10 Mind-Blowing Theories That Will Change Your Perception of the World

10 Mind-Blowing Theories That Will Change Your Perception of the World (1)

Reality is not as obvious and simple as we like to think. Some of the things that we accept as true at face value are notoriously wrong. Scientists and philosophers have made every effort to change our common perceptions of it. The 10 examples below will show you what I mean.

1. Great glaciation.

Great glaciation is the theory of the final state that our universe is heading toward. The universe has a limited supply of energy. According to this theory, when that energy finally runs out, the universe will devolve into a frozen state. Heat energy produced by the motion of the particles, heat loss, a natural law of the universe, means that eventually this particle motion will slow down and, presumably, one day everything will stop.

2. Solipsism.

Solipsism is a philosophical theory, which asserts that nothing exists but the individual’s consciousness. At first, it seems silly – and who generally got it into his head completely deny the existence of the world around us? Except when you put your mind to it, it really is impossible to verify anything but your own consciousness.

Don’t you believe me? Think a moment and think of all the possible dreams that you have experienced in your life. Is it not possible that everything around you is nothing but an incredibly intricate dream? But we have people and things around us that we cannot doubt because we can hear, see, smell, taste and feel them, right? Yes, and no. People who take LSD, for example, say that they can touch the most convincing hallucinations, but we do not claim that their visions are “reality”. Your dreams simulate sensations as well, after all, what you perceive is what different sections of your brain tell you to.

As a result, which parts of existence can we not doubt? None. Not the chicken we ate for dinner or the keyboard beneath our fingers. Each of us can only be sure in his own thoughts.

3. Idealist Philosophy

George Berkeley, the father of Idealism, argued that everything exists as an idea in someone’s mind. Berkley discovered that some of his comrades considered his theory stupid. The story goes that one of his detractors kicked a stone with his eyes closed and said, “There I’ve disproved it!”

The idea being that if the stone really only exists in his imagination, he could not have kicked it with his eyes closed. Refutation of Berkeley is hard to understand, especially in these days. He argued that there is an omnipotent and omnipresent God, who sees all and all at once. Realistic, or not?

4. Plato and Logos.

reality illusionEverybody has heard of Plato. He is the world’s most famous philosopher. Like all philosophers, he had a few things to say about reality. He argued that beyond our perceived reality there lies a world of “perfect” forms. Everything that we see is just a shade, an imitation of how things truly are. He argued that by studying philosophy, we have a chance of catching a glimpse of how things truly are, of discovering the perfect forms of everything we perceive.

In addition to this stunning statement, Plato, being a monist, said that everything is made of a single substance. Which means (according to him) that diamonds, gold and dog feces all consist of the same basic material, but in a different form, which, with science’s discovery of atoms and molecules, has been proven true to an extent.

5. Presentism.

Time is something that we perceive as a matter, of course, if we view it at the moment, we usually divide it into past, present and future. Presentism argues that the past and the future are imagined concepts, while only the present is real.

In other words, today’s breakfast and every word of this article will cease to exist after you have read it, until you open it again. The future is just as imaginary because time cannot exist before and after it happened, as claimed by St. Augustine.

6. Eternalism.

Eternalism is the exact opposite of presentism. This is a philosophical theory that says that time is multi-layered. It can be compared to a pound cake (however, unlike the time, a biscuit is not up for philosophical debate). All time exists simultaneously, but the measurement is determined by the observer. What he sees depends on which point he is looking at.

Thus, dinosaurs, World War II and Justin Bieber all exist simultaneously but can only be observed from a specific location. If one takes this view of reality then the future is hopeless and the deterministic free will is illusory.

7. The Brain in a Jar

The “brain in a jar” thought experiment is a question discussed by thinkers and scientists, who, like most people, believe that human’s understanding of reality depends solely on his subjective feelings.

So, what is the debate? Imagine that you are just a brain in a jar that is run by aliens or mad scientists. How would you know? And can you truly deny the possibility that this is your reality?

This is a modern interpretation of the Cartesian evil demon problem. This thought experiment leads to the same conclusion: we cannot confirm the actual existence of anything except our consciousness. If this seems to sound reminiscent of the movie “The Matrix“, it is only because this idea was part of the very basis of the story. Unfortunately, in reality we have no red pills…

8. The Multiverse Theory
multiverse reality

art by Sam del Russi – samdelrussi.artistwebsites.com

Anyone who has not spent the last ten years on a desert island has at least once heard of “the multiverse”, or parallel universes. As many of us have seen, parallel words, in theory, are worlds very similar to ours, with little (or in some cases, large) changes or differences. The multiverse theory speculates that there could exist an infinite number of these alternate realities.

What’s the point? In a parallel reality, you have already killed the dinosaurs, and you are lying under the ground at a depth of eight feet (because that’s what happened there.) In the other you might be a powerful dictator. In another, you might never have even been born since your parents never met. Now that’s a memorable image.

9. Fictional realism.

This is the most fascinating branch of multiverse theory. Superman is real. Yes, some of you would probably choose a different story, for argument’s sake, Harry Potter might be real too. This branch of the theory argues that given an infinite number of universes, everything must exist somewhere. So, all of our favorite fiction and fantasy may be descriptive of an alternate universe, one where all the right pieces came into place to make it happen.

10. Phenomenalism.

Everyone is interested in what happens to things when we aren’t looking at them. Scientists have carefully studied this problem and some of them came to a simple conclusion – they disappear. Well, not quite like this. Phenomenalist philosophers believe that objects only exist as a phenomenon of consciousness. So, your laptop is only here while you are aware of, and believe in its existence, but when you turn away from it, it ceases to exist until you or someone else interacts with it. There is no existence without perception. This is the root of phenomenalism.

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art by Victoria Audouard

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Anna LeMind

Anna LeMind

Anna is the owner and lead editor of the website Learning-mind.com. She is passionate about learning new things and reflecting on thought-provoking ideas. She writes about technology, science, psychology and other related topics. She is particularly interested in topics regarding introversion, consciousness and subconscious, perception, human mind's potential, as well as the nature of reality and the universe.
Anna LeMind

About Anna LeMind

Anna is the owner and lead editor of the website Learning-mind.com. She is passionate about learning new things and reflecting on thought-provoking ideas. She writes about technology, science, psychology and other related topics. She is particularly interested in topics regarding introversion, consciousness and subconscious, perception, human mind's potential, as well as the nature of reality and the universe.
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  1. then how is empathy possible?
    how come we can understand others?
    how can we communicate with others?
    how can we hear something from others we did not predict?
    how can we create everything in the world are you kidding me?
    oh, so I invented this site with my imagination and also all the types of tress in the amazon forest.
    and for concepts like “nothing”, it’s just a word that humans made up
    think, a caveman had three grapes and ate all of it
    he made (im not saying he did) the word called “nothing” to portray the fact that now there are 0 grapes.
    People today are too much exaggerating the words, I mean, overthinking these words.
    I think people should accept what is real, how can anybody live knowing that nothing is real.
    yea, nothing exists= that caveman has no more grapes left
    its a concept human beings made to be more convenient, TO COMMUNICATE
    the multiverse theory made me suffer for 2 years but now i’m starting to think that its nonsense.
    there are SO MANY theories like the multiverse theory and they prove that Pokemon is real.
    Spongebob, Harry Potter, X-man, everything is real.
    I mean, seriously?
    btw, there is such thing as mind reading or at least telepathy
    how is that possible then??

    oh and the theory that past and future is not real?
    okay, I ate a sandwich today, I can feel it, sense it, I know I am in the present now
    then I go to tommorow and I remember that I ate the sandwich.
    So past is like a memory, oh god it’s just a concept that we use to day what we did before
    overanalyzing every single word i am sick and tired of this
    That theory led me to overthink every work I encounter for the last two years
    and I’m starting to think that this is completely nuisance and a waste of people’s time
    life is not a dream,
    so I made a theory that life is not a dream, because it’s totally different from a dream
    in fact dream is a concept that human beings made, then why does life have to be a dream huh? why cant it be something else?
    if we want to seriously think about these theories that exceed beyond what human beings can percieve, than we need to erase concepts that human beings created.
    This is kind of hard to explain but I wish people would read this:
    imagination is endless, that what I know for sure
    i think imagination in these terms are making it harmful for people
    for instance, that experiment with 50% chance of dying or living,
    why does that theory state that we are immortal
    whats so important about not dying?
    if the theory is true, why are we specifically not programmed to die but when we buy lotto tickets, we keep failing?
    hey, in fact, I went to this carnival last year and I failed 7 of the tickets and won 1 gift!
    what’s the difference between being immortal and winning a gift?
    who decides?
    nature thinks it’s really important?

    So what I’m saying is these words, concepts, knowledge that can be written or spoken are just forms of communications we invented in order to associate with one another. Why? I don’t know.
    The reason we can make up these theories and counterargue everything we talk about is because we created them. But I’m not saying that nothing is true.
    An example again, I know these leaves “exist” in front of me.
    Someone else may ask how do you know these leaves “exist”?
    If we are dreaming the leaves don’t exists OR
    The leaves are just part of another dimension you can access OR
    How do you the word “exist” actually means what it means, humans made it
    For crying out loud, linguists help me please.
    language has evolves so much that people cannot understand them anymore.
    It used to be simple but people are making it so complex and overanalyzing it.

    How about thinking world was just the world
    and we just created words to talk about it
    and now we jumbled it all up

    please, let people just enjoy these theories, not truly believe it
    it’s dangerous, and isn’t it sad to think that the world is not real?
    isn’t it suffocating to be stuck in this never-ending conclusions about the world.
    They cannot be proven because they are imagined.
    Let’s stick to reality, people

    Just to add, people who had near-death experiences have actually felt like they were alive and many of them felt heavenly experiences while some experienced hell.
    Diving into the Astroplane is realistic, I heard, and I think these are worthy of being proved as true.
    In fact, scientists who disclaim the fact can’t prove why people fom love distance apart know what each other did last night when they actually did not meet
    I personally encourage people to be Christians, just recommending.
    I think the religion is most reliable.
    there are many proofs you can find.
    and lastly,

    I wish people can trust each other more.
    Trust other’s experiences
    people are not as dumb as you think
    and everyone thinks alot
    you are not the center of the universe, don’t worry
    others are real and try to trust them, trust me
    If you try to disprove this using imagination, hah… it’s endless
    but you know that the way some people disprove them it’s completely unreliable
    then I will ask, why are you the center?
    what’s so special about you?
    why does empathy exist?
    how can you experience unpredictable actions?
    why does your mother have to teach your everything?
    You don’t even trust your own mother?
    you created the songs you listen to in Billboard?

    I’ll provide an example discussion:
    Life is all fake! It’s a dream! Everything is created from my mind!

    opp. – So you’re saying that you created everything? Are you god? then you’re mind created all those facts about chemistry?

    Maybe I am not aware, but my mind just created it. You can know nothing. Life does not have to have meanings. I don’t know why I am unconcious about the world my mind created but there’s no need for a meaning in that.

    opp. – Why are there so many people swarming in the Internet saying that their life is made by their own mind and that they are the center of the universe?

    Hmm…. my mind may be creating this again.

    opp. – you mean you can’t trust them. you can’T trust others becuase if this is true, you think that others are lying, is that right?

    If you think it that way, yes.

    opp. – what happens if you trust them?

    If I trust them…. it would mean that my theory is disproved. but how do I know whether to trust or not trust. I mean, what about the point that life is meaningless?

    opp. – So there are 50% chance of this theory being correct or not, it’s a matter of trust…….. this is hard…… then how about think about society? telapahy is infact real you know that right? Also, if you think about the concpet f empathy, we know how each other feels. As we grow up, we learn how to predict other’s behaviors. Before that …. wait… I think I need to talk about meaningless life first.

    Okay, life is often meaningless and……on and on and on
    It never ends….

    • Austin Lee Grochowalski

      Your point is relevant but you don’t understand the nature of these theories. Time exist as a human matter and possibly another species projection of reality also. The past existed but will never exist again. As future will never be real because it will never happen in the future buy the past which is lived in the present. The theory of things exist as a perception of the mind and if you try to kick it you won’t is into logical. The Item Exist In PERCEPTION Reality And Mind But Will Only Be There in Mind Which creates perception which creates the item in imagination but you may not be able to physically kick the ball with eyes close but in mind you can perceive where the ball us and even if you kick it physically or not mentally that ball is flying through your brain. The creation of all things is in the mind. Therefor if you can see it, it’s there, If you imagine it, it is there, if you never seen it and never felt it or taste it.. you can create it by following rule of mind and law of consciousness.
      Even though you have one there is another in your head therefore you can use both. A dream you can see without seeing. Realize your dream is also true and as real as reality as life itself you may live it as you would in reality. But reality is just a word. A limitations. Like time it never existed. Like aging. It is just a word.

    • Babble less, read more Schopenhauer.

    • Empathy is possible because the root of all good lies within you.

    • I could ask the same thing with your first 6 questions about dreams. We have empathy, we communicate with other people, even the deceased, we understand others, we go places we have never seen. I am older and crippled up, but in my dreams I have no pain, I compete in a pro sport like I did when I was young. I have seen things I have never seen when awake. Just something to ponder.

  2. The Multiverse Theory is very mind blowing

  3. Everything and nothing is real and not real at the same time and at different times…

    • Nothing is real unless it is viewed, in which case I am the only living person in my universe.I know and see many people in my daily life(whatever that is) but live alone, at night come home switch of the tele,radio,phone,electric,shut the curtains,computer,and cannot prove that anybody else exits.

  4. Hi Anna,
    I would like to contribute to your work. I have worked by myself on what I deem to be a new science, which I named “Omnivita”, which is very much in line with your presentation on the “perception of the world”. It is quite involved and we could chat on Skype if you want. If you are interested, please let me know. I promise that this research is original and different from anything that I have found online in the past 20 years.

    • Hello,
      I would love to hear about your research. If you could email me with more information I would be very greatful. Thank you

  5. Phenomenalism – if things cease to exist without our conscious perception of them, the electrical impulses and chemical activity of our brain would also cease to exist because although we may perceive thoughts consciously, the chemical and electrical signals used in creating that thought process are undetectable to the consciousness and cannot be perceived by our senses. without these vital processes all neural activity including consciousness can not exist…..

    • Phenomenalism is the easiest theory to dismiss as nonsense since most of the accidents that occur to people are a result of dangers not perceived. Crossing a city street and getting hit by a bus you had no awareness of does not make the bus non existent or your injuries any less real. Citizens of Hiroshima probably had no perception of radiation when a bomb detonated over their heads but that didn’t stop the radiation from being real and deadly.

  6. Things do exist when were not looking leave a camera on it its still there. A tree falls in the forest it still makes a sound regardless Ive had this argument many times.It makes a sound all the time when you’re there cause and effect. Laws of physics doesn’t need your proof. #opinon If Presentism is Real why do we see change? Growth. I know its because of movement but I can’t agree with that theory.. I believe in time as a process of events as well as a continuum with diff. Layers. The great Glaciation has to be proven beyond black holes. That shit sounds crazy AF. If everything was to stop. What desire/sound would spark motion again? Consciousness? Love God? Natural Law of reset? Iono. I’d be upset if my whole life was a simulation.My brain is itching lol. I gotta meditate like a buddist monk learn Qi Gong and Flex. Word up.

    • If you were to leave a camera to recording on say , but then were to look away, it wouldn’t ‘exist’. Only the construct thought made up by the neurological sparks performing your memory, perhaps, would be the thing that would make the camera’s ‘in the moment’ footage existent. As soon as one were to turn back, exists again, however. Even if you hadn’t been thinking of or had had any subconscious thoughts of it still would not exist, and here is why: becomes irrelevant, as everything is subjective.
      As soon as you had looked to see the footage of the camera, lets say you hadn’t consciously been thinking of anywhere in your brain by any thoughts whatsoever, you once again have made the apple existent, at least to an extent, as it is just footage of . I am sure if I took a little more time I could try to persuade you even more. Say, are you a glass half empty or a glass half full sorta guy anyways?

      • Sadly, the site did not support the symbols I used around certain letters and deleted whole words, unfortunately, but you can still read this if my first reply to the comment above did not make any sense.
        If you were to leave a camera to recording on say an apple, but then you were to look away, the apple would not ‘exist’. Only the construct thought made up by the neurological sparks performing your memory, perhaps, would be the thing that would make the camera’s ‘in the moment’ footage existent. As soon as you were to turn back and look at the apple, the apple exists again, however. Even if you hadn’t been thinking of the apple or had had any subconscious thoughts of it, the apple would still not exist, and here is why: becomes irrelevant, as everything is subjective. As soon as you had looked to see the footage of the camera, lets say you hadn’t consciously been thinking of the apple anywhere in your brain by any thoughts whatsoever, but are now looking at the footage, you once again have made the apple existent, at least to an extent, as it is just footage of the apple.

  7. Hi! I just would like to offer you a huge thumbs up for your great information you have right here on this post.
    I am returning to your site for more soon.

  8. I want to comment on solipism. Is it possible that perception is something that we made up? Is reality real or is it made up in our mind. I don’t think of this too hard, or I might end up becoming paranoid, thinking that everything is a hallucination!

  9. So according to theory #10 if you ignore the existence of your VISA bill each month it doesn’t exist….lmao!

  10. It’s new for me, nice post. Trying to understand. Can you recommend a book to read about those theories???

  11. My take on reality is that matter has always existed, and we have all always existed as inteligences. I believe there is a supreme being and that just as time goes on forever into the future, it also goes on forever into the past, and there is no end. And just as our God created us, and we, like a seed from a tree grows up to be a tree, become gods of our own universes. And that our God was once a mortal like us. And his father was once a mortal, and his father, and so on to infinity… but if you think about it, time is an idea of mortals, the concept is probably foolish to eternal beings. And we cannot, with our finite minds, understand the source of reality and the eternal miracle of existance.

  12. I think solipism is fake.
    I mean, ofcourse, when you keep thinking about it you might feel like the world could be all made up by your mind.
    But what about other people.
    Your friends, your family, your cat, the newsman. You really think they don’t exist? You really think you are some kind of superior thing making this all up?
    Comone, you are not the only one on earth. Other people are real too. Or do you think you are the one who created this comment (WHICH IS ABSOLUTELY MINE) and that I (me) don’t exist, because you are creating this with your own mind?

    Well you are not.
    Have a nice day

  13. Solipsism, I think it is real… It is similer to the Hindu philosophy but if you go more deeper into the the Vedanta then you’ll find that it is quite real and mind blowing…

  14. How much of this is just “pseudoproblem?” How many people have taken the time to wonder that as far as we can tell, most people’s experience is much the same as OTHER people’s, if not identical?

    Has anybody ever considered that we ARE part of the illusion? That once we “learn” the illusion, it pretty much behaves as we expect? That no matter how hard we concentrate or “think”, there are important parts of the illusion that we CANNOT change? And that the illusion is extremely CONSISTENT from time to time, from person to person??

    What is the difference between illusion and reality? Well, the “reality” is probably the energy and building blocks of the universe, which we don’t REALLY need to experience, although they’re fascinating as Hell!! The illusion is how and what we sense in order to get along in the universe!

    We can’t stop the train by standing in front of it! But we certainly can step on the train and ride it, with virtually certain confidence that we won’t fall through the floor.

    THAT is the amazing thing!

  15. If they say something can come from nothing, how does one know that we are not the something coming from nothing?or maybe we are the nothing thats something is trying to form?One could say that we all exist and not exist at the same time, the mind makes up what it wants. I cannot see or feel what your reality is and the same goes for you. What i see as my color yellow could be your color green. No one would ever know who’s reality is right or wrong, and there would be no way of knowing. So reality is an illusion of ones own conscious mind and oberservations. did this paragraph exist before you read it, or did appear in your reality? something from nothing? or nothing that formed something?

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