What?! Is crying supposed to be something good???

True, society has taught us something else. Crying is only for the weak. For those that cannot handle life. The depressed ones, the losers…. Boys don’t cry. A man has to be strong and have everything under control, especially himself. And even girls that cry are those that are weak, needy and dependent on others.

That does not fit into the picture we have of the human being that is needed to handle life in our current reality. So why on earth should crying be the best thing that can happen to you?

To understand the answer to that question, the first thing to do is to take a step back and take a different perspective. Just because society taught us something – does that have to be true? Why should it be normal to suppress a natural reflex? It is not healthy to suppress a vomiting reflex or the reflex to put our hands towards the floor when falling, to prevent a bigger damage, why should it be different with crying?

Crying is one of the most important reflexes we have because it is our outlet to release energies that are stuck in our system that do not belong there. Energies? What does that have to do with energies?

We have to re-learn the language of energy

Everything in this universe is energy. All that exists, including us, is made of smallest particles such as electrons, protons, neutrons, quarks, neutrinos, etc. There are differences in density and that is defined by the energetic frequency: the lower the frequency, the higher the density.

The same counts for emotions. There are low emotional frequencies – those are the ones related to fear, such as anger, resentment, guilt, shame, etc. and we have the high frequencies of unconditional love: joy, happiness, playfulness, gratefulness,….

We all strive for the high frequencies of love but ignore the fact that in order to get there, we need to get rid of the low frequencies of fear that we still carry within us. And we only carry these low frequencies in our energetic system and body because we did not release them. We have suppressed the natural reflex of crying or screaming. It can be compared to the urge to puke.

If you suppress the vomiting reflex to rid yourself quickly of the food your body could not handle well or was even poisoning, then your body can get really sick and you could even die. The same happens when we do not release low energetic frequencies. They will stay stuck in our energetic system and can lead to serious depressions and even physical illnesses such as cancer, heart attack, stroke, etc.

Today, in our western society, we are now at a starting point to rediscover that we have more bodies than just our physical body. This is very ancient knowledge, which was already used for healing for example by the Asian traditions, the Indian shamans and the Aborigines. We have to re-learn this language of energy to be able to heal ourselves and keep ourselves healthy.

We have energetic bodies around us that are just as important and influence each other through the energy exchange. If energetic blockages appear, then the flow is interrupted and stuck energy accumulates. When we do not release the energy, it becomes denser up to a point the density is high enough to transition into the physical body and manifest in the form of diseases.

We should learn from our children

Children still fully make use of the natural reflex of releasing low frequencies. They cry or scream by simply acting out the energy that runs through them. They are masters of “energetic puking”. Until we teach them that this behaviour is not appropriate and not acceptable.

At a very young age already, we unintentionally are preparing them for possible illnesses and diseases simply because we were not aware of our energetic bodies and our energetic system. We even make it worse: If children are still following their natural reflex of crying or screaming, they start beating themselves up and blaming themselves for being too weak and not being strong enough.

This even adds low frequencies and fears into the energetic system and amplifies these emotions. This way, we constantly keep ourselves stuck in fear energies and are not able to move up on the energetic scale into this beautiful place of love where our soul strives towards.

If all of that is true, then why on earth does society teach us something else and prevents us from being happy? It is very simple. People in fear are easy to control. Imagine a world where people live without fear. How different would that be? People would just go for their dreams – they would not stay stuck in a job they hate that gives them an alleged security.

They would not buy all the things that the advertisements and commercials are proclaiming to be things they need to have to be good enough. They would not fight against each other for ownership but would simply share. They would see how abundant this world actually is and how little we need to be happy.

They would not need to buy something new and get more useless stuff to satisfy an inner void caused by fear. They would recognize that we are all human beings and share the same values and dreams to the core.

They would be healthy and would not need any medicals that only treat the symptoms and not the root cause. In reality, medicals actively maintain low frequency in the system and make us dependent on them. Do we really believe the pharmaceutical industry is interested in healing us for good?

Do we really believe that the fashion industry is interested in making us happy and whole so that we do not need new things to wear every month? What would they make their money with then?

The whole political and economic system that we know today would not work anymore because it is based on control and hierarchical power. It is based on the low frequency of greed and on the ego and fear-based belief system of scarcity which is constantly convincing us that there is not enough for everyone and we have to fight to get our piece of the cake.

If people recognized that all of this is an illusion and that there is enough for everyone; if we lived in the frequency of love instead of fear, it would be a different story.

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Vera Ingeborg

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