In recent years, many of us enlist the ideas of positive psychology. Since “The Secret” appeared in 2006, there were many ideas of self-perfection that became known overall.

One of those is affirmations, which are statements that affirm something to be true and develop a positive attitude to yourself. Numerous positive psychologies and coach’s advice to practice them regularly and many really do.

But some of you might face the situation when affirmations just don’t work. Why? Here I want to present to you some reasons:

1. Something inside you resist the new idea.

When you’ve been a hard-up for years, and now try to convince yourself that you’re bound to be rich, it’s no surprise that your subconsciousness disbelieves.

What to do: don’t set your goals too high. Be realistic and move slowly. If you believe and move towards your goal, you’ll get it, but it takes time.

2. You perform it like a mundane mechanical repetition without any feelings.

The affirmation is not the test of the speech speed! Slow down, say it once or twice a day, but feel the emotion that it’s already yours. Remember, our subconsciousness doesn’t care about what you say, it’s all about emotions to it.

3. You come up to the affirmation as to a daily grind like, ‘Today I have to call the boss, buy vegetables, oh, and those affirmations…’.

As a result, you feel irritable because you’ve got one more thing to do.

Solution: think about it as a game. Affirmation should bring you joy, so, work with them when you’re relaxed and have an elated mood. The less serious your approach is, the more result it will bring.

4. You are speaking your affirmation three times a day. And that’s all.

It’s quite stupid to think that saying several words a day will change your life straight away. Words don’t change our life. The actions do. So, in addition to the declared intention to have something, take steps towards your goal.

How do you think, where, for example, Adele would be now if she only had sat and repeated something like “I’m a talented singer”?

5. You spoke the affirmation for a week, staring at the mirror. Then you made a break for a day, or two, it’s hard to remember…

Even though I said that affirmations are not to be seen as an obligatory thing to do, they should be told regularly. We become what we think about regularly.

If the goal is really yours, it doesn’t tend to be seen as an obligation to think about it every day. If you have to punish yourself, then, maybe it’s time to think about what you really want in the depth of your soul?

6. Still don’t have the result? There’s one more thing you need to know.

If the inner resistance doesn’t go, try the affirmations. The affirmations are the method invented by Noah St. John, the method of asking positive questions.

Try the following: come to the mirror and say, “I’m wonderful”. Then, ask the question. “Why am I so wonderful?” do you feel the difference? In the second case, your mind starts looking for the answer and focuses your attention on your purpose.

The affirmation is a powerful tool if used right. Of course, words themselves are not enough, but when you’re determined and concentrated, your aim stated in affirmation becomes closer every day.

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