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4 World-Changing Inventions That Never Saw the Light of Day

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This world in which we live has seen a lot of genius. Some found in people throughout history who were regarded as raving lunatics for their different way of thinking or those who never got any credibility. Other significant world-changing inventions have been buried for various political and personal reasons. A lot of people claim conspiracy [...]

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5 Fantastic Ancient Inventions Lost in the Mist of Time

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We always think that technology is now at its highest peak and advancing rapidly, because the research restrictions that plagued it in the past, have been lifted. Yet, we constantly discover inventions of as far back as the ancient times that puzzle us, not only because we cannot understand how it was possible to create [...]

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Fringe Science: Atrocity or Advancement?

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If you were to look at the word “fringe” in a dictionary, you would find that one of its definitions is “the outer, marginal, or extreme part of an area, group or sphere of activity”. In science, this would mean to search for what is not commonly acceptable, away from the orthodox theories and outside [...]

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6 Forgotten Inventors Whose Inventions Changed the World

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Everyone uses every day a number of appliances that have made their life a lot easier. In fact, many of us would not function without them. While we remember and acknowledge the big names of science (Einstein, Maxwell, Faraday, Heisenberg), they actually did not affect our lives in the same way, as some other simple people. [...]

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The Unrecognized Genius of Nikola Tesla: How Far Ahead Was He?

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Nikola Tesla is a name that is placed next to Einstein, Maxwell, Faraday, Leibnitz, Ohm, Ampere and all the other legendary figures of science. But does he deserve to be there, or does he deserve to be on top of them all? It was July 10, 1856, that when he first saw the light of [...]

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40 Weird Historical Facts You Didn’t Learn In School

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Here are 40 weird historical facts you probably didn’t learn in school. Some of them will astonish you, some will puzzle you and some will entertain you. 1. In the Great Fire of London in 1666, which destroyed 13,200 houses, 87 churches, the cathedral of St. Paul and left 70,000 homeless, only 8 people were [...]

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Curiosity Is the Stepping Stone of Invention

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All great inventions in this world were germinated as ideas, and all ideas were generated through inquisitiveness, curiously and the urge to know more about things in the world around us. As children, we were keen to know more about the things around us. Why not now, as adults? After all, we are now only [...]

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Unrevealed Secrets and Mind-Blowing Inventions of Nikola Tesla

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Until the early twentieth century, electricity in the eyes of the inhabitants remained a product of scientific curiosity just like the Large Hadron Collider now – nothing more than a toy to entertain a handful of physicists. Nikola Tesla was probably the most prominent of those scientists and inventors who with his pioneering work made [...]