You might not think common lifestyle choices could do much harm, but think again. Some choices might even have spiritual consequences.

It seems like just another night on the town – grab a few drinks and maybe take someone home with you. Yeah, this has become such a common thing to do. But lifestyle choices such as these can lead to much more.

Not only can these things damage you physically – alcoholism, drinking, and driving, and then sexually transmitted diseases if you’re sexually active, these things can also affect your aura or spirit – at least, according to healers and spiritual practitioners.

Because these things aren’t filled with positive energies, but negative ones.

What exists beyond our mortal form?

According to this point of view, the spirit realm is everywhere, and just because you cannot see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Similar to your breath or the air in front of your face, it cannot be caught and held in your hand as other tangible things.

There are things that exist in a realm just outside of ours, and their intentions vary. Spiritual practitioners claim that there are also energies, of high and low frequency, that exist within us all, depending on our situation in life, our age, and many other factors.

So how does this affect our lifestyle choices?

Common lifestyle choices and spiritual truths behind them

With this being said, any physical actions can influence our spiritual being, either by attracting attention from other entities or by drawing or rejecting light or darkness. Everything is a condition of which lifestyle choices we make. Here are 7 examples.

1. Eating meat

Now, I’m going to shock you a bit, especially those who are used to the Western world lifestyle choices. Eating meat is said to be detrimental to your spiritual health, and here is why.

Although all foods, when consumed, leave a covering over the soul, which hinders the spiritual intellect, meat has a much thicker layer of covering, according to spiritual practitioners. This makes it much more difficult to grow spiritually and takes more time to reach enlightenment.

Vegetarian food is much lighter than meat products, and it doesn’t intoxicate the body. Ever notice how tired you become after eating steak or chicken? This is because of the heaviness of the foods. This is also true for sweet or rich foods as well.

2. Consuming alcohol

Drinking causes many problems, let’s face it. People lose their lives every day due to alcohol influenced accidents or problems. Alcohol affects your physical body and can also affect your mental state as well.

But there’s something more that alcohol does, as I’ve mentioned before. It is believed to open doors to the spirit realm and to allow any and every entity entrance to the human body.

According to this point of view, when you are drunk, your own soul leaves the body. This happens because alcohol creates such an uncomfortable place for the soul to dwell. When your soul leaves, it provides a vehicle for demons or other entities to enter.

When these entities see your empty shell, they rush in and cause havoc. All those things you did while drunk that you can’t remember, yeah, that wasn’t really you. Whether you believe in demons or not, it’s a scary idea to consider.

3. Disorganization

Many people live in an unorganized manner, papers stacked everywhere, clothes lying on the floor in every room. But this lifestyle is not just unattractive or unhealthy to the physical body, it also affects what happens in the spiritual realm.

Take, for instance, if you are trying to draw your spirit guide to help you grow and learn, you will have quite a problem. A messy home or office serves as a block that doesn’t allow your spirit guide to reach you.

This is why so many of us practice Feng Sui, the activity of keeping clear space. Clear space equals a clear spirit, clean and untainted, open, and inviting.

And if you choose to change your disorganized manner, you will understand why you always had trouble attaining clarity and just didn’t have a clue why it was so hard.

4. Multiple intimate partners

Some people see nothing wrong with casual encounters. Having more than one intimate partner has become a part of common lifestyle choices.

Little do they know, this sort of activity could be bad for the spirit, mixing various energies of the present partner along with every other partner they have encountered before. Unless of course, they have taken the time to cleanse their spirit properly.

Although this may sound far-fetched, spiritual practitioners claim that it’s true. They say that it’s one of the reasons why some people experience fatigue and hunger after an intimate encounter.

Since there has been a sort of draining, fuel is needed to not only replenish your physical body but also to restore your mind and spirit.

5. Religion

This is going to sound strange. Well, organized religion has the ability to stunt the growth of spirituality. Some of you already know what I’m getting at, but for those who don’t, it’s simple. Religion applies labels, boundaries, and rules that are catered to certain groups of people.

Spirituality, on the other hand, is based more on freedom and cultivating who you really are. Boundaries, rules, and other such things are decided by the individual according to their personal relationship with the spirit realm.

Religion can block the flow of such awakening energies and transformations, keeping us in a stagnant place. Although many religions mean well, they fail to address all the areas of the human soul and spirit, setting a standard of rules governed by voted leaders of structures, such as churches and temples.

This confinement does not allow the spirit to roam freely and discover all things as it should.

6. Sedentary lifestyle

Staying active is obviously important to your physical and mental health, we know this much. But did you know that the sedentary lifestyle can also affect you spiritually as well?

Your spirit stays healthier if you are mentally healthy. You will find it easier to meditate, converse with your spirit guide, and even use newfound telepathic abilities when you are more active.

Anything that generates more good energies will always be beneficial to your body. Going without activity for long periods of time will make you lose contact with your spiritual life and begin to feel hopeless.

7. Smoking

Although not as detrimental in ways as alcohol, smoking still has a negative effect on your spiritual life. Anything that releases toxins into your body will also affect the mind and the spirit.

Lifestyle choices such as these tend to block your positive energy flow while setting an unhealthy environment welcoming more negative energies. It’s just better to avoid smoking altogether – I’m sure most of you will agree with that, even if you are not a spiritual person.

The spiritual truth is, maybe it’s time to change your lifestyle

You know, despite peer pressure and society’s norms, it’s not lame to give up bad influences and substances that damage your spiritual life. If you climb higher toward enlightenment, you will have to give up many things.

Until then, I leave you with this food for thought, even if you might not like it.

If you’re ready to make changes, make em count!

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  1. Sakib

    I also think that hugs are good for your soul but more dependent on the people you hug with hippie vegan cuddly people being the best choice as they’re full of positive energy.

    1. Sherrie

      Positive energy is always good, Sakib. 🙂

  2. cso

    I think you project your life style and convictions to your article. Lifestyle article?, yes. Spiritual? Not that much.

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