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Spiral of Silence Theory Explains Why You’d Rather Stay Quiet

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During the 1970s, Elizabeth Noelle-Neumann, a German political scientist, developed the spiral of silence theory. Working in the context of post-World War Two Germany, Noelle-Neumann coined the theory. She sought to explain why individuals choose to remain silent when they believe their view isn’t held by the majority. In this post, we look at how [...]

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How to Quiet Your Monkey Mind with 6 Science-Backed Strategies

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The term, “monkey mind” derives from the Buddhist’s interpretation of a restless, confused, and all sorts of chaotic thoughts. Do you have this problem? Hey guys, do you wake in the morning with restless thoughts running all over the place? Do you get up and feel confused because there are so many thoughts fighting for [...]

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Enjoy the Silence: 6 Reasons to Kill the Noise, Backed by Science

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I've learned to enjoy the silence. Within that moment of nothing and solitude, I discovered respite for my body, mind, and spirit. I yearn for his presence. Remember him, the one who never speaks? He is silence, and he is absent, out somewhere else slipping around corners and filling deaf ears. But it’s silence I [...]

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Silence Has Some Incredible Effects on the Human Brain, According to Science

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It seems that silence is essential to every human being as it has some incredible benefits for the human brain. We live in an increasingly noisy world. I was thinking about this while sitting outside in the backyard writing this article. It came from the highway a few blocks away, cars driving through the neighborhood. [...]

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Photographer Creates Striking Portraits That Capture the Beauty of Solitude

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The world is such a social machine. It seems that the norm revolves around people, our interactions and relationships. There is, however, a more intimate relationship, and it’s the one you have with yourself. There comes a time for introspection, gazing down into your own soul. Where is the time for that? Even solitude brings [...]