Cerebral VS Somatic Narcissist: What Is the Difference and How to Spot Each

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What is a cerebral or a somatic narcissist? Let's find out what the traits of each type are. It’s fair to say that by now, most people will have a pretty good idea of what a narcissist is. For those that don’t know: Narcissism is an overwhelming admiration for oneself, a grandiose attitude to one’s talents [...]

Personality Psychology Reveals 10 Surprising Insights about Personality

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These insights from personality psychology may seem surprising and weird at first, yet, they are based on actual scientific studies. With so many tests out there that measure personality traits, you would think that we pretty much know all there is to know about ourselves. But science has a funny way of evolving and bringing [...]

Oxytocin Is Much More Than Just a ‘Love Hormone’: Study Links It to Spiritual Enlightenment

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The hormone Oxytocin has been the subject of numerous research after being first discovered as early as 1906 by Henry Dale, with its molecular structure discovered in 1952. During the past few decades, the so-called "cuddle hormone" has been most notably linked to social bonding, childbirth and sexual reproduction. However, as new research shed more [...]

5 Surprising Signs That You May Have Above Average Intelligence

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What does above average intelligence actually entail? We all know one person who is so smart, the term 'genius' just seems to fit them perfectly. But what are the actual traits of a genius and how do you know if you are one? Well, according to scientists, it’s actually quite simple. People of above average [...]

Sleepwalking: What Everybody Should Know about It

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Sleepwalking can be a scary thing for everybody concerned. People don’t expect their family members to go wandering around the house at night, eat from the fridge, or evening going for drives – at least, not while they’re asleep. Many might even call it creepy. And obviously, that must go double for the actual person [...]

Learning New Words Stimulates the Same Brain Areas as Chocolate, Sex and Drugs

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If you like having sex, eating chocolate or taking drugs (or all of the above), you are going to love learning new words. :mrgreen: No, seriously, learning is just as stimulating and exciting as either of these “fun-filled” activities. Not saying that drug use is good or anything, it’s just that the high of reaching [...]

Women Are Attracted to Men with Wide Faces, New Study Suggests

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If you are a person that believes that everyone has their soulmate out there, recent research suggests that if you’re looking for a male soulmate, that soulmate may have a higher chance of success at wooing you if he has a wider face (Valentine, Li, Penke & Perrett, 2014). Apparently, when put to the test [...]

Freud’s Oedipus and Electra Complexes: Right or Wrong?

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When people think about psychology and psychotherapy, especially those unfamiliar with the fields, most tend to think about Sigmund Freud and his theories on psychosexual development. One of Freud’s most controversial theories was that boys go through a phallic stage when they have an unconscious sexual attraction towards their mothers (with an absolute hatred of [...]

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