Televisions Are Getting Dangerously Smart: How Your TV Is Spying on You

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With access to the Internet, TV automatically acquires several not-so-pleasant side effects of conventional computer and online activity. Thus the new 'smart' TVs record the preferences of their owners and the data is sent to the marketing industry, which ensures that each device is sending personalized advertising messages. That is, the advertisements match the commercial [...]

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Is our Universe Connected to Parallel Universes?

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Most of us are familiar with the hypothesis of Multiverse, which states that our universe is only a part of a system of countless universes that have a sort of connection with each other but at the same time may have a completely different structure and natural laws. Just imagine a universe with 10 observable [...]

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Science Behind the Mystery of Déjà Vu

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It’s happened to everyone. This is a phenomenal sense of familiarity that arises when we are in a new situation. James Lampinen, professor of psychology from the University of Arkansas, explains that déjà vu is a global phenomenon that makes us believe that we relive something that is actually happening for the first time. This experience [...]

«Comet of the Century» Didn’t Survive Its Meeting with Sun

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Initial observations indicate that the ISON dissolved as passed at a short distance from the Sun. According to the latest observations, the “comet of the century” does not seem to have survived the most critical night of its life. The first data from space telescopes show that the comet ISON probably dissolved on Thursday night [...]

People Will Fly to Mars in Just 4 Years!

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Space continues to beckon U.S. billionaire Dennis Tito. He was there in 2001 as the world’s first space tourist, having spent a fortune to buy a ticket to the International Space Station. Now he is planning a further expedition – to Mars. However, this time the billionaire will not fly to space himself: two volunteers [...]

Learn while you Earn with the Popular Online Degree Programs

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Earning and learning is the new success mantra, which goes hand-in-hand for the ambitious, young, and energetic students. The following article emphasizes on the growing concept of earn and learn and suggests some lucrative online degree courses, which let you learn while continuing with your job.  The new generation is increasingly turning their interest to [...]

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5 Most Interesting Alternative Theories About The Universe

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Considering the fact that humans will not be able to travel to the moon for the second time, without even mentioning other planets in the solar system, scientists are creating quite organized and compelling theories regarding composition and origin of our universe. These theories are based on long-term observations of visible parts of the universe [...]

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‘Humanity Must Colonize Other Planets to Survive’

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Technology that allows us to reach the nearest planets is already in our hands, and a former astronaut Jeff Hoffman thinks that we must colonize other planets for the sake of our long-term survival. Hoffman is one of about five hundred people who lived through the unique experience of seeing Earth from its orbit. Imagine [...]