From flying cars, food in pill form, and volatile devices to time travel, teleportation, and cyborgs… All these amazing ideas from sci-fi movies and books have not become a reality yet. Let’s look at fascinating futuristic predictions we are anxiously waiting for but apparently, in vain.

10 Futuristic Predictions That Have Not Yet Come True

1. Global uniform

From the TV series Star Trek to a number of sci-fi movies, the same pattern in the style choice emerges constantly: monochrome uniforms covering the whole body. However, people still remain traditional in their fashion style.

2. Jetpack devices

The idea of the backpack device that allows you to fly has become popular in the 20s, with the famous movie of James Bond “Thunderball”. In fact, during the Second World War, Nazi Germany was experimenting with such kind of jetpacks, aimed to help soldiers avoid minefields.

Since then, plenty of efforts were dedicated to making these devices popular and affordable, but despite the fact that the latest models of jetpacks make a real difference, they have not managed to get into the hearts of the world. So flying people would probably never come…

3. A full meal in a pill

The food of the future would not contain saturated fat and partying calories, while even the very ritual of eating will disappear from the face of the earth. It would be a pill that would preserve the natural taste of food and relieve future people from the evils of indigestion.

The benefits would be immense: a full meal and all the nutrients of the world without the need to cook and buy raw materials. However, the average person needs 2,000 calories a day, so the size of the pill to replace meals would have to be huge, or alternatively, we would gobble 10 boxes of pills a day.

4. Intergalactic government

Huge fleets of spacecraft and powerful armies with laser guns would ensure the longevity of a single global (or intergalactic) government that would work feverishly for the good of humanity, putting aside the personal ambitions of its leaders.

Neither geopolitical chess boards nor conflict of interest, neither states nor nations: a global community of people, ruled by well-meaning leaders would ensure the future of the Earth Federation in the cosmic chaos.

5. Flying cars

Images of flying cars in fantasy literature and sci-fi movies are really endless (from the “Back to the Future” and the «Blade Runner» to the “Fifth Element” and dozens of other science fiction movies), making the belief that cars of the future will fly one of the most common visions about the future.

This is why the concept of the flying car does not seem so eerie as teleportation, for example. After all, we have cars, we have airplanes, why not create aircars? Of course, the engineering would have to be more complicated than the existing one, but the idea is potentially feasible.

6. Time Travel

The dream of human to travel in times and places of the past found the undisputed vehicle – the time travel machine. However, the idea remains tightly closed in the world that gave birth to it! And as though as people yearn to travel freely through time and witness great historical moments, some things are better left to the imagination…

7. Teleportation

The ability to be automatically transferred from place to place, without losing precious time in cars and public transport, seems so tempting. And for sure, the future is the ideal time to implement this idea.

And while we have not even begun to seriously consider such a possibility, the hypothetical “wormholes” in the time that could be used to fool the earthly nature, there is no harm in dreaming. Maybe sometime in the future…

8. Futuristic underwater cities

Who needs space when we have the unfathomable depths of our oceans? A modern “Atlantis” populated by amphibian humans has been a popular subject of science fiction. Since the first innovative and luxurious hotels in Dubai and Maldives now offer such underwater experiences, the dream no longer seems so unlikely.

Indeed, if we consider global warming and the rising water levels, perhaps in a few years we will not need to do anything: we will just wait to be covered by waters! 🙂

9. Features cyborg

Bionic beings are better, stronger, and faster than us. The possibilities are literally endless with respect to the primitive organization that goes by the word “human”.

Though nowadays there are real examples of cyborgs, such as scientist Kevin Warwick, who implanted himself a chip RF detector, or Jesse Sullivan, who lost both his hands and got the bionic ones, none of them are equal to the Terminator or Robocop!

Not yet, at least. And probably it is better like this. How can we ensure that the new super-human capabilities will not be used for selfish and malicious purposes?

10. Post-apocalyptic landscape

Imagine a war of the worlds that left nothing standing. Or nuclear devastation that destroyed everything in its path. Or an unequal battle with machines, robots, or aliens that enslaved all mankind.

In the pop culture of the future, the world is a bleak dystopian landscape resembling the Apocalypse. And this post-apocalyptic Earth is one of the futuristic predictions that fortunately have not been confirmed yet and we are glad about it…

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