Mystics claim that the world of our dreams can be a connection to other worlds, inaccessible to our waking consciousness, so it is not a coincidence that since ancient times, it was believed that dreams of dead people are an important sign that must not be ignored.

The dead come to our dreams with a message, advice or warning that should be understood in order to avoid unnecessary troubles and keep ourselves from making mistakes, according to mystics.

Psychologists believe that dreams about relatives or friends who have passed away are just a manifestation of depression or feelings of guilt towards them.

However, let’s take a closer look at the mystical point of view and try to understand what messages can be carried by people who are now alive only in our memories and can talk to us only through our dreams.

Modern dream books often do not pay enough attention to many important nuances: what the dead people look like in our dreams – dead in the grave, alive and happy, or they come to life right before our eyes, or maybe we just do not remember in our dream that this person passed away long ago.

Interpretations of dreams about deceased people

It is commonly assumed that the dream of a dead person (talking to him, listening to his advice, and doing what he tells) is a sign of unexpected news or changes in life. Christian dream interpretation books sometimes explain that we have such kind of dreams when the soul of our deceased relative or friend has not found peace yet, and advise to hold additional ceremonies at the funeral and repose of the deceased (for example, if in the dream the deceased asks for water).

Pagan interpretations of dreams that have come down to us recommend to implicitly obey everything that the dead person asks for, in order to avoid the anger of the gods. And while dreaming dead people may be scary, sometimes it can be a good omen.

In case if in your dream a dead person comes back to life, it may mean that something lost will soon return (money, a thing, or even social status).

An English dream book interprets the dream of dead people as a sign of good events in the family, such as a wedding or the birth of a child or anything happy and prosperous. Another dream book says that seeing a dead relative in a dream before the wedding is a warning against the union. This dream indicates the unhappy marriage and warns that the children born in it will be sick and weak.

What about the dreams of a deceased relative?

At this point, there is no definitive interpretation, and you should always take into account many confounding factors. But most interpretations concerning dead relatives (especially parents) appearing in a dream indicate a warning of trouble.

Sometimes the dreams in which a sleeping person communicates with their deceased parents, help find inner peace, confidence, and even affect the success in business and the well-being of the family.

It is also believed that it is impossible to influence the dreams in which we see our dead loved ones. Mystics claim that even if you manage to do it, it is absolutely useless, since it is not us who call them in, it is them who decide to come to us.

For further information, check my recent article about the dreams of the deceased.

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  1. Sarah

    I had a dream about my cousin …he passed away a while ago …I never really knew him u know like talked to him but he and my brother where close …he kept asking me to ask my brother stuff…so I did then in my dream I told my mother my aunt and my granny about it ..and my mom said I was liein …so he got mad and started yelling out a sentence that he had supposedly told her…and I cried but every time I cried my sineses would swell up and I couldn’t breathe…..And its not just the dreams I feel and see stuff…like energies ..but not just one …everywhere I go ever since I was small …and its just getting worse …the energies havnt hurt me or anything like that …I just feel unsafe…even when I’m with people …I really need someone to talk to me ..I think I’m going crazy…why would he talk to me and not my brother …I don’t understand I woke too early I think he still wanted me to ask something…

  2. Anureet

    I have a really special friend who passed away an year ago. And since then i see him in my dreams, he does not scare me or ask for anything but is always there looking out for me. Recently i dreamt of him again and he dint seems to well, he looked really sad and that has disturbed me alot.. i dnt understand what to do.

  3. Shantay

    I had a dream very recent, that my grey aunt who died 6 years now, (my daughters age )
    She was like a second mother to me, I would care for and always look up to. My dream was about that she was alive. Well she came back to alive, and I was on the way to see her just like I would 6 years ago. I even had clips off her doing things in my dream like filling her cupboards up with all her goodies she loved. And waiting for me. Then all off a sudden I had news she died ages ago, it was very weird as I can remember saying in my dream “ she lived before when this happened “
    I am really curious and would love to know if it meant anything or just a dream x

  4. Janet Hetherington

    I had a dream last night where my dad who passed away 6 years ago and his brother who passes away 3 years ago were lying side by side in a room, all of a sudden my dad opened his eyes and mouth several times, my sister put a black cloth over his face to stop him doing it. Was very disturbing please can you tell me what this means.

  5. Danni

    I have had dreams where either my grandfather (who has been dead for 11 years) or the past year my grandma (who recently died in April suddenly). I’ve never felt or seen anything bad from them. It was just them check up on me (my grandfather because I got married some years after he past and recently my grandma saying she’s happy and since I had one the night of my 30th birthday to wish one last happy birthday). I’ve never found them scary and usually they are just sitting a chair looking like I last saw them (or in my grandpa’s cause when he was healthy since he was in hospice and barely speaking when I last saw him alive). Though I have yet to see them together and I’ve never noticed anything bad in fact the dreams make me happy and know they still love me.

  6. Nalulu

    Okay…so about a year ago I had a dream that my father came back to me and told me he faked his death ( he was murdered in a home invasion in 2014) but then it seems so real. And sometimes I will get thought about it and that was the last dream I had of him. I have no idea what it means. In the dream I was just waking up like any other day and someone was nocking on the front door and I open in and it was him , I remember in the dream that I was just standing there looking and then I started crying after that I went outside to actually see for myself and I remember hugging him and it FELT SO REAL( call me crazy if u want) but then he started to talk and I asked him why he said he did it for protection. I am not going to lie my father sold heavy drugs but I NEVER GOT TO GO TO HIS FUNERAL. And the I remember him taking us to where he was living and the house he was living in was on the next street that’s all I remember and I woke up crying if anybody ready this tell me has this ever happened to you or what it means .

    1. zachary

      these dreams can be scary but i feel like there messages. from are loved ones trying to let us hear what we want the me hope to know they are still out there somewhere waiting for us oneday.

  7. Benoit Brisson

    I just had a dream early morning about my Dad just before waking up. My Dad and I played music together in his band when he was alive. He died in April 1990. In the dream I have my arm around his shoulder and I’m trying to remind him of a song that he used to sing, ‘Act Naturally’ by Buck Owens, also sang by the Beatles (Ringo). I sing the opening lines to him and I ask if he remembers the song. He gestures with his head that he does not, so I sing a few more lines and he still doesn’t remember it. I notice that he is wearing one of those orange jump suits that they wear in prison. My Dad never committed a crime in his life. This went on for about a minute or so. What could this mean?

  8. Sammy

    I heard a dream early this morning just before waking about my late boy friend who passed away in March 2017. In the dream we were both happy, he mentioned something about work. In the dream as well ,he got chosen to join the defence cadet and I wasn’t . He told me its okay I will look after you. He said “since you were not chosen for the Cadet training ,do not worey I will look after you”. We smiled and were happy. It felt like the old days when he was still alive. I also saw his mum in the dream .The dream felt so real,it felt like he was still alive and the same feeling of being with him ,I felt as I suddenly woke up.

  9. Erica

    My husband passed away 4 months ago after a short battle with cancer. I recently started dreaming that I bump into him at a place and he is alive and he is healthy. He tells me he couldn’t put me through more pain while he was fighting cancer and that is why he had to fake his own death.. This obviously saddens me. I wish I knew what it meant,

    1. Randi s

      I remember when my cousin died and for awhile he came to me in dreams and told me he was just faking it. That’s what I wanted to believe. Maybe ur hoping he was joking. I’m sorry for your loss.

  10. Yolanda Edwards

    I had a dream about my little cousin that passed September 18, 1987. A friend of mine was at my house holding her then she and my youngest daughter was playing with her eyes and they blinked. Not only did they blink, but then they opened. I got scared and they started to chase me with her. Later I came in the house and they were feeding her and playing with her. I cam in but stayed away from her. By the way she was 4 yrs old when she passed in the dream I think she was a little younger.

  11. Armani

    One night a few years ago my dog passed that I knew since I was a baby I was praying and praying for hours that I could see or imaging my dog crawling up with me and sleeping with me and I looked at my light in my room and I saw my dogs soul and she crawled up to me I wiped my tears and my eyes brightened and I imagined her snuggling me until I fell asleep.

  12. L charles

    Why do I always dream of dead people whom I don’t even talk about

  13. Rakia Williams

    My dad was killed on my birthday 3-5-16 and I had A dream about him getting shot and I fould Him gasping for air and dying right in front of me. What does that mean ? This really scares me

  14. Nicholette

    My grandmother passed away in 2016 and lately she has been coming in my dreams trying to take me with her. What does that mean ?

  15. gracy johnson

    I always dream of people’s dead whom I don’t know , I dnt know them but I can see there dead clearly…how can I help them?

    please advice.

  16. Edith

    I dream twice that my sons father was trying to touch me and pretend that he is not dead.
    What is the meaning.

  17. Jake

    I have a friend that had passed away 10 years ago. It isn’t uncommon even to this day to still see him in my dreams. Sometimes we are partying at his house, sometimes we spread our arms and go flying together (which he always talked about doing in his dreams when he was alive), sometimes it is as though he has been plucked from the afterlife and reinlisted in this life and he and I are the only ones who are aware of it. Like I said I’ve been dreaming of him for the past 10 years and always get really confused. Any thoughts?

  18. Madeline

    My best friend passed away 4 years ago and I was dreaming she was coming from work with a big smile and I said I thought you were dead. This happened twice. What’s this mean?
    Thank you!

  19. April Marin

    I had a dream of a very close friend who passed away last year. In my dream she came out twice. I’m the part she was sitting down on the grass just smiling at me holding a leash that was attached to a dog who was sitting down and wagging its tail and sitting next to some other girl. (I don’t remember if I knew the other girl or not). The second part of my dream it was a weird one, in it was my fiance, his dad, his dads mom (there both alive and well) well in it was that my father in law bought two apartments, one for him, his wife, and kids and including myself. The next one had his mother, and I guess my friend who past away, she was laying down on a bed. When I walked in the room where she was all I saw was her laying down pulling the covers, but once again she was smiling when she saw me.
    She didn’t Speak to me in my dream. She appeared twice, and both times were short and she had a smile on her face. What do you think that means?.

  20. Mikovhe Nengovhela

    My best friend died about 10 years ago, i had a dream about him. In the dream we were in our university were we both went, i was so happy to see him and i called his name but he responded with a sad face, without really looking at me. I asked him if he was ok and he responded by saying “ive never really been ok my whole like”. Then he started telling me about the day he died and how he will never forget that day, he even spoke about his funeral day. Somehow i was aware that i was talking to my friend who has already passed on,,,,but to see in in that sad state saying what he was saying kinda scared me. I started to walk away from him slowly, walking backwards, then i turned around and started running, suddenly there were a lot of seemingly dead people walking towards me….like straight to my face….then i woke up (confused and scared as u can imagine)

  21. Marcy

    My dad passed away 3 weeks ago. I’m still not over his death. Last night I saw him in my dream. He didn’t talk to me but he looked very sad and worried. I think he was sad for dying and I think he’s worried for my mom since she’s not handling the death very well. What do you think my dream meant?

  22. Kabanyoro sandra

    Thanks a lot.

    My uncle past away 7years ago, I dreamt about him today night. I went to priest for counsel, and told the priest how he is too sick in a critical condition and that need the priest prayers for my uncle to be fine. Me and the priest we left to hospital he was, the priest was showing me were he should be put for him to get good treatment, now as I was looking for him in the ward wouldn’t him but went on till I show the bedsheets he was sleeping. There wake up before taking him to place the priest decided. What does it mean my friend?

  23. Brandy

    What does that mean. when you keep dreaming about some one you know that died but in my dream they don’t talk to me they just keep hugging me what does this mean i really would love to know please answer me back and thanks so very much

  24. Juanita

    I dream about my brother. In the dream he’s alive and well but won’t come to close to me or touch me.also in the dream I know that he’s death and he tells me he’s happy and safe where he is.he also tells me that he saw my deceased sister in true is this dream

  25. Tishara

    Good Day,
    On the 20th April, 2019 I had a dream of my uncle(Dad) who had passed away going on for about 4 years now, however in the dream there was me my mom and my aunt who he truly loved. The dream started in a manner whereby it was just 3 of us conversing about our past laughing and having a great time. However, we were at my late grandmother’s house who also had passed couple months before my uncle did which was really weird to me since the house had been demolished already. Meanwhile conversing, he suddenly just walked into the house looking directly at us smiling and said my aunts name out loud with great joy and laughter in his face she got up and hugged him so tightly and both me an my mom smiled then he said to her sit down let us talk and he asked her boldly “What are you doing? She looked at him and asked “what do you mean?” then he called me, my sister and my cousins name which is her son “why did you split them up growing them apart from each other “you have T paying rent from the places which I gave u to take care of yourself and the kids?” “what are you doing?” he then smiled and walked away leaving her with that question.
    Can you please tell me what does this mean?

  26. Gregory Dahl

    I dreamt of my dead Mother a couple of weeks ago. She was upset that I haven’t died yet, and told me in so many words, to get on the ball about that, and that I’ve been stalling too long. Last night, I dreamt of my best friend from high school, who died a while back. He was busy going to movies and restaurants, enjoying himself, like when he was alive. It seemed like he wanted me to accompany him. I wonder, is that what I’ll be doing, too, going to movies and restaurants, after I die?

  27. Rob

    My wife had a dream of a group of dead people ( pale faces and all white eyes) this group was pointing upwards toward our bedroom. I cannot find any interpretation. Any help is appreciated.

    1. Arti

      It means some energies need her help, that’s why those group are trying to contact her to fulfill Their wishes .not to worry just have faith and try to know after observing the things around the group it will guide you, what you need to do

  28. Carol

    My grandmother passed away i was really upset we never really got along as well as the other but i loved her very and i always thought she did not love me because we were always fighting she never saw the good in me …when i closed my eyes i would hear her talk.. One night i cried myself asleep about her .. But that night i had a dream where she came to me and told me carol don’t be upset don’t cry get over it..i always loved you… From that night i never cried over her again.. I didn’t feel so sad anymore i don’t feel the pain i did of losing her… I don’t know if it was really her, that maby she came to me in my dreams to tell me don’t be so sad or if it was only a dream?

    1. Arti

      Yes , your grandmother ‘s departed soul actually came and clear your mind set it is possible .

  29. Amy

    Hi my mam passed away nearly four years ago I had a dream last night that she was mad with me she was healthy in my dream and I was crying telling her I was sorry. Wonder what this means ?? Thanks Amy.

  30. Rocio Velarde

    A friend died not too long ago, and last night he was on my dreams, we were hugging each other for a long time,
    I never had feelings to be in love or something like that, I wonder what means.

  31. Ivy

    My boyfriend just died this april7/19 n until now i cant accept his gonna .. Past days i keep on dreaming im was their when they buried him but im not really their because his far from me and last night i dream about him he was smiling at me and im was just crying and asking him to come back he just say YES

    1. Arti

      It means he is going to come back will rebirth after some time

  32. jaylin

    I’ve had 2 dreams back to back of my Mother who has been deceased since Sept. 2017. One dream she’s alive the other she’s dead but in both see never speaks. Both dreams are located in the house I grew up in were she lived till she passed away and now her grandson(my son) lives in the house. The people in the house next store are in both dreams the first won when she was alive it was the people we grew up with living the there and my two sisters lived in my Mom house with her (in this one she is alive) a co-worker of mine(ten years older) came over so I could help him with something and he end up fixing something, one of my sister kept coming done throwing a temper tantrum wanted him to leave cause he wasn’t paying her any attention. Next thing I know we’re at his car and I start crying about how I’m being treated and he hugs me then we are married. In the second dream when she dead its my long time bestfriend living in the house next door and she ends up sleeping with the guy I’m dating in the dream (no one I know) and there laughing/smirking like betrayal. And the whole time my Mom is dead in the chair in her living room with a blanket over her. I not understanding the dream, I don’t date I haven’t in several years.

  33. Ashyne maina

    I lost my expected husband on may 4th. But yesterday I had a horror dream.. My mouth was full of saliva and I could spit out grasshoppers and it’s eggs.. Later I heard a voice directing me to follow a tiny route in the bush where I met a long tree that at it’s top there was a round glass bottle with things inside it that I didn’t understand. Later I come across Green snakes and finally I found myself in 3 different graves of my relatives who died few years ago..I was just confessing for not attending their burial.

  34. Shanna

    My sons father got shot and past away it was devastating. But my dream last night was almost like he wanted to die. He stood up at the top of the hill and looked at me dead in the face with a huge knife and stabbed his self in the stomach. Idk there is no was so much more but i don’t even want me to think about it?! What could his be?!

  35. Lisa Garcia

    I had a dream about my father who has been passed for almost a year now it also had my step mom who’s been passed for 15 yrs now we were in a flea market looking at. A bunch of old books when we had to leave we lost my step mom but she soon called and said to meet her at the house then as we were driving we seen some shoes but only ok ne side my dad said too bad they both werent there then we went to a mountain and parked I was kin DC of scRed but he said it’ll b okay I know the way upn we started climbing

  36. Melissa Falcon

    I dream of some one that has past away approximately twice a month family and family members of friendsthey are alive in my dreams but my dad is always warning me of reconciliation with an ex but in life my experience has remarried I’ve been dreaming with dead people in my dreams for nearly 2 years

  37. tabitha

    i have a male cousin that passed a year n months go, he died a horrific death, he was stabbed to death with a knife by a stranger, i keep dreaming of me n him talking and we r always alone, but i never remember what its all about and in the dream i never think he is dead but still alive, i dream of him several times and it really freaks me out because we grew up together, suffered together and i was much closer to him than his own sisters or even mother, and a few days before he died he called me saying he would come visit me n that he missed me a lot but it never happened

  38. Munish

    My wife has stayed with maternal home for quite sometimes and she is too much attached with her maternal mother who passes away after our wedding. Now her maternal mother keep coming to my wife’s dream and invites my wife to go with her as she so much happy there in heaven or anywhere… I m scared to listen all this from my wife …Kindly help

  39. Pooja

    In last night dream I went to some place with my friends suddenly when I turned around I saw my dad who passed away last year and also he said that he came along with his friends after sometimes we walked together in that crowded place an everything disappear what does this mean

  40. Latoya

    I dreamed I saw my cousin who has been passed away over 10 years she was driving pass me while I was standing on the side of the road she was just staring at me As she road by she stopped up the street too sum apartment then got back in her car and drove by me again staring at me with no smile or unit on her face just stared till she drove away and I couldn’t see the car anymore

  41. Cynthia

    I keep dreaming about my late mother but in most of the dreams she is unwell

    1. kwesiga joel

      Comment…I dream about the same about my grandpa died 11yrs ago

  42. Karishma

    My dad passed away 6 years ago die to health issue again in my yesterday dream he passed away! What it means?

  43. rayleana

    my dad passed away about 2-3 years ago and i had a dream with him 2 times in a row where he comes back and we just go back to normal what does this mean please someone.

  44. Cloud

    I had a dream of my grandpa who passed away almost 7 years ago. In my dream I was walking in this outdoor hallway which looked like more of a garden or open area, and to my right were a alot of rooms with no doors. I seemed sad/was crying while I was walking and my grandpa and 3 other elderly people were sitting in one of these rooms. He smiled so peacefully and asked me why I was upset then told me to come sit next to him and calmed me down. That’s how the dream ended.

  45. Hileni Muitekandje Tobias

    I dreamed about my neighbors who has died many years back, in dream there so much happiness, tell me what does it mean?

  46. Gregory Dahl

    It’s normal for me to dream of dead friends and relatives. In my dreams l never think of them as dead, being busy interacting with them, instead, without really realizing that they’ve died, at one time.

  47. Caroline Horlin

    I dreamt of my Dad last night he has passed on just over a year ago, he was talking to me but i couldn’t hear what he was saying. We were outside like in a garden and he walked over to me, spoke for a while and then he walked away. What does this mean espeially that I couldnt hear anything?

  48. Rad Ray

    I mostly dream about my late aunt and most of the dreams were the bad things she did to me when she was alive

  49. Debbie Nestark

    I had a dream with my brother in law that has passed away he was angry and hitting my car with a bat and trying to attack me with the bat

  50. Brittney

    I lost my dad in 2014 the last dream I had I think was about two years ago when he died he was a very bad alcoholic so in my dream I remember him trying to pass me a bottle of e & j to see like if I would take it or something I wanted to but felt it was some sort of test but I ended up taking it any ways after I grabbed the bottle and took a drink I passed it back when he grabbed it he looked at me straight in my eyes and a tear went running down his face after that my dream turned off please somebody talk to me

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