8 wrong things we learnt at school

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light bulbIt seems that not all things we learnt at school are correct. Here is a list that will surprise you:

1. Einstein was a bad student

Generations of children grew up with the belief that the Nobel laureate physicist was not doing well in school. In reality he was, particularly in physics and mathematics.

2. Mice like cheese

Mice like foods that are rich in sugar, such as peanut butter and cereal.

3. Napoleon was short

In reality he had a height of approximately 1.7 meters, which was the average height for his time.

4. Thomas Edison was the one who

invented the electric light bulb

Edison invented many things, but the light bulb is not one of them. In fact he invented the electric light bulb almost simultaneously with Joseph Swan, who is the recognized author of the invention.

5. Human evolved from ape

It is not exactly what Darwin said, although most people believe he did. What Darwin argued is that monkeys, chimpanzees and humans had a common ancestor many years ago.

6. The Viking helmets had horns

The Vikings used to be buried together with their helmets and drinking horns. When their graves were first discovered, it was incorrectly supposed that the Vikings used to wear helmets with horns.

7. Columbus believed that the Earth is flat

Maybe he did not know how big the Earth is, but he certainly was not concerned whether he would fall down when having reached its edge.

8. Each part of the tongue recognizes different taste

Indeed we have different sensors at different points of the tongue but that does not mean that it is divided into distinct areas. (The division was primarily made for ease of learning).

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8 wrong things we learnt at school