ruin my life so I brush them away. I always look forward to the future with a positive outlook so that I can accomplish things successfully.

  4. Swarali khandagale

    Yup all the signs are within me I am negative
    People advice other’s to stay away from negative people but what should negative people do they are helpless 😩😔


      no they are not. I still see myself having some of the traits mentioned above. Its high time i started from the opposite direction. i rebuff negativity: this is slow process but it is achievable.

  5. Brian

    Well, there it is, right in front of me, I am negative. But, this article (if I follow the section on how to reverse it) will put me
    on the path of optimism. It’ll take more work then that I know, but I am so sick of this negative crap

    thank you, Michelle L.

  6. Dee Stephens

    I feel if you had nothing but negatuve people, negative surroundings, negative situations, stressors, trying to help people that constantly won’t help themselves, you can’t help but be negative. However being that way, is crippling, no matter how much you want to change. However I do know if you stay that wsy you will start drawing negative energy and other negative situations. You have to surround yourself around postive people and stay away from people who just suck the life out of you. You might feel in the beginning that if you go around people they might feel the negativity and won’t want to be around you, however fight it and push through it. You just have to heal and go deep inside your soul to cleanse yourself of years of self doubt, worrying being depressed and feelings of despair. Know that you are not alone. There is light at the end of the tunnel😄😄

  7. Fredrick

    This site is very captivating. Am so enlightened.

  8. Gabriel Estevam

    I am terrified, every point describes me. My soul’s pure darkness, the most you know and you became concious of you inner person, the most you fall in reality, you want to be positive, take your mind away from reality, I had the courage, I gone further and I saw who am. I need to pretend everything is ok, even it isn’t. It’s true, happy people are naive, they don’t pay attention to the our reality, the kind of people that don’t give a shit for anything, it’s like, if their family is fine, they don’t care. I’m realistic, and I know that it doesn’t make me feel good, but at least I’m facing the things as they are, I feel guilty? I do. Dumb people are always happy. Maybe I’m going to pretend I’m well, at least I can survive in peace, I am not being hard at me, belive me, even the dearth isn’t enouth for us. We rejected the only person who actually did something for us.

  9. JosC

    “I feel happy in some areas of my life, but negative in others. Nevertheless, I am determined to become a positive person, emanating positive energy and serving as an example of positivity for others in mind, body, soul, and spirit.”

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