Neurons Constantly Rewrite their DNA to Adapt to the Environment

If you thought DNA was stable inside mature cells, you were wrong. Apparently, neurons are constantly changing to adapt to their environment. Minor surgeries are conducted toggling activity levels every single day. In effect, neurons constantly rewrite their DNA as needed. This information was discovered by John … READ MORE

The 6 Most Fascinating Studies on Consciousness [Infographic]

studies on consciousness

Consciousness is an area scientists and psychologists struggle to understand and with the topic being so hard to measure, it has always been one area of science that people constantly question. There are six main studies that have begun to pave the way to understanding consciousness, but … READ MORE

Scientists Boost Creativity through Brain Stimulation

In the early 1920s, the inventor of the electroencephalogram discovered “alpha waves” which were a specific type of neural oscillation. Scientists later connected these alpha waves to creativity in humans, leading us to today. A recent study in Cortex journal detailed how attaching electrodes to the scalp … READ MORE

Music Therapy: This Is How Music Heals Your Body and Enhances Your Mind

I recently met someone who has made a life out of selling instruments, teaching music theory, and practicing a method of healing through music. A lot of how music helps is in sharpening a person’s mind and coordination, which is an important part of music therapy. Studies … READ MORE