How to make your brain work more productively? Here are 10 popular ways to keep your brain sharp.

1. Physical activity

Physical exercise does not only keep muscles in tone but also has a positive impact on the overall health of the brain because intense movements improve the blood supply to the muscles and brain. Exercises, when the head is below the heart, are particularly effective (such as yoga postures).

2. Drinking water instead of coffee

Many studies show that a morning cup of coffee does not stimulate brain activity but on the contrary, makes people dumber! But if you replace it with a glass of water, the feeling of cheerfulness will be much longer. Drinking water on an empty stomach activates the entire gastrointestinal tract, and, in contrast to the hot, strong coffee, it doesn’t irritate mucous membranes, which in turn gives a sense of cheerfulness.

3. Scents can help focus

As a rule, people do not recognize smells well, which in fact helps focus and give courage. Specialists advise to use aromatherapy scents of basil, rosemary, lemon balm, thyme, rose, and lavender in situations where the focus is particularly needed.

4. Tranquil environment

It is no secret that in a tranquil environment, any work (especially mental work) is significantly easier to do. However, a quiet environment is a rarity in our society. But if you learn to focus on the bright side, it will certainly increase your productivity.

5. Puzzle solving

An effective workout for the brain is the solving of puzzles, crosswords, word games, which in the case of illness even help restore damaged cognitive abilities.

6. Watching TV reasonably

Many people not without reason believe that TV dulls the mind. But if you do not watch all the stupid shows and serials and choose TV programs wisely, then you can learn a lot of informative things.

7. Looking for information online

There are many studies that confirm that the process of looking for relevant information online makes the brain work the same or even more than when reading a book. So do it more often, and do not forget to ask the right questions.

8. Healthy nutrition

The surest way to clear the mind and is the well-known “healthy diet” consisting of vegetables and fruits. And, of course, sometimes you can treat yourself to sweets. However, the fact that the human brain needs glucose does not mean you have to eat much sweet.

9. Herbs

Herbs known today to the official medicine and not only, such as ginseng, significantly improve the cognitive abilities of the person and increase stress tolerance.

10. Everlasting learning process

If even the most capable and talented brain is not actively used, it will quickly lose its capabilities. Therefore it is necessary to constantly make the brain work, which can be achieved by doing the following activities: learning foreign languages, painting, cooking, etc. 15-minute cognitive activity every day will be more effective in preventing the degradation of the brain than any medications.

Anna LeMind, B.A.

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