Design a cross in a piece of white paper. The task is to sketch any shape, symbol, or anything that comes to your mind or has some meaning for you in each part of the page in the following order:

1) left top
2) right top
3) left bottom
4) right bottom

It is quite important to do it in this exact order because the questions we subconsciously make can only be answered in this way.

The real questions are:

cross test questions

So, depending on the sketch you made, it will be possible to get the answers from your subconscious to the above questions.

As you understand, things here are a bit more difficult than in the previous tests, since we should interpret the meaning of the sketched symbols.

If you don’t have any experience in interpreting symbols, then you will need to link each one to an emotion. So you will need to find what emotion is hidden behind each symbol. If you sketched, for example, a flower (which is common enough), then it may be associated with something auspicious and positive. But if instead of a flower you sketched a nail, then the emotions are the opposite.

Do not hesitate to share your results here so that we can help you interpret the symbols you sketched!


The given answers are completely subjective. Even if one answers that his family sees him, for example, as a tombstone, it doesn’t mean that this is the reality. The only certain thing is that this is the person’s opinion. So do not rush to judge anyone.


It is very probable that you will notice that there is a common pattern in all 4 sketches. That may be a sign of depression. For example, one can sketch a well, a tunnel, a broken window, and a snake. The only sure is that this person is in a very difficult period and has a serious risk of depression.

A very difficult case is when someone sketches the same thing with small variations. For example, it may happen when someone chooses to put random numbers in all four parts. In this case, we need to ask him what these numbers meant for him. If the answer is ‘nothing’, then the person is either not ready to learn some things about himself, or his subconscious refuses to answer.

Essentially, the hidden question of this test is “How do I see myself inside me?” The way you think your family and the society see you give the answer to it, while the two following questions hide the question “How do I see myself in the outside world?”

Generally, this test will not give you much information about your or someone else’s personality, but the things it will reveal are extremely deep and important!

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  1. Maria

    I think this is really interesting. Because it was stated that I could add anything to the 4 sections, I chose my dogs for the first and I do consider them my family. Then I chose my 3 stray cats for the next section. No one I know understands my need to provide for them. In the next section I wrote my best friends’ name and finally I entered Jesus and my deceased family and friends, all of whom I love very much.

  2. Mak

    I had $ on the top right, and half mood with star in the middle of it in the top left, circle in the bottom left and smily face in the bottom right. can’t make sense out of it!

    1. Anna LeMind

      Maybe the $ symbol on the top right could mean that, in your opinion, other people think that money is extremely important for you. As for the second one, are you coming from a Muslim family? The circle in the bottom left may indicate that you are generally satisfied with your life and have everything you want since the circle may be interpreted as a symbol of perfection and wholeness. The last symbol could mean that you are in a happy relationship or simply are a positive person.. I may be totally wrong because, as the article states, you need to figure out what these symbols mean for YOU and what emotions they are associated with.

  3. Ana

    Yeah I found this exercise very interesting as well. For the bottom left I had a tombstone drawn, a snake, blood, and then also a sun. That is pretty accurate!

  4. Sami

    Gaming Controller, water drop, question mark, and a fish? In that order.

  5. Cristina

    1) a little girl
    2) a sun
    3) a house inside the world
    4) a winding road

    interesting!I don´t think society sees me as the sun

  6. Josh

    I got a heart with the word love as 1, I too got the money symbol on the top right so that 2, for 3 I saw myself on stage acting and four bottom right was a never ending square maze…..I was scared to share but any interpretations would help as I am trying to connect with my soul!

  7. rox

    hi If someone can help me i didn t get it 😀

    rhombus/ shape of diamont
    smill face


  8. Diana

    1) triangle inside a circle… kind of like the deathly hallows without the elder wand
    2) a scribble
    3) parallel lines
    4) a heart with a glare face

  9. Ashleigh

    1. Hearts
    2. Peace Sign
    3. Floral design
    4. Apple falling off a tree

  10. Phaedra

    Wish I could attach a pic…top left was a rose, top right was a sailboat, bottom left was a sun, bottom right was a multi colored heart that grew too big to fit on the page as I drew, with your typical cupid-like arrow through it. All four were several different bright colors…

  11. rain

    1. heart 2. flower 3. eyes 4. star

    what could be a possible explanation for the eyes? hehe

  12. poppy

    1- joint
    2- flower
    3- dog
    4- penis haha

  13. wantti

    1: Tilted 8 (symbol for infinity)
    2: Ying-Yang
    3: Flower of Life
    4: Metatron’s Cube

    So… I see myself inside me as infinite, balanced and constantly changing. And in the outside world… Well this is fascinating, lol…

  14. Jelly


    I don’t get any of it -_-

  15. Helena Færch

    Left top: Horse
    Right top: Heart
    Left bottom: Opposite cross (satan’s symbol)
    Right bottom: Arrow pointing to the left

    I’m a horse girl, but at the moment, my sister gets all the attention with her riding, and she almost got her own horse, wich I never was allowed to have… I have never had that much attention, so perhaps the horse shape is symbolizing that I still want my familiy to aknowledge that I’m a horse girl by heart?

    The heart symbol.. Well, I thought about my beloved boyfriend, and since right is my favorite side, and the fact that I prefer top over bottom, I found it obvious to put the heart sign there.

    I’m thinking about converting to the satanistic beliefs, ( and no, it has nothing to do with being evil or other of the common thoughts) So it’s not that weird that I perhaps see the life through a satanic point of view?

    The arrow pointing to the right might symbolize where I want my boyfriend to be – right next to me! That’s pertty romantic, isn’t it?

  16. Nadia

    Left top: Rose
    Right top: Cat
    Left bottom: Pie
    Right bottom: Speech balloon

  17. Michael

    1. Circle
    2. Star
    3. Triangle
    4. Twirly line (like a pigs’ tail)

    What does this mean exactly? These are my estimates:

    1. I think my family sees me as a well-rounded, balanced son.
    2. I think the society sees me as a star child of some kind??
    3. No idea what a triangle would indicate
    4. Love goes around and comes around?

  18. mrinal

    top left: aum symbol
    top right: swastika
    bottom left : penis
    bottom right : bird with leaves in its beak

    any insight? thanks

  19. uzzie

    1. star
    2. upwards arrow
    3. smiley face
    4. fist pump??

  20. AnaK

    1. A HEART, 2. A STAR, 3. A SPIRAL, 4. A THUNDER, I’d really appreciate if someone could tell me about these. Thank you ! 🙂

  21. AnaK

    oops, I hurried, at 4 I meant lightning. 🙂

  22. N

    i drew in the order top left right, bottom left right: a heart, an eye, a tear drop, and a tree please help me interpret this. 🙂

  23. Skyler

    Anarchy symbol, Pot leaf, Dollar bill with a skull instead of a president, and a heart that doesn’t come together at the bottom (I was lazy).

  24. johnnyDC

    in the order above, a dove, river, light,clouds :))

  25. Mike

    Left top – Stethoscope
    Right top- Book
    Left bottom – Heart
    Right bottom – Earth

  26. Larissa

    In order: Peace-and-love symbol, Saturn, a water drop (maybe a teardrop) and a triangle turned upside down.

  27. Henriett

    Left Top- a heart
    Right Top- happy face
    Left Bottom- sad face
    Right Bottom-billowy water

  28. Jaleel

    left top-heart
    right top-woman
    left bottom-boat
    right bottom-baby

  29. Olivia

    in order: flower, eye, the words “love” (in cursive) and “OLIVIA” (my name in graphic letters) and the scene of the sun shining on rolling hills with flowers

  30. Juandisimo

    LEFT TOP: A Circle.. Same routines? I can agree i guess..
    RIGHT TOP: A Smiley face.. Yeah not depressed lol
    BOTTOM LEFT: A Triangle.. Whoahh trinty? God?
    BOTTOM RIGHT: A Eye ball .. Guess when theysay God is within? Pineal gland?
    Hmmm niiceee test! Thank youuu!

  31. James W

    Left top – Cartoon of men face smoking a cigarette angrily
    Right top – Arrow twisted
    Left bottom – Tree
    Right bottom – Stick man with no face

  32. Thomas

    1. Spiral
    2. Ankh (teenage thing)
    3. Cursive word Love
    4. Tree (specifically Pine tree)
    Kinda get it kinda don’t some other opinions would be nice 🙂

  33. Terri

    This was very interesting, and correct, I believe.
    1: A wavy string of doodle flowers – happy, lighthearted.
    2: A geometrical line drawing that I often do – structured
    3: A nautalis – spiraling, each layer is a means to an end.
    4: A heart – and yes, I am in love. (Married 12 years)

  34. toya

    1. heart
    2. Star
    3. Circle
    4. Spiral

  35. jay

    Apple. Deflated balloon. Lightbulb and a marijuana bud

  36. Darma

    1. Star
    2. Moon
    3. Circle
    4. Upward Arrow Symbol
    Would you help me interpret it? Regards

  37. kim

    3-spiral symbol
    4- infinity symbol

  38. Halime

    1: face of a warrior woman
    2: a scarf
    3: a phoenix
    4: a chair and a sword ( I couldn’t decide between the tow)

  39. kari

    1.heart with a dot inside
    3.straight line
    4.wavy line

  40. D

    1. An ugly thin circle.
    2. A star.
    3. An upwards-facing triangle.
    4. An arrow pointing from to the right.

  41. Sarah with an H

    Hi everyone! Could someone please help me understand? My sketch doesn’t really make any sense.
    1) The first name of someone I really liked and still do. Wrote it with really small letters – don’t know if it’s relevant.
    2) A half star
    3) A heart (that I really rounded)
    4) A circle

  42. Abhinav

    What the heck!
    The life part actually matched.

    I gave:
    1. A Heart
    2. A Light bulb
    3. A Smile
    4. The symbol of Ying Yang (!!!!!!!!!)

  43. Diana

    I got…

    1. an eye
    2. heart
    3. sun, moon and star
    4. a left hand. Open, palm up

    I don’t understand the last one….or maybe I do. 0

  44. Jose

    Hello I am curiouse to what my symbols might mean.

    1. A sun
    2.A furry gremlin with angry eyes, a deadpan expression and one sharp tooth point downward
    3. A tree with an open tree knot
    4. Four interconected three dimensional cubes, 1 ontop, two in the middle and 1 below.

  45. Jenniefer Akello

    1-Light that does not go dim or die
    2-Smiley face,with light around
    3-Reference book you have to keep referring,learning
    4-an ancient tree by the water side,even if the branches or leaves fall ,It sprouts back.

  46. luckenbach

    music note
    a plus sign

  47. annie

    1. a triangle asterisk
    3.a heart shape
    4.a lit bulb

  48. Marcia

    Wow, this was interesting. I enjoyed reading other people’s answers.
    My answers:
    Star – I think my family views me in a positive light.
    Ocean wave – Society may see just a small part of me, like a wave is a small part of an ocean.
    My husband – A main influence in my life.
    knife – Right now, love is a painful thing for me. Hubby is not so good to me.

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