cross personality testDesign a cross in a piece of white paper. The task is to sketch any shape, symbol or anything that comes to your mind or has some meaning for you in each part of the page in the following order:

1) left top
2) right top
3) left bottom
4) right bottom

It is quite important to do it in this exact order because the questions we subconsciously make can only be answered in this way.

The real questions are:

cross test questions

So, depending on the sketch you made, it will be possible to get the answers of your subconscious to the above questions.

As you understand, things here are a bit more difficult than in the previous tests, since we should interpret the meaning of the sketched symbols.

If you don’t have any experience in interpreting symbols, then you will need to link each one to an emotion. So you will need to find what emotion is hidden behind each symbol. If you sketched, for example, a flower (which is common enough), then it may be associated with something auspicious and positive. But if instead of a flower you sketched a nail, then the emotions are the opposite.

Do not hesitate to share your results here so that we can help you interpret the symbols you sketched!


The given answers are completely subjective. Even if one answers that his family sees him, for example, as a tombstone, it doesn’t mean that this is the reality. The only certain thing is that this is the person’s opinion. So do not rush to judge anyone.


It is very probable that you will notice that there is a common pattern in all 4 sketches. That may be a sign of depression. For example, one can sketch a well, a tunnel, a broken window and a snake. The only sure is that this person is in a very difficult period and has a serious risk of depression.

A very difficult case is when someone sketches the same thing with small variations. For example, it may happen when someone choses to put random numbers in all four parts. In this case we need to ask him what these numbers meant for him. If the answer is ‘nothing’, then the person is either not ready to learn some things about himself, or his subconscious refuses to answer.

Essentially, the hidden question of this test is “How do I see myself inside me? The way you think your family and the society see you gives the answer to it, while the two following questions hide the question “How do I see myself in the outside world?

Generally, this test will not give you much information about your or someone else’s personality, but the things it will reveal are extremely deep and important!


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