how to make people like you

So how do you get people to like you? It’s easier than you think. Here are six tips that work, which is confirmed by a number of psychological studies:

1. Let people talk about themselves

It will give them a lot of pleasure. According to the researchers, the conversation about ourselves, whether it is a private conversation, or chatting on social networks like Facebook or Twitter, generates the same sense of pleasure in our brain as food or money.

“Self-disclosure is useful,” says Harvard neuroscientist Diana Tamir. According to Diana, for the sake of talking about themselves people can reject even money.

2. Ask Questions

If you use leading questions to help people become aware of their own mistakes and make the right decision on their own, they will not feel threatened and become more open.

3. Ask for advice

Expert on persuasion Robert Cialdini, Stanford professor Jeffrey Pfeffer and many others consider asking for advice a good way to influence people and win their warm attitude.

4. Two questions technique

Ask people about something that will call positive emotions. Only after that ask about other aspects of life.

A positive answer to the first question will make your interlocutor feel more positive about his or her life in general, when you ask your next question.

5. Repeat the last three words

How can we quickly get people to listen to you? Expert on communication skills Leil Lowndes recommends a simple repetition.

This way you show that you are listening, are interested in what your interlocutor says and allow him or her to continue the story. This type of behavior is surprisingly effective. Especially in the negotiations.

6. Gossip, but not evil

Studies show that the way you speak of others influences people’s attitude towards you.
Praise others and for sure you will be considered a positive person. Complain, and you will be associated only with your negative traits.

Anna LeMind, B.A.

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    I liked the praising others because I’m against talking about others period. This give it a positive twist. And I’ve never heard about the 2 question technique. So that was a good insight.

    Good post!

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