What you think you know about autistic children just got an upgrade. Recent findings suggest that autistic children could possess telepathic abilities.

If you’ve ever been around autistic children, then you recognize right away how different they are. It’s hard to categorize the symptoms of autism, however, because it comes in many spectrums.

Some autistic children are loud, while some never speak a word, only use actions to convey messages. What many of them have in common, although, is their display of a highly intelligent personality.

Remarkable traits of the autistic child

Some of these “savants” actually showcase extraordinary abilities. Some children display amazing mathematical and artistic capabilities, while others excel in either left or right sides of the brain separately. While most people believe these abilities aren’t present in the “quiet one”, to the contrary. In fact, the ones who are seen as “quiet” or “not there” display abilities that surpass the average person.

It seems the lack of “normal” communication prevents these children from conveying messages or showing what they really know. The fact remains, they know much more than we give them credit for and long for a way to communicate more effectively. It’s a barrier which has yet to be effectively broken in the larger scale of things.

But there is one controversial ability that’s causing quite a stir: the telepathic powers of the autistic child. Diana Powell, neuro- psychiatrist, author, and researcher, having worked in many reputable areas of neuroscience, has now taken an interest in the telepathic abilities of autistic children.

Testing telepathic abilities

Last spring, Powell conducted an experiment with a severely autistic child named Haley. In the experiment, Haley and her therapist are separated by a partition but yet seated at the same table. The therapist was given various pictures and equations and would glance at them one by one. As she looked at the images or equations, the therapist would hold another card with numbers, letters or images in front of Haley. Haley would point to the number or image that she was thinking of.

The results were astonishing. The numbers or images that Haley pointed toward were the same numbers or images on the therapist’s hidden cards. In one particular test, her answers were 100% accurate. During the entire experiment, and through all the tests, Haley never once scored below 90%. If this proves that something remarkable is going on within then autistic child’s mind, then I don’t know what would.

As Powell studied these abilities in autistic children, she realized that there must be a common brain pattern present. Aside from the abilities present while being tested, Powell discovered the second most common state of being, where telepathy was present, was during sleep. This could be the reason for questioning dreams and their deeper meanings.

Similar results appear with ADHD and ADD affected children

Autistic children aren’t the only ones who experience this supernatural ability. If you’ve never heard of the term “Indigo”, then let me explain. The indigo generation or indigo children are said to possess certain supernatural traits. Now, many believe that children who suffer from either ADD or ADHD may be indigo children who have just been misdiagnosed. With that being said, these children, like autistic children, could possess telepathic abilities.

When children who suffer from supposed ADD or ADHD become hyperactive, it could be their way of trying to dispose of a huge amount of energy, the energy that most adults aren’t even familiar with. This same energy can be incoming telepathic messages that these children cannot understand or accept.

Apparently, these children also have a linked left and right brain – it’s harmonious. Utilizing our left and right brains in a harmonious manner is something that most people only accomplish through a lifetime of meditation and enlightenment practices.

Those with mental illnesses could also possess telepathic powers

According to my latest reading and research, patients who are administered into inpatient therapy at many psychiatric institutions are first screened for telepathic abilities. It is only after the patient claims supernatural abilities. Now, I am not sure why they do this, but many times, patients do show signs of being gifted in this area, but most of the time not enough to be conclusive. It’s just a bit of extra food for thought.

Individuals suffering from mental disorders, like those who live with ADD, ADHD and also autism, also show a remarkable ability to see things that others cannot. Intuition is stronger, which can be the mind’s effort for warning of something the subconscious can already detect, but yet the conscious has yet to see. There could be some sort of boundary yet to be broken, but thin enough that telepathy appears as intuition instead of straight-out supernatural abilities.

Nikoli Tesla said,

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”

As science continues to look for answers for unsolved mysteries behind these abilities, we will continue to marvel in their implications. Maybe this is just beyond what science is willing to admit. Since the mind is an extremely powerful machine, its capabilities could be well beyond what we will ever understand as long as our mindset remains on physical standpoints.

I say we reach out and open our minds. Living on the standard of what we know through the denial of evidence will only hinder our ability to grow. I think the truth lies in between what we know and what we see as impossible. As for autistic children and their telepathic abilities, I say yes. There is much more to these gifted individuals than meets the eye.


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