How much time does the human race have left on Earth? Not more than 1000 years, Stephen Hawking says.

We always knew that we had a limited time to live the way that we live on this Earth. According to one of the world’s top physicists, Stephen Hawking, our societies may only have around 1000 years left on this Earth.

He suggests that the only thing to save us from extinction is to create colonies on other planets in the hope to find ways of sustaining our humanity.

Hawking has never been silent over his concerns about our humanity and the way that we live.

More recently, he has publicly stated that we must aim to “spread out into space and to other stars so that disaster on Earth would not mean the end of the human race.”

Hawking acknowledges the difficulty of creating a self-sustaining colony on a planet such as Mars but expresses that it is of vital importance to keep developing technologies to make it a possible reality.

Last year Hawking was part of a coalition with Elon Musk, owner of aerospace firm SpaceX, and over 20,000 researchers that pushed for a ban on autonomous weapons and began a new focus on Artificial Intelligence that could benefit society, and possibly reach human capability levels.

However, this raises much more issues than just how human life will spread across the solar system. As we begin to break down the walls of AI constraints, we open the doors for them to reach the abilities and thought processes of humans and inflict a potential danger towards human kind.

These AI creations could potentially have more intelligence than us, and almost definitely more strength, and this has terrifying implications should AI technology decide to turn.

Not only do we have a threat from the technology that we are creating ourselves, Hawking has always stated that he fundamentally believes that we are not alone in the solar system and that there is always a chance of running into an alien species that may not be so happy to meet us.

These are all years away from fruition, but it is a fascinating thought that these may not be particularly ridiculous claims and theories.

We may not be alive to see these proposals come to fruition, it is particularly important that we continue to fight for the survival of the human race so that our descendants can continue on our legacy.

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  1. Frenz Dela Cruz

    I know that is not beyond impossible. But i have a great hope that humanity can create technology to preserve the specie of human race not only in this planet but also in other part of universe.

  2. Jonathan

    I Want to be honest humans are stupid we take everything thats given to us for granted and saying that is true but i will not lose hope in humanity as a whole to change our ways and saving the world thank you for listening to my very short comment.

  3. Susan

    Why would human be allowed to colonize and destroy another planet? I like to think that our behavior on and destruction of, what was essentially Eden, will prevent this current model of humanity from taking over another planet. At the same time I also want to believe we can evolve to coexist with other lives. We limit our understanding of how it all works by approaching through ego.


    It is particularly interesting to: Propose and proclaim URGENTLY URGENT to seek ways to create and populate colonies in various places of the Universe, because of the impossibility of survival, of this same native species, on the Earth being destroyed by its inhabitants.
    I believe that there is not enough Universe that supports the capacity of destruction of the human race.

  5. eko-n-takto

    Really true. Apenas por boa fé de raciocínioNot to belittle or underestimate the human race. Far from this idea.
    Only by reasoning honesty, good faith argumentation.
    It is enough for people of good character and coherence to review the Terranian narrative itself.
    It is sad, but honest contrition of people is necessary before venturing through the Universe and propagating a culture of destruction, a lack of self-respect and natural goods (which should be used in terms of self-sustenance).
    Using our planet as laboratories for empirism of self-destruction is not enough?
    When we learn to have respect for ourselves, which will happen one day, for good or ill, perhaps, and only then perhaps we will be ready to colonize other universal stops.

  6. Gary

    I’ve commented on this issue or one similar to it before. We have had war after war after war ad nauseam. The first episode of free choice probably involved an apple. Poor choices made by despotic leaders lead to war.The real issue is about the choices we make. Technology tries to keep up with our destruction of the Earth but science may be fighting a losing battle. Buckminster Fuller called our planet “spaceship Earth”. If we make our Earth uninhabitable and technology can’t move us to another habitable planet we are, in a word, screwed. Stephen Hawking and Einstein posited a multiverse in which universes are stuck together like bubbles. If this is true, there are possibly other versions of Earth and each of us.The problem is what would you do if you met yourself?! How do we travel to another universe and what would we do when we got there? Where does a creator fit into this? There are over 4000 different religions on Earth. We can’t even agree on what to believe in. There are about 7.5 billion people on Earth of which 2.2 billion are Christians,1 billion Hindus and about 1 billion atheists, etc. Where do we go from here? Comments?

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