Are you wondering if you’ve met your soulmate? If you’re reading this article, I’m guessing you are. So, what’s been happening to make you wonder? Are you noticing weird coincidences? Is there someone you’re drawn to? In this article, I’ve compiled a list of 9 spiritual signs you met your soulmate. See how many you identify with!

9 spiritual signs you met your soulmate

1. There’s an instant bond

You know how you warm to some people and others drain you? People describe meeting their soulmate as finding the missing jigsaw piece. Conversation flows, there are never any awkward silences, and no topic is off limits. This person draws you to them.

2. It’s as if you’ve known them forever

There’s a sense of uncanny familiarity when you meet your soulmate. As well as an instant bond, it’s as if you’ve known this person all your life. This recognition appears when souls come together and resonate at the same frequency. You won’t know why you think this way, but on a spiritual level, your souls align completely.

3. They accept you for who you are

This person doesn’t put conditions on their love for you, they accept you for who you are. Rich or poor, sick or healthy, they can see beyond material things or changing situations. They see the pure soul, unencumbered by the body.

There’s nothing you could say or do that would repel your soulmate away. And because you are accepted, you can be your true self, weaknesses and all.

4. You learned a valuable lesson from them

Soulmates don’t need to be present for our entire current human life. Some come into our lives to teach us whatever we need to evolve and move on. Think about a time where a friend or partner helped you process a life event then left.

Some people describe finding their soulmate as exactly what they needed, but not what they wanted. Soulmates can turn your life upside down. They force you to grow.

5. You experience weird coincidences you can’t explain

One of the biggest spiritual signs you met your soulmate is curious coincidences. Perhaps you are reading the same book without knowing or have the same poster in your hallway. You may notice repeated numbers, or the same number holds great significance for you both.

Whatever the coincidence, logic cannot explain them. This is the universe sending you a message to pay attention to this person.

6. Your paths keep crossing

Do you keep seeing this person in the most random places or events? Soulmates must find each other, so the universe has a clever trick of pushing them together. It’s likely your shared interests will bring you together.

This suggests you are on the same path as your soulmate. So, if you frequently bump into this person, take this as a spiritual sign you met your soulmate.

7. You share the same beliefs

We gravitate to those who think like us, but with soulmates there’s a profound feeling of unity. As soulmates are two halves of the same whole, it makes sense that you’ll have the same values and beliefs.

Then again, if soulmates connect through past lives, they would have connected through their shared values.

8. Your soulmate encourages and supports you

When you find someone that supports your goals and encourages you to persevere, this could be a spiritual sign you met your soulmate.

Today, the focus is on us and selfish pursuits. It is rare for people to put others first and step back to let others succeed. However, when your partner or friend accepts you for who you are without judgement, it is easier for you to grow and accomplish your dreams.

9. They challenge you to be better

The last of my spiritual signs you met your soulmate is how they challenge you. Soulmates do not come into our lives just to support us, but to push us. They can be the motivation we need and often present themselves at a crucial time in our life.

Soulmates are often the catalyst for change. If you are unsure of which direction you should take, a soulmate can help you decide. Their presence can show you’re on the right track, or that they’re there to help you decide a different course.

What is a soulmate?


what is a soulmate

There are various theories about soulmates. Some think soulmates are two halves of the same being, whilst others suggest they connect through past lives or karmic debts.

Soulmates are not only romantic partners. Platonic soulmates possess a deep and meaningful connection. They are simply two souls that are connected in the spiritual realm. They reincarnate together, resonating at the same spiritual frequency, completing each other, but also teaching and learning from the other person.

When soulmates meet, there is often an instant sense of familiarity or a deep connection. They just ‘click’. Soulmates sense they’ve known this person all their life, and this is true, because, on a spiritual level, they’ve already met.

Soulmates allow a person to be themselves. This is so they can ascend towards a higher consciousness and complete their spiritual journey. A soulmate is in your life for support and balance, but they can also challenge and push you towards your higher self.

As such, soulmates materialize at important times in our lives. Their presence signifies momentous change. This change can trigger a change in attitude or belief or bring about a realization of our true selves.

What should you do if you recognize the spiritual signs you met your soulmate?

spiritual signs you met your soulmate

Remember, there are different soulmates who will present to you in distinct ways.

Soul friends

Soul friends are your best friends. Once in your life, they’ll be with you forever; they’ll never judge you, always support you and have your back.

Soul teachers

These are the people that come into our life to teach us, challenge us or impart their wisdom for us to grow. Once they’ve accomplished this, they’ll move on.

Soul companions

Soul companions are the romantic partners in our lives. Soul companions provide our most rewarding relationships and can last several lifetimes and beyond.

Work out which type of soulmate the signs are pointing towards. A soul friend can support you; a soul teacher is here to help you grow, and a soul companion can bring love and joy into your life.

Whatever type of soulmate you encounter, the experience will bring about a marked change that has the power to transform your life for the better.

Final thoughts

Soulmates can complete us, transform us, or support us. Knowing the spiritual signs you met your soulmate is the first step towards embracing this wonderful new stage in your spiritual journey.



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