If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

– Nikola Tesla

It has always been my belief and understanding that everything in our world, the trees and streams, our pets, and ourselves, are just one aspect of reality.

Our perceptions and senses, what we see, hear, and feel, are merely a physical manifestation of what really exists, and provide just a small component of understanding in the scope of what really is.

The actual substance of our existence, in my opinion, is purely energy-based. We are all comprised of energy, and every action and reaction which we see is accompanied by transmission of kinetic or potential energy interacting between entities.

Many theologists have made references to our souls being the pure energy form of ourselves, and some suggest that our spirits are formless. I have come to believe that the physical manifestation we all know is just a clay molding over the energy substructure and the reality of our being.

In a previous article of mine, I made the statement that those who can see energy do so because of the depth of the energy around their third eye being condensed, and that others are more apt to feel energy than see it. This can be attributed to DNA/hereditary abilities, or entirely to spirituality.

The spiritual explanation of this is that everything which happens, and every interaction we perceive, is actually happening in the astral realm. Everything we witness in the physical world is a perception of something which happened in the astral realm, as well.

What we see in the physical world and what happens in the astral realm are linked together, and both instances/interactions are equally relevant.

When we reach out and hug a loved one, the energy exchange happens, which can be witnessed by those who can see or feel the energy, is just as much an interaction in the astral realm, between two souls, as it is a chemical reaction in our brains.

The pain and pleasure we feel, the intensity of heat and cold, are all physical representations of an equally important reaction between energy sources as it happens in the astral realm, but perceived by our waking minds. Our physical senses are a comprehensible representation of the actual occurrence between two souls.

Earlier, I used the word “depth” in reference to the energy surrounding a person’s third eye. Another fitting analogy for this could be density, mass, or inertia, but none of these terms apply to something with no physical properties. The substance and energy of the world are not bound by physics in the conventional sense.

A person may be regarded as absolutely enormous when perceived with a simple understanding within the astral realm.

The depth or saturation of energy is perceived, physically, as a spatially constrained form, but the astral realm pays no head to such mundane concepts.

Energy is infinite, and, therefore, the realm in which all energy consists to exist is infinite. As such, a definition of energy can’t be made by any term known to physical awareness; depth, density, area, vastness are all irrelevant.

A strong energy form is undefinable by our current perception, but the way we perceive it, consciously and physically, redefines it to something we can understand.

Maybe this transitive property takes hold with other aspects of our subconscious, considering our spirit exists in a world of energy.

Maybe everything which we see and feel in this life, every emotion, every experience, is just our minds’ way of translating subsequent occurrence from the astral. Maybe everything is a subjugated perspective based on transition properties between verses.

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  1. Angelo Karageorgos

    They way I see it based on science is that all around the universe there is energy. The type of energy can be described by the frequency or by the wavelength. For example, the eye can only recognise energy frequencies between 400-700nm. What happens is that our 5 senses receive it a transform it in a 3-dimensional concept of reality that has matter, colors, sounds and so on. That’s why trying to explain reality based on our senses or by the scientific instruments created by the human senses provides a very limited understanding of reality.

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